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Top 24 Money Making Bloggers Share Their Income Lessons [Infographic]

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If you are starting a blog or have started recently, surely you are wondering, how can I make money with my blog. You have probably read some blog monetization strategies too, but maybe still thinking I wish I knew how the pros do it. Well, your wish has come true.

Here is an awesome list of 24 money making bloggers and income lessons in an Infographic. These bloggers are from various niches all in one place and presented in an Infographic – Your Escape From 9 to 5 style! This list consists of bloggers who display their income online.

* Income figures are for March 2015 and are self-reported by the bloggers.

You can download this Infographic and use it in your site as long as you give credit to us with a link-back.

1 – John Lee DumasEntrepreneurOnFire

Monthly Net Income$129 K EntrepreneurOnFire.com
NicheEntrepreneurship, Online Business and Podcasting
Domain Age3 years
LessonTry Podcasting
Podcasting can bring in traffic and revenue. It can be fun, lucrative and can bring a nice sponsorship income.

2 – Pat FlynnSmartPassiveIncome

Monthly Net Income$115 K SmartPassiveIncome.com
NicheMake Money Online / Blogging
Domain Age6.5 years
LessonBuild a Personal Brand
Build a brand people can relate to. Pat’s brand is bigger than all his sites combined. He can start a new business online or offline and have a following within a small time period.

3 – Eric JamesEricJamesConsulting

Monthly Net Income$97 K EricJamesConsulting.com
NicheSales, Copywriting, Consulting
Domain AgeLess than 1 year
LessonConsulting is Big Money
If you can help individuals and businesses grow their revenue by providing some sort of a consulting service, you can score big.

4 – Jon DykstraFatStacksBlog

Monthly Net Income$49 K  FatStacksBlog.com
NicheHigh Traffic Online Magazine
Domain Age6 months
LessonCreate a System & Scale It Up
For every $1 Jon spends, he earns $1.5. He spends $100K in Facebook ads every month and earns close to $150K, giving him a profit close to $50K. You can do this if you have a proven system that you can ramp up.

5 – Lindsay OstromPinchOfYum

Monthly Net Income$25 K  PinchOfYum.com
NicheFood Photography / Cooking
Domain Age5 years
LessonCreate Visually Compelling Content
Lindsay started creating traffic and revenue using better images. She even has a course on how to take better food images. Images are key to better social sharing, engagement and creating visibility.

6 – Becky MansfieldYourModernFamily

Monthly Net Income$21 K YourModernFamily.com
NicheDIY, Family, Home Decor/Organization
Domain Age2.5 years
LessonIt’s All About Your Viewers
Becky’s blog is all about helping moms manage their families. She helps her viewers manage their kids, relationships, home and connects with them.

7 – DebyMoms-Make-Money

Monthly Net Income$17 Kdeby-imageMoms-Make-Money.com
NicheBlogging, Making Money and Savings
Domain Age2 years
LessonDiversify Your Income Sources
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your income so if one source is running low, you can still depend on the others. Use a combination of income sources like ads, affiliate marketing, products and services.

8 – Matthew WoodwardMatthewWoodward.co.uk

Monthly Net Income$16 K MatthewWoodward.co.uk
NicheSEO / Internet Marketing
Domain Age3 years
LessonTarget One Topic
Mathew focuses on SEO and gets targeted audience. This helps him establish authority, get speaking and consulting gigs.

9 – Regina AnaejionuByRegina.com

Monthly Net Income$16 K ByRegina.com
NicheBlogging, Branding and Online Business
Domain Age2.5 years
LessonBe Everywhere
Regina’s site features her pictures in many places. She also encourages her viewers to socially follow her. This helps her increase her reach and build more traffic.

10 – Daniel JohannesALittleSliceOfThePie

Monthly Net Income$16 K ALittleSliceOfThePie.com
NicheeCommerce and Amazon
Domain Age1.5 years
LessonThink Outside The Box
Most bloggers believe in informational products and Daniel has built his income around selling physical products in Amazon. True potential is only limited by your imagination so think outside the box.

11 – Michelle GardnerMakingSenseOfCents

Monthly Net Income$15 K MakingSenseOfCents.com
NicheFrugal Lifestyle, Savings
Domain Age4 years
LessonSimplify Complex Topics
Michelle’s niche – finance and savings has a lot of complex topics and she has built her site around simplifying complex topics. Explain things in laymen terms so people can understand and use examples.

12 – AbbyJustAGirlAndHerBlog

Monthly Net Income$12 K JustAGirlAndHerBlog.com
NichHome Organization, DIY and Home Décor
Domain Age2 years
LessonCreate Content with Variety
Aby uses content variety to her advantage. She provides her readers with in-depth articles, list posts, round-up posts etc. By producing link worthy content and authoritative content she gets more social media traffic and search engine rankings.

