Types of Blogs That Make Money

There are numerous popular types of blogs that make money. But what are the types of blogs that can make money for you? If you want to start a blog and are stuck on this decision, then you are in the right place.

There is no denying that blogging is a great outlet for your creative and unique perspective, and more so because the opportunities are endless. In this post, I lay out a list of popular and lucrative types of blogs that can not only help you get started but also be a good monetizing factor.

10 Popular Types of Blogs That Make Money

1. Fashion

If you have a sense of style and a heart for fashion with a great personality – rock it! This niche includes posts like fashion obsessions, back to school styles, dressing tutorials, and so much more. A great way to monetize this niche is to also include sponsorship for your accessories, dresses, makeup products, etc. With brand partnerships, companies are on the look-out for influencers and pay them a percentage of the profits.

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2. Food

Food blogs follow a content format of categorically organized recipes. You can even consider paring videos with these recipes and connect them to social media. If you have the creative ability to come up with menus and edit terrific images of dishes, then you’re a born winner. Simply add in some kudos of healthy eating or guides to lose weight while still enjoying sweet delicacies, and you have a winning blog in this niche! 

3. Sports

You can blog about any type of sport imaginable! If you have a passion for athletics and you love to write, then this is the perfect blend for you. You can write about upcoming games, tournaments, player insights, player stories and convert it into a great source of information for sports fans to catch up with!

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4. Travel

If you love to go on trips and capture great moments, a travel blog is a great place for you to start. Travel blogs give readers a sense of relaxation with amazing pictures, destination guides, and so much more. If you wish to start a travel blog, we highly recommend that you also invest in a great camera for high-quality images.

5. Lifestyle

For a lifestyle blog, you need to be careful that the topics you cover are what people are interested in. You need to ensure that your content helps with practical and helpful advice. The essence of lifestyle-based blogs is that you do not share anything that is misguided. For example, you can write about survival and prepping, homesteading, home décor, etc. These blogs are all about being self-sufficient. Therefore, the more you write about what people want to read, the more followers you can gain.

6. Parenting

Parenting is a popular niche that novel bloggers can consider. Parenting blogs have incredible interior decorating, give advice to new parents, relatable stories with other parents, or guides for those expecting. This is a niche that is so universal, and you can cover a lot of aspects of parenthood.

7. Gaming

Gaming is among the greatest online industries that offer downloadable content to games that run on the internet. In this niche, you can cover a large number of topics like corporate sponsorships, game reviews, cheat code, etc. Additionally, over the years, YouTube channels have attracted a lot of fans. You can make the most of this opportunity by converting your gaming blogs into video content to monetize through ads and engage with your readers.

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8. B2B and Marketing

Marketing and B2B blogs help entrepreneurs, brands, and enterprises grow better. When you create content in this niche, you attract marketers. Therefore, providing value in your content poses you as trustworthy and authoritative in the industry.

9.  Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are an evergreen niche. Health, as we know, is an obsession with the human race and will always remain the same. You can recommend workout tips, complete workout plans, healthy eating tips and so much more. Your readers will be interested in perfecting their workout routines, finding easy and best ways to stay healthy and seeking motivation.

10. Personal Finance and making money

This kind of blog is also frugal living. It guides and teaches people the various ways of making money from blogging and using other skill sets. However, it is important to understand if your content will actually help your readers make money. There are many blogs that use income report tricks, exaggerate their income, fail to mention the amount of money they actually invest in advertising and instead provide unfruitful guidance.

If you wish to indulge in this niche, then you must be honest and share legitimate knowledge and content about personal finance and easy yet tested ways to monetize it. 


If you have a passion for writing, sharing, and have an audience that wants to receive your insight, then monetizing is easy. The only hard part is getting started and creating value that will help you attract people. Be patient, find a niche that you love, and create quality content. You will be well on your way to the top!

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Which type of blog do you wish to launch to make money? What has your blogging journey been like? Let us know in the comments below!

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