What is email marketing?

With the upsurge in digital technologies, marketers have been pushed to evolve. What is the right marketing platform for the brand? How much should be invested in new channels? Which channel is effective in attracting potential customers and increased revenue? Questions like these keep markers always on their toes.

It is no surprise that even with the advent of new technology, marketers keep coming back to emails. Email marketing has been here for a long time and is more powerful than it has been before. Studies have found that Email marketing delivers better results than other marketing channels, whether you want to grow your business, acquire new customers, or offer a product promotion. In fact, email marketing is 40 times effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter (McKinsey). In this article, we shall have a look at why email is a powerful channel for marketing.

Wider reach

Facebook and Twitter have over 1 Billion and 255 Million active users, respectively. Such numbers make you believe that social media is the most effective channel to reach out to audiences. But what about the daily email usage? Studies have shown that towards the end of 2019, there were 2.9 Billion active email users that are quite loosely more than one-third of the world’s population (Radicati). And it is expected that by 2021 about 320 Billion daily emails will be sent and received (Statista).

Some reports have also shown that the average office worker receives 121 emails per day! This is a huge number and comes in the form of content, deals, event invitations, etc. trying to convey value to the receiver. So, email has a wider reach and helps connect with prospective buyers and existing customers.

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Email delivers messages

First, let’s have a look at some statistics. 90% of emails get delivered to the right recipient’s inbox (Forrester Research). This is highly effective as compared to Facebook, as only 2% of your Facebook followers can see your posts in the Feed. This makes a huge difference when it comes to getting your messages delivered to the desired audience.

Additionally, when the recipients subscribe to your emails and newsletter, they indirectly want to hear from you. To create the best content that you can and give your audience what they need. Personalizing emails for each recipient will do the magic, and adding CTAs or Call-to-action in your emails will encourage your audience to act on your emails.

Drive conversations with emails

If you aim to drive conversations, whether in the form of lead sales, memberships, or something that is unique to your business strategy, then email is the most powerful tool. Research has shown that the average click-through rate of an email campaign is 3%, while that compared to a tweet is 0.5% (Email Monday). This clearly shows that with emails, you have a six times higher chance of someone to click through your website.

Additionally, it has been found that 4.24% of visitors from email marketing make purchases (Monetate). So emails are great to drive conversations and can be monitored in terms of opens, clicks, social shares, forwards, and more.

Higher ROI

As we have discussed already, emails are great conversation drivers, and they are also effective in driving ROI for your business.  Recent students have shown that for every $1 spent on email marketing, businesses earn an average return of $38 (VentureBeat). But what makes emails perform better than the other channels of marketing? The answer lies in personalization. Unlike social media, where you can send your audience common messages irrespective of their preferences and location, you can personalize your email campaigns and target your audience exactly what they need.

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Personalized email marketing generates a median ROI of 122% (Instapage). Personalized emails strengthen consumer experiences and stand out from the crowd. So if you want to engage with your audiences and grow ROI, then adding personalization in your email, marketing is the way forward.


Even though many other marketing channels help you reach out to your audience, you cannot prioritize them all in the limited time that you have.

However, email has evolved into a platform where it can easily be integrated with email marketing tools to create and send personalized branded emails to your audience with ease. It is the most effective form of marketing to attract, engage, and connect with your audience, generate leads, drive sales, and earn higher revenues.

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