Top 10 Lead Generation Tools in the Digital Space [Infographic]

Once a business is up and running the biggest challenge is lead generation or customer acquisition. You may have heard digital marketing is the best bet and offers the best value for money when it comes to targeted lead generation.

Investing in Search Engine Optimization on your business website is a good start. But SEO efforts take time. If you are looking for the best places to generate those targeted leads for your business here are 10 tools you should check out. Some tools such as Facebook ads and Google ads are well-known and are the best places to start generating those leads.

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LinkedIn ads and Twitter ads are not as popular as the two previous giants Facebook and Google but they can be effective as well. LinkedIn is great for targeting a specific organizational role for example if you are trying to reach CEO’s of companies or Chartered Accountants for that matter. You can target people who can see your ad based on where they are on the corporate ladder. Twitter ads are great if you want to reach influencers in your industry. Again, these two tools serve a specific purpose. This guide can help you further.

Quora is a free tool that is great for lead generation but like any free tool, it will take time and effort to see some leads. No list of tools will be complete when it comes to digital marketing and lead generation without a tool to create and manage landing pages and an email marketing tool. For landing pages, you can use Instapage or Unbounce that allows you to create stunning landing pages based on templates that are set up to convert or capture the lead. Once you capture the lead you may need to nurture them using an email autoresponder such as MailChimp or any other email marketing tool.

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Here is an infographic with the Top 10 Lead Generation Tools in the Digital Marketing World created by PageTraffic.

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