13 – Harsh AgarwalShoutMeLoud

Monthly Net Income$9 K ShoutMeLoud.com
NicheTech tips, Make Money Online and Blogging
Domain Age6 years
LessonTarget Long Tail Keywords
Harsh is a prolific blogger who has posted more than 3,000 articles in 6 years at an average of over 1 article per day targeting long tail keywords. His search traffic brings 28% of his website visitors compared Pat Flynn’s 15%.

14 – Justin WeingerSoOverThis

Monthly Net Income$8 Kjustin-imageSoOverThis.com
NicheInternet Marketing
Domain Age4 years
LessonTarget Private Ads
AdSense is easy to get into but is not lucrative. Target private ads and only use AdSense for unsold advertising spaces. You need large traffic to target private ads though.

15 – KirstyNerdyNomad

Monthly Net Income$7 K NerdyNomad.com
Domain Age8 years
LessonTarget Underserved Markets
Have you heard of the city Kigali? It is the capital of Rwanda. She is travelling there and spotted an opportunity to create a website about the city which has very less quality information. She has created physical maps of the city and has earned over $5,000 in the month of March alone.

16 – Dom WellsHumanProofDesigns

Monthly Net Income$6 K HumanProofDesigns.com
NicheInternet Marketing, Web Design
Domain Age2 years
LessonOffer Services
In-demand services can provide guaranteed income regardless of traffic and marketing performance. This income is not passive but is less dependent on other factors.

17 – Gina HorkeyHorkeyHandbook

Monthly Net Income$5 K HorkeyHandbook.com
NicheFreelance Writing
Domain Age1 year
LessonTry Freelancing
Gina went from $0 to $6,000 in a matter of a few months by doing freelance writing, VA work, product sales and coaching. Freelancing has given her an opportunity to network, help other bloggers and learn at the same time.

18 – MatthewTrueValhalla

Monthly Net Income$4 K TrueValhalla.com
NicheMaking Video Games
Domain Age3 years
LessonTarget a Small Niche
Everyone knows about making money online, relationship and health niche. This is where the highest competition is; small fish in a big pond. Mathew on the other hand makes HTML5 video games and sells them to gaming sites. He is a kind of a big fish in a small pond.

19 – Sharon GourlayDigitalNomadWannabe

Monthly Net Income$3 K DigitalNomadWannabe.com
NicheNiche Sites & Travel Blog
Domain Age1 year
LessonTry Other Affiliate Programs
Sharon makes a decent income through hotel affiliate programs. Most bloggers stick to domain, hosting, email and marketing products but in the right circumstances other affiliate programs can also work.

20 – Daniele BesanaDanieleBesana.com

Monthly Net Income$3 K DanieleBesana.com
NicheNiche Sites, Internet Marketing
Domain Age11 year
LessonPromote Themes
Daniel has been blogging for 11 years and has travelled to 51 countries so far. One of his highest income source is a WordPress theme. If you have a blogging based audience, then themes can produce a healthy income.

21 – NathanIncomeBully

Monthly Net Income$2 K IncomeBully.com
NicheInternet Marketing
Domain Age4 months
LessonSell Your Own Products
Nathan is a good example of how you can make money, even if you have very less traffic by selling your own product and owning the whole sales funnel.

22 – Will TangTravelBlogBreakthrough

Monthly Net Income$1.5 K TravelBlogBreakthrough.com
NicheInternet Marketing, Travel Blogging
Domain AgeLess than 1 year
LessonStart Earning From Day 1
Will has started his blog with monetization strategies in mind. He promotes affiliate products and does freelance work to generate a small income from day 1.

23 – Spencer HawsNichePursuits

Monthly Net Income$1.4 K NichePursuits.com
NicheNiche Websites, Internet Marketing
Domain Age4 years
LessonConsider Outsourcing
If you have used ‘Long Tail Pro’ (Keyword research tool), then you would know Spencer Haws is a partner on that business. He has multiple lucrative businesses and sites and this is only from one site where he reports the income. Since Spencer is multi talented and very busy spreading his time between ventures, he outsources to leverage other people’s time wisely.

24 – Enstine MukiEnstinemuki.com

Monthly Net Income$1.4 KEnstine-Muki-image Enstinemuki.com
NicheMake Money Online, Blogging and Internet Marketing
Domain Age1.5 years
LessonConsider Doing Paid Reviews
Enstine has made most of his income in March by doing paid reviews. He almost made $1,000 using this strategy. His other income source was affiliate marketing.

The Big Lessons from the Numbers Above:

  • Providing Services is hard to scale up as it takes your time away.
  • Start with Affiliate Products and Recurring Commissions.
  • Niche Specific Ads Requires Lots of Traffic, at least 100,000 visitors a month.
  • Focus on building a viewer base and don’t just focus only on SEO.
  • Put Money back into your blog.
  • Transparency can bring more visibility; the above list is just an example, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.
  • There is no direct correlation between number of years blogging and earnings. There are some relatively new sites making a decent buck online.
  • Girls have a better chance of achieving $10,000/month based on the median income of our sample group.
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