Wrike Project Management Software: Tailor-Fit to Your Business

Have you been looking for software that can thoroughly help you manage and simplify your business?

Wrike’s collaborative project management software does just that. If you’re having difficulty assigning tasks, communicating, then waiting to see progress. . . Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Your to-do list and your work tool can all be in one software for project management, Wrike. It can allow you and your team to work together in real time, or collaborate across departments (even continents) on cross-functional projects. This is a program that can change the way your company works, for the better. It is one of the most flexible project management tracking tools since it helps you organize and execute work. With Wrike, you can reduce the time it takes to get things done, reduce the stress for everyone involved, and make your business life so much easier!

What can Wrike do for you?

?Break down your goals, make lists, create tasks, attach files
?Use Request Forms to intake work
?Edit and manage files & attachments

?Using its Gantt chart software, you can build timelines to track your schedule visually
?With the workload view, balance resources and track your business’ performance
?Use templates and duplicate them to make recurring projects easier to build
?Keep track of team members’ time to efficiently plan and budget

?Communicate, @mention teammates to get their feedback, & share work with external collaborators
?Manage your personal work with a customizable dashboard
?Add comments and highlight documents for efficient proofing
?Instant updates and status reports
?Access Wrike from any mobile with a native Android or iOS project management app
?Use emails to create tasks and sync them with your calendar

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?Use the report builder to see progress visually
?Schedule in real time and send reminders

?Create custom Workflows for your team
?Add custom fields to any project to monitor the important things
?Grant access and controls to the right team members
?Share project graphs, statuses, and updates to keep your team up-to-date

?Integrate Wrike with the other software you already use
?Quickbooks, LinkedIn, Word, Excel, and so much more

?Secure login with strong authentication
?Keep your data secure on a need-to-know basis
?Industry standard data center security for reliable access and storage
?Protect your data from accidental or malicious loss

Proven Success

Large companies around the world use Wrike. Hootsuite uses it as a marketing management software. Other companies like Sevenly and Paypal rely on it to organize their various projects. But you don’t have to be a large company to make use of it. Smaller startups, as well as solopreneurs use it, too! You can find real customer reviews on Wrike’s website.

Learn More About Wrike

Wrike is a great online task management software with superb customer support. They even have a Youtube channel and a blog to provide clarity on using the product as well as give tips on productivity, team building, and project management in general. Check out their e-books for great information, too!
Not only is Wrike super helpful, it’s reasonably priced. Whether you have five employees or thousands, there is a package and a payment plan for you. Choose between Professional, Business, Wrike for Marketers, and Enterprise. Pick which best fits your team, and customize it!

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The best part is, you can try it today for FREE. Who wouldn’t want to try before they buy? That’s just one more way Wrike goes out of their way to make their product work for you. And with business, we all know that’s exactly what you need. Software helping you to get things done.

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