What is Freelancing?: Steps to Get Started in This Pandemic

How to get started with freelancing

Pandemic is on the peak in most places around the globe. Thus, many people are forced to leave their job and it’s a great time to get started with freelancing. Of course, it’s not the best alternative to a secured and high paying job in a short time because it’s not a job. Rather, freelancing is like a business. You need to have an appetite to take risks to become a full-time successful freelancer.

However, if you are having a secured job and looking for part-time opportunities or you just want to know the definition of the word ‘freelancing’, you are reading the right stuff. Let’s get started with the basics.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing refers to the services offered by a self-employed person who often works several jobs for several clients at one time.

In simple terms, it is a career option for those who are looking to work independently. It is a very trending profession having risk like any other business. However, in most cases, there is a 0 investment to start freelancing.

Before diving further, I would like to share what’s the future of a freelancing profession.

Look at these stats:

Forbes reported an 8.1% increase in those who’d undertaken freelancer work in the US, in just 3 years, which took the total number to 57.3 million.

Isn’t it tremendous? And If that trend continues, it would mean more than 50% of the US workforce would be freelancing by 2027.

Are you curious and energized to start your freelancing journey? Keep reading.


If you are entirely new to this freelancing thing, you must start it as a part-time. Because like any other business, freelancing is equally challenging and full of ups and downs.

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Once you get your hands-on with a part-time freelancing profession, you can pursue it full time.

Freelancing is the right option for you?

The answer to this question is not simple. However, if you are ready to take new challenges in your life and want to become your boss, nothing is better than becoming a freelancer. What you need to know before becoming a freelancer is that it’s a lot more difficult to sustain than a regular 9-5 job.

You can’t create a window time when you are getting started with freelancing. Like you can’t say I will work only between 9-5. Because maybe you won’t find your client in those specific times and you will end up being frustrated.

Some of you may say, “I love to stay organized and work on specific time, I have my family and all”.

Well, to those people my answer is the same. It’s not a job. It’s a business. You are the one who is going to find the client, make them feel that you are the right fit for the project, and it’s YOU who is going to work and deliver the project. It’s a lot of work. Right? That’s why you need to work harder initially, you may need to work 12-14 hours a day. Specifically, when you are just getting started and have no reviews and no freelancing experience.

Initial 2-3 weeks are the real patience checker. You may be a superb talent but your talent won’t speak for itself right. You need to prove it. No employer care about where are you coming from, they care what are you going to deliver. Most importantly, how you are going to stand out in the crowd and win that project.

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These are some harsh truths about freelancing. Well, if you deal with it correctly, you will end up getting wonders. Once you get stabilized with the process, projects, and proper plan, you will be able to choose to work only for a few hours in a day. You will become your own boss. But to become your own boss, you need to deal with a lot of unpredictable things.

One more thing, if you are looking for a fixed amount of money and don’t like new things and, you don’t like listening. It’s not meant for you. Well, my intent is not to demotivate you, in fact, I have written this series to help people get started with freelancing. I feel it’s important to know both sides of the coin beforehand.

Now let’s dive into the precise steps to become a freelancer.

steps to become a freelancer
steps to become a freelancer

Steps to become a freelancer.

  • Create a Portfolio.
  • Finalize your worth.
  • Register on freelancing platforms.
  • Stay active on social media platforms.
  • Create a custom proposal.

Create a Portfolio.

The first step to becoming a freelancer is to create your portfolio with all the services you offer. It’s a bit boring but a worthwhile thing to do.

Finalize your worth.

The next step is to know what’s your market value. Initially, you will have to start with free demos or even doing a couple of jobs for free until you get enough demand for your services. Get an idea of the market and know what others are charging for similar projects. 

Register on freelancing platforms.

And the third step is essential; you need to get yourself register on freelancing websites like Upwork or freelancer.com. I have written a separate post on it, you will find it later on this series.

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Stay active on social media platforms.

You can’t miss this step because you might also get clients through social media. That’s why create your profile and get in touch with prospective customers. Like, you may find clients on LinkedIn or even on Facebook. So stay active.

Create a custom proposal.

Don’t forget this step. Create a custom proposal and send it to the clients; once you have enough clients, you can start charging as you seem fit. 

Bottom line:

Becoming a freelancer is a new trend, and a lot of professionals quit their job to become their boss. However, quitting a job instantly is not the best recommendation. You must try freelancing as part-time and later you can become a full-time freelancer.

I hope you understand the basics of freelancing, see you in the next series of posts about freelancing.

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