Top 10 Brilliant TikTok Influencers in Australia

Our lives have been slowly but certainly taken over by TikTok Influencers. Even individual users’ social media behavior has been influenced by its clips. Many of us are torn between loving and loathing TikTok Influencers, but we incline more towards the former since we simply cannot get enough of it.

The abundance of dubious wellness hacks, amazing and surprising beauty advice, and instructional information that can be accessed with a finger flick may all be attributed to TikTok Influencers in Australia. 

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Australia’s TikTok Influencers are ready to assist you whether you’re looking to laugh, be inspired, or connect with others. Here are some of my current favorite TikTok Influencers that you should follow.

Top TikTok Influencers in Australia

TikTok Influencers
Source: Instagram @sarahmagusara

Australia is not an exception to the fact that TikTok has swiftly become the preferred platform for millions of users and companies worldwide.

The distinctive qualities of TikTok, such as its whacky visuals, use of well-known soundtracks, and the condensed nature of its segments, are what has made it so widely known. Furthermore, this platform has made it feasible for average people to produce amazing stuff.

However, choosing the top influencers on TikTok is certainly not an easy process.  We’ve put up a list of Australia’s 10 leading TikTok influencers to help you with this article. Let’s explore it!

TikTok Influencers
Source: Instagram @calebfinn1994

Australians have embraced TikTok with open arms because of the platform’s brief video snippets and fully engaging design. In fact, TikTok became the quickest social media network in the nation in the initial half of 2020 with about 2.5 million local users.

The use of TikTok influencers as marketing tools by business owners and marketers has increased. Companies may quickly and affordably increase conversions by using influencers to increase awareness. As a consequence, using TikTok branding and content marketing is one of the best ways to create a campaign in Australia.

Source: Instagram @mochapom

This list makes it evident that Singaporean TikTok users like influencers that have a flair for humor, a fashionable lifestyle, beauty, and design. With the information on the list, I hoped to be able to help you understand how to effectively market your business on the platform.

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Top 10 Brilliant TikTok Influencers in Australia

#1 Hannah Balanay

Hannah Balanay is the most popular TikTok user in Australia, having received 429 million likes across her videos and 18 million admirers.

With such a popular dance she made for the song “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa, Balanay quickly became well-known due to her talent for choreography.

Given how popular the video had become, it was given fresh life whenever the dance was included as an emote in the popular computer game Fortnite. Balanay has utilized her social media platforms to advertise companies like Samsung, Footlocker, Depop, and more as she keeps coming up with new dances for songs.

#2 Sarah Magusara


1 2 3 ? ? #ad @SHEIN DC: 15magusara #SHEIN #sheinforall

? Ur mom – ?

Sarah Magusara is listed after her as one of Australia’s top TikTokers. She started off in 2014 on, which eventually changed its name to TikTok. Through her wildly successful lip-syncing and dancing videos, Magusara has since significantly increased her fan base throughout the years.

She has recently increased her content offerings to cover a variety of fitness, modeling, and behind-the-scenes topics, giving her fans enough to chat about. She also produces sponsored content for brands like Blessed Plant Protein, Fashion Nova, and Boohoo in addition to these blogs.

#3 The Rybka Twins


We created these Bratz looks for Halloween ? using @ZALA Hair Extensions Use our code for $$ off! #RYBKATWINS4ZALA ?? #zalahairextensions #halloweenhair #bratz

? original sound – Bunny_boo98

Sam and Teagan Rybka, twin sisters, have been gymnastics enthusiasts since they were little.

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However, they set themselves on a pathway to global recognition when they launched their YouTube account in 2012 to showcase their talents. The couple gained widespread recognition for their extraordinary acrobatic skills after they advanced to the semi-finals of Australia’s Got Talent in 2013.

The Rybka Twins, on the other hand, have amassed a lot of followers of 14 million people thanks to their clever usage of TikTok, who like watching their daily gymnastics videos, vlogs, and lip-syncing material.

#4 Caleb Finn

Caleb Finn, a Melbourne resident who started using TikTok in 2018, has amassed a stunning 15.8 million followers because of his varied content.

Finn spends his time creating material in a variety of formats, such as horror-themed flicks, lip-syncing videos, and TikToks that extend the transition process to their creative extremes.

Finn’s recent vocation as a complete TikTok maker is likely more profitable than his prior one as an educator because of the abundance of sponsorships and advancements

#5 Mully

The fact that gaming material is so popular on TikTok won’t likely surprise you. Mully, the leading content producer in Australia for this market, has amassed a huge fanbase of 10.6 million viewers thanks to his amusing virtual reality gaming films.

Mully uses his TikTok to broadcast videos from his YouTube channel and respond to trending TikToks. Mully is a member of the media platforms collective known as “The Boys,” which also includes producers like Joshdub and EddieVR.

#6 Mocha


Pose and then doze ?? Get my look with 10% off @Pet Circle ‘s winter dog apparel in Australia using MOCHA10 until 17 July 2022. #ad


On TikTok, Mocha is Australia’s most popular example if you prefer to watch popular pets on social media.

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With millions of followers on both Instagram and TikTok, this black-and-tan pomeranian, who is based in Melbourne, has become an adorable sensation thanks to her everyday exploits.

It’s hardly surprising that people want to follow Mocha’s furry activities because her owner frequently drives her and dresses her up in a variety of adorable outfits.

#7 Bijay Baniya


Loves this song ? ib : @nimesh_jung_thapa ?? #foryoupage #trend

? original sound – Nimesh_Jung_Thapa

Bijay Baniya, a performer and choreographer who was born in Nepal, has a sizable TikTok fanbase of 9.6 million followers.

Baniya’s hip-hop as well as freestyle dance have made him a well-known personality both in Australia and abroad, whether he’s performing in his studio or out on the streets of Sydney.

His succinct and engaging TikTok work has been a huge hit on the site, appearing alongside a number of other similarly skilled returning guests.

#8 Joshdub


the backrooms getting crazy ?

? original sound – Joshdub

Joshdub is a well-known game designer in Australia, and he has a sizable fan base spread over TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

Joshdub, who has 10.9 million devoted followers on the former, continues to be one of the gaming industry’s most rapidly expanding figures thanks to his videos on virtual reality gaming.

Being one of the 5 members of “The Boys” community, each person’s combined efforts have made them some of the largest internet superstars in the gaming industry.

#9 Brodie Pawson

Due to his exceptional athleticism, Browdie Pawson has grown to be one of Australia’s most well-known TikTok accounts after making it to the semi-finals of Ninja Warrior Australia during 2018.

He has traveled the world, from Singapore to Barcelona, to conquer life-threatening hurdles as he displays his parkour skills on the streets. One of Australia’s finest extreme athletes, Pawson has 8.4 million followers.

#10 AnZu Bhandari

AnZu Bhandari rounds out the top 10 most followed TikTok accounts in Australia. She was born and grew up in Sydney, and because of her contagious moves, lip-syncing, and exercise videos, she has become one of Australia’s most popular figures.

Bhandari’s work is a perfect fit for both platforms, as seen by the 7.1 million admirers who regularly watch the choreographed videos on her channels and follow her regular updates on Instagram.

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