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Tips for Hit Social Media Content

Irrespective of the size of the firm or industry, a content creator works with a goal in mind – create interesting material to inspire followers and ensure that they share it with others. This can be anything from an engaging article to the ultimate guide to the world’s best, mouth-watering choc-chip cookie.

According to ‘Idigic social media for business infographic’ the overall goal of using social media tactics is to make your content available in search engines and promote various actions like retweeting, sharing and so on. So, how can businesses maximize their chances of achieving these aims?

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Below are the steps you need to take to make sure that your content cuts through the clutter present online.

1) Get maximum interaction for your Tweet through Images

Your Twitter content might be interesting and impressive. However, if there are no images, you are going to lose out on significant interactions and engagements. Recently, Buffer started using images with tweets and saw that there was an increase of 18% in clicks.

2) Keep your Audience in Mind

It is important to remember that when you are creating social media content, there will always be stiff competition for attention. Family, friends, celebrities and various other brands compete to get attention on online platforms. So, to stand out and be seen, create content that will stay in the minds of your audience.

Maintain emphasis on the reader. For example, if you are posting information about the launch of a brand new product, you shouldn’t write –

We just launched our new product, Buffer for Video.”

Here the focus of the content is a little off. It doesn’t tell the reader why he or she must care about the post or how it is helpful.

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The below copy gives a better understanding of your service –

Share, upload and schedule your videos from Buffer to any social media site. Just upload once and share it everywhere!

3) Know the difference between Tone and Voice

To write compelling content, you must differentiate between tone and voice. You have to use a consistent voice during your social media usage. But when it comes to various platforms, different tones are best.

For LinkedIn posts, your tone has to be more serious. While for Twitter, the tone can be fun and conversational. Make sure to keep your voice consistent and change your tone accordingly.

4) Boost Credibility

Credible posts will never ask the audience for anything. Their updates may not get many likes, retweets, and shares. But that is not a huge problem. Instead of creating engagement, such posts which bring credibility have a unique role to play.

Make sure to share press releases, company news, interviews, media bits and photos of appearances at industry events. Of course, they will bring a huge amount of credibility but may take time to give you returns. Furthermore, you can enhance your position as an industry leader. This means that when the time comes to request your audience to take action, they will readily do it for you.

5) Develop Curiosity

Did you know that building interest is one of the most powerful techniques to improve your content? This is especially true when you are trying to make people engage and click on your social media posts. In simple words, curiosity gets triggered when individuals feel there is a gap between what they want to know and what they know.

For example, a post – “Why is your Facebook reach becoming low?” will not grab attention. But by slightly changing the headline to –

Facebook Reach Declining – 5 Steps To Follow Each Day To Make It Stronger”.

Such a post will arouse curiosity in the minds of readers regarding the information gap they have. Also, it provides strategies to take care of the problem.

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6) Encourage Conversations

It is important to add posts that lead to conversations. Many firms are not aware that to solidify their social media relationships, they need to open up their social media platforms for two-way communication.

Create posts which ask audiences for opinions, ideas and sometimes even advice. Customers will often purchase services or products from businesses who engage with them through interesting discussions rather than through ads.

7) Know the Value of Content

Before sharing anything on social platforms, take the time to think about the value that it has.

Ask yourself:

  • Will this be shared?
  • Will people care about it and why?
  • What value will the fans get?

According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, a well-known facet of human behavior is that when you ask a person to do you a favor, you will be successful if there is a valid reason. People like to have reasons for what they do.

With social media, it is not different. Each like, click or retweet will be triggered by some reason.  Whenever you are posting content, keep in mind the value it brings to the reader and why they should care about the post.

8) Examine your Effectiveness

For businesses, it is important to keep track of how well their posts are doing. Through analytics, you can find out how well a post is doing and even get weekly updates through email. Besides keeping track of how well the content is performing, it helps to know which content is interesting and which is not.

9) Use Copywriting Formulas

Writing captivating and catchy social copy is hard work. This is especially true when you are trying to share several posts through various social media platforms each day, or if you are putting together a content calendar.

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No doubt, finding a good copywriting formula which works for you is great. Whether it is a headline, storytelling or any other; it can boost your productivity and assist in posting some of the most eye-catching and fabulous posts.

10) Share Curated Content

To be successful on social media, brands need to offer value to their audience. No-one will pay attention to you on social media if you merely advertise yourself and do nothing else. You need to be an ongoing source of relevant information in the area of your expertise.

11) Keep Posts Simple

It isn’t important for social media posts to be a work of literary art. The attention span of individuals for online content is short. So, it is more efficient if the post is concise and short. When it comes to social media content, it is better to keep things simple. Sometimes all you need is a two-word caption which can inspire action from your audience.

Wrapping Up

By following the mentioned tips, you can greatly improve your social media content. Begin implementing some of them and you will soon see results.

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