A reader said, what an idea to create a list post with an Infographic after looking at 50 Blogging Tips – Infographic. That made me curious to explore an advanced blogging tips Infographic. But this time from the top experts (a true list post) from around the blogging world, cherry picked with some icing on the top. The tips are sorted the old fashioned way!

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Adam Connell
Adam Connell BloggingWizard

1 – Offer Bonus Content to Increase Social Sharing or for VIP-Content-imageOpting In –  There are plenty of websites that offer free eBooks, what about creating extra content? When you start out the extra content area will be small but it can build up over time. BloggingWizard.com


Amit Shaw
Amit Shaw iTechCode

2 – Protect Your SEO by Choosing the Right Web Host – SEO-image Choose a Web Host that provides speed, uptime and reliability. These factors affect your Google rankings and brand perception. iTechCode.com


Amy Lynn Andrews
Amy Lynn Andrews AmyLynnAndrews.com

3 – Store Your Usernames and Passwords in One Place – password-image Use online tools like LastPass or 1Password. Where have you been Amy? Thank you for the tip. Have you hit the 100 login credentials mark yet? Time to store it in a safe. AmyLynnAndrews.com


Ammar Ali
Ammar Ali AllBloggingTips

4 – Provide a Giveaway or Host a Contest – Give-away-image Contests can bring more following, improve branding and gives away something (hopefully useful) to a participant. AllBloggingTips.com


Ana Hoffman
Ana Hoffman TrafficGenerationCafe

5 – Use Your Personality. Use Your Voice – Speak-Up-image A voiceless blog is a useless blog. There are plenty of blogs and one quick way of standing out is to use your personality and style. TrafficGenerationCafe.com

Brian Clark
Brian Clark CopyBlogger

6 – Start with the End Goal in Mind – Team-work-and-goal Think about a road trip, if you don’t know where you are going then you cannot get to your destination. Use your blogs unique proposition and small stories in each post to get to the overall objective. CopyBlogger.com


Chris Brogan
Chris Brogan ChrisBrogan.com

7 – Value Your Viewers Time – load-time-image People are very busy and you should give them time worthy content. ChrisBrogan.com


Corbett Barr
Corbett Barr Fizzle

8 – Have a Weekly Content Planning Time – plan-image Think about your content and plan it and don’t just wing it! Fizzle.co

Daniel Scocco
Daniel Scocco DailyBlogTips

9 – Make Your Intro as Awesome as Possible – intro-image There are more scanners than readers and if your intro sucks then your content will lose the scanners. This also helps increase viewers time spent on your website. DailyBlogTips.com


Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse ProBlogger

10 – Spend 90% of Your Time Doing and 10% Time education-imageLearning –  It is important to dedicate some time every week for learning so you are not left behind. You don’t want to be a new blogger for long! ProBlogger.net


Glen Allsopp
Glen Allsopp ViperChill

11 – Target the Busy Bees and Give Them Small Chunks of bee-imageInformation –  Majority of people now-a-days want quick tips and don’t have time to read a 3,000 word articles. So, why not target this group and give them bite sized information? The Infographics on this site are just that – targeting the busy bees. ViperChill.com


Ileane Smith
Ileane Smith BasicBlogTips

12 – Create Multiple Posts on the Same Topic – multiple-image Don’t spin the same post. Use different angles and perspectives. You can even create a series of posts and build up suspense and expectation. Imagine the truth being revealed in the final post of the series. BasicBlogTips.com


Jane Sheeba
Jane Sheeba ProBloggingSuccess

13 – Ensure Visitors Can Get to Your Sales Page From Any sale-imagePage on Your Website –  If you want to make money with your blog, then your sales page has to be visible from all the pages. This is quite contrary to selling on all pages.  ProBloggingSuccess.com


Jeff Goins
Jeff Goins GoinsWriter

14 – Write Unfinished Posts and Ask Your Readers to unfinished-imageComplete It –  This takes reader engagement to the next level. Be aware the story could go in any direction but you do have some control. GoinsWriter.com


John Chow
John Chow JohnChow

15 – Use a Plugin to Show Related popular-posts-imagePosts –  Using a plugin that displays related posts is the best internal linking and promotional tool you could have. You could also have a widget that displays your most popular posts as an alternative. JohnChow.com





Kiesha Easley
Kiesha Easley WeBlogBetter

16 – “White Space is Sexy in Blog DWhite-Space-imageesign” –  “Don’t clutter it by using every widget under the sun” – Kiesha Easley. WeBlogBetter.com

Note: Obviously this is not an advanced tip but it is so good and simple to implement; it had to make our list.


Neil Patel
Neil Patel QuickSprout

17 – Always Publish your Posts on Weekdays – weekday-image Publishing on the Weekend can have 15% to 20% reduction in traffic and social sharing (See 20 Social Media Hacks that are Borderline Genius – Infographic). Infact, Neil says avoid Fridays if you can. QuickSprout.com


Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn SmartPassiveIncome

18 – Have a Start Here page, Explain your Unique SellingStart-image Proposition –  Show users what they can find on your blog in your ‘Start Here’ page. SmartPassiveIncome.com


Rand Fishkin
Rand Fishkin Moz

19 – A Click Worthy Title has More www-imageValue than a Keyword Rich Title –  Users have to first click on your title for the whole cycle to work. No click, no action! Moz.com


Sue Anne
Sue Anne SuccessfulBlogging

20 – Reach Out to Fellow Bloggers – Network-image Fellow bloggers can help you. Make sure you go to them with awesome content and not with every piece of content you create. Be mindful of their time. SuccessfulBlogging.com


Yaro Starak
Yaro Starak Entrepreneurs-Journey

21 – Have a Call to Action in Author Bio Box – Call-to-action-image You can do this in your blog even if you are the only author and also on blogs you guest post on. Entrepreneurs-Journey.com


Ramsay Taplin
Ramsay Taplin BlogTyrant

22 – Send New Commenter’s to a Thank You Page – Thank-you-image This page can have an email opt-in form and popular blog posts. BlogTyrant.com


Rob Cubbon
Rob Cubbon RobCubbon.com

23 – Use LinkedIn Groups for Content Ideas and Marketing – linkedin-image LinkedIn groups are an underutilized source for idea generation and marketing. RobCubbon.com


Zac Johnson
Zac Johnson Blogging.org

24 – Treat Your Blog Like a Business – business-image If you want to make money with your blog, then your blog is a business. A business needs time and funding to start with. It can also leak expenses if not kept under check. Blogging.org


You don’t need to wish harder, you need to work harder ― Amit Kalantri.

Time to take action; it’s your turn now. Which tip did you like the most? Leave a comment below.

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