Turn Your Passion Into Living

Are you sick and tired of trudging through your boring, dead-end job? Do you thirst for something bigger than the suffering you’re going through right now? Is it your deepest desire to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the things you love doing WITHOUT the consequence of dragging your bank statements down to the red?

If it’s a yes to all three questions you want to scream out right now, here’s a quick three-step solution to all your problems: reflect, create, and innovate.


Take a few minutes out of your day to ponder on the many things that interest you, and, from that selection, choose the one thing you love the most and see whether you could turn it into a profit. It may be wise to discern whether your passion would pique the interest of other people — especially the horde of strangers in your target market.

Take, for instance, the Strideline brand’s array of selections. The availability of an abundance of options from which to choose is important in planning your passion-to-profit conversion. Not only does it reflect your interest in whatever it is you are passionate about, but it also shows how much you want other people to get behind that passion. It’s a win-win situation: you make something substantial out of the things you love and you get to share that passion with the community.


From that passion should your creative juices flow, because who would want to buy lemonade from a corner store set up by a 10-year-old just because he loved the stuff? You need a gimmick that’ll suit not only your peddled product of choice, but also the varied taste of the market. Knowing what your potential clientele needs and wants will win you the battle; understanding how they want it served to them will win you the war.

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Strideline’s custom socks are one of the many in-things today, and you could take your marketing cues from ventures such as these. Don’t limit yourself, though, since today’s continually-evolving market is getting more discriminating and critical. People want something that won’t just be another novelty item or service that’ll eventually lose its hype to the next best thing.


In an effort to continue the evolution of the oil business, J.D. Rockefeller once reminded one of his partners that, “We must ever remember we are refining oil for the poor man and he must have it cheap and good.” Your goal shouldn’t end when you’ve satisfied your customers, because your product or service may hold the potential to branch out to other bigger markets. Make it your life-long pursuit to evolve your business whenever the opportunity swings your way.

Even Bill Gates has stressed the importance of innovation in today’s fast-changing world. He believes that true change is sparked when we transform what is already good into something better, and could even still be made better through time and thought. Just believe in yourself and in the things you love doing, and, sooner or later, more people will start believing in you and in them — and, heck, have more people hop on the wagon.

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