Top 10 Popular TikTok Influencers in Philippines

Are the top TikTok Influencers in the Philippines what you’re searching for? I can help you identify the ideal influencer for your company or simply spice up your feed. There are a large number of Filipino TikTok Influencers that provide high-quality, unique, authentic, and convincing content. You won’t have to perform the research because I’ve already chosen the top candidates for this list from the others.

In the Philippines, TikTok is the third most popular social media site. This short clip app provided Filipinos of all ages with a selection of original material in the fields of parenting, visual arts, gaming, sports, and many more.

Top TikTok Influencers in Philippines

TikTok Influencers
Source: Instagram @nianaguerrero

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In the Philippines, influencers have a significant impact on public opinion and the creation of persuasive material that affects customers’ buying decisions. When searching for trends, top purchases, tutorials, tricks, and hacks, TikTok viewers in this country also browse these content providers’ streams.

Nobody should be surprised that perhaps the social media site TikTok has gained widespread recognition, especially in light of the epidemic. Particularly in Asian nations like the Philippines, where TikTok has over 33 million users, usage has increased dramatically.

Due to this enormous growth, several businesses are using the top TikTokers in their influencer marketing campaigns and the number of TikTok users in the Philippines has increased and is currently 35.96 million. This represents more than 32% of all Filipinos. As a result, TikTok became one of the greatest social media platforms in the nation for creating effective marketing campaigns.

Since the majority of her audience is international, Niana Guerrero is well-known worldwide. The top 10 TikTok artists (often known as TikTokers) in the Philippines are profiled in this blog article, rated on the proportion of local viewers they have, as well as their actual reach.

TikTok Influencers
Source: Instagram @blythe

The 10 mentioned above are the greatest and most well-liked influencers in the Philippines out of thousands. They cater to various audiences and provide excellent content from different genres. I hope you have identified the ideal influencer to collaborate with on your upcoming campaign or to follow.

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You’ve come to the perfect place whether you’re seeking for a new TikTok video to watch or a content producer to collaborate with. Continue reading to learn about Filipino TikTokers who cater to a variety of themes, age groups, and target markets.

The younger generation loves the well-known social media app TikTok. It is a novel technique for them to watch amusing videos and follow their preferred influencers. Additionally, a lot of Filipinos have found success online since they spend most of their time there! To continue, you could think about following these influencers if you wish to watch TikTok clips.

TikTok Influencers
Source: Instagram @itskylinealcantara

#1 Niana Guerrero


legwerk #focused ( dc @Precious )

? Soweto – Precious

Dancer and social media celebrity Niana Guerrero, from the Philippines, began uploading videos to YouTube with her well-known brother Ranz Kyle. With the help of her TikTok talent videos, Niana is currently growing her own enormous fan base. She frequently dances, either utilizing her own choreography or that of others, to the newest music. Her global following of 34 million fans includes people from around the world in addition to Filipinos.

The talented dancer Niana Guerrero is well-known for her excellent abilities. She performs a lot of dancing covers, and her easygoing dancing style appeals to a lot of people. Niana is well-known not just in the Philippines rather all across the world because of her YouTube channel. Some K-pop stars even follow her after seeing her videos.

#2 Andrea Brillantes

Andrea, 18, has developed into a complex artist and is currently one of the nation’s most popular young performers, attracting a lot of followers. Filipino dancer but also TV actress Andrea Brillantes has been in the spotlight since she was a little girl. She was able to maintain her reputation up to this point, and social media has helped her grow her fan base.

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She frequently uploads dancing videos to TikTok, and includes online challenges, short video blogging, lip syncs, and celebrity behind-the-scenes content. She has undoubtedly worked with dozens of businesses throughout the years.

#3 Spencer Serafica

After publishing humorous sketches that the general public could relate to, Spencer had become a TikTok star in the Philippines. He frequently depicts everyday activities in what seems like a Filipino household while also incorporating comedy.

On his account, he also produces short vlogs and lip sync videos. He earned a position among the top-followed Filipino influencers on TikTok thanks to his relatability and familiarity.

#4 Janio


Your beauty never ever scared me

? original sound – maria!

A well-known TikTok content maker, Janio is most recognized for his lip sync and makeup makeover videos. Janio is an outspoken member of the LGBTQ community. He became one of the top preferred content producers among Filipino TikTok fans mainly for his cosmetic appearance, confidence, dancing routines, and outfit.

#5 Evan Tan

Model and TikTok sensation Evan Tan is recognized for his adorable features and alluring grin. He frequently parodies KDrama moments by reenacting them. He frequently shares dances, duets, and sketches.

#6 Kyline Alcantara


i can keep a secret, can you? tried to be a little serious today hehe

? Cool for summer x Pony – Kuya Magik

Kyline Alcantara, a Filipino actress, began performing when she was just seven years old. Apart from acting in TV shows and motion pictures, Kyline also used TikTok to create dance videos, which helped her expand her social media fan base. Brands in the fashion, cosmetics, and lifestyle industries have all expressed interest in Kyline.

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#7 Andree Bonifacio


new jeans fever @newjeans_official #HypeBoy #NewJeans

? Hype Boy – NewJeans

Filipino-Canadian dancer Andree “AC” Bonifacio is well-known for becoming the first-ever grand champion of the Filipino television dance competition Dance Kids. On TikTok, AC demonstrates her dance skills by moving to the most well-liked TikTok beats. She has collaborated with businesses in a variety of sectors, including fashion, cosmetics, cuisine, and lifestyles.

#8 Pau Pelaez

On TikTok, Pau Pelaez is well-known for her amusing cosmetic tips. Her audience is lured to her videos by her upbeat enthusiasm. She frequently publishes lip sync and transformation videos along with her top cosmetic brand recommendations. She has collaborated with several skincare and cosmetics brands, including Maybelline and Garnier. 

#9 Juxi Family

The famed TikTok dancing duo Jubi and Xian, who currently have a kid they name Babyju, were the founding members of the Juxi Family. This couple’s decision to become parents didn’t stop them from creating content; all of their dancing videos now feature their child.

#10 Esnyr



? original sound – Esnyr – Esnyr

Recently, Esnyr Ranollo gained popularity on TikTok thanks to his humorous skits and lip-synching videos. Esnyr’s primary focus is reliving student life in the Philippines using common experiences shared by Filipinos.

Current kids will find his topic to be very relevant, while the older audience will find it to be quite nostalgic. He has previously worked with a variety of businesses, figuring out how to incorporate marketing advice and promotions into his writings.

During the epidemic, TikTok undoubtedly ruled the planet. The fact that Filipinos adored this software is obvious. It changed from being a straightforward game for leisure to a possible source of cash.

I’ve made an effort to discover the Top 10 TikTok Influencers in the Philippines, also known as TikTokers or TikTokerist, in our top ranking.

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By virtue of their name, influencers are able to readily affect the lives of others. Someone in such position ought to utilize their social media channels to make substantial improvements. They ought to strive to convey compassion and happiness rather than instructing individuals in wrongdoing in order to serve as exemplary role figures for the younger generation.

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