Using Social Media for Marketing Create Visually Appealing Content

Using Social Media for Marketing requires visually appealing content. Have you been to a website or blog without any images? I have, they are like a party without any music. Oh wait, they are like a party without any drinks. That doesn’t cut it, it’s more like a party with no girls or vice versa – if there was ever anything like that. Now, there is nothing wrong with this, the party itself may be good, like good content but it’s not engaging or happening! That’s when everyone gives an excuse to escape. The common ones are, my stomach is not feeling good, I’ve got a work emergency, my kid is sick etc, etc… You know what I mean. You can probably make up more excuses than I can 

In a website or blog language, these are bounce rates. This is where people are leaving the site pretty much as soon as they enter; RETREAT they say!

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A trick I learned is to have an image above the fold in every page so that the viewer doesn’t have to scroll down.


You need to connect with your audience visually before they feel like they just swallowed a pill that gives a weird taste in their throat. Humans are visual creatures. We grasp visual information easily and quickly compared to textual information. The visual information could be pictures, videos, graphs, infographics (see my infographic here about blogging tips) and sometimes even colors in the text can help break up text nicely, to help keep the audience engaged.

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What about social media? If you have no visuals, you lose the fastest growing website on earth ever, Pinterest! Have you heard the term an eye-catching image? I bet you have. There is no such thing as an eye-catching text? Is there? FacebookTwitter & Google+ can all bring visitors to your site, but only if you get the viewer’s attention. There is so much information out there and so much happening in social media too. A friend changes his profile picture, you get alerted. A friend goes to watch a movie you get alerted. Someone goes to bed, you guessed it!

Enough said you get where I am going with this. See Neil Patel’s visual treat – Ultimate Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content.

Was that engaging? I bet it was. Now think about all the retweets, likes & re-pins you can get. The more the merrier. This will all lead to increased traffic to your website or blog. That infographic had a lot of information but it was easy on the eye like a beautiful ad that you couldn’t stop staring at in a bus stop or train station.

Tip: Do not underestimate the power of comments and engaging with your audience via comments. Use a picture for your profile, so the viewer can connect with you.

What did I learn from this infographic? My website color is bold, youthful & exciting like Coca-Cola and Lego among many other things. What about you?

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