Why Order Your Prescriptions With Canadian Pharmacy King [Infographic]

Canadian pharmacies began marketing themselves online to reach the US consumers and provided access to drugs that were low-priced. Previously, drug importation for personal use was relegated to people who were living in the States bordering Canada. The issue got a lot of public attention through media coverage of seniors taking bus trips to Canada to buy medication often sponsored by American politicians who were in support of drug importation laws reforms. The Canadian pharmacies later started partnerships with licensed pharmacies in countries such as New Zealand, Australia, the UK, and later with Turkey and India as well as other nations in the free trade zones. In part, these actions were to evade supply restrictions that were imposed on them by pharmaceutical companies and to take advantage of the lower prices on drugs found elsewhere and increase profits.

PharmacyChecker.com started operations in 2002 to provide verification for US and foreign internet pharmacies. Pharmacychecker.com also provided drug price comparison services for the people looking for the lowest prices. PharmacyChecker.com’s efforts were recognized by the FDA in 2004. FDA directed Americans to the www.pharmacychecker.com in an effort to show U.S. generic drugs prices are lower than in Canada.

For more details please see Infographic from Canadian Pharmacy King.

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