Top 12 Amazing TikTok Fitness Influencers 

Influencers in health and wellness have never been more well-liked! We look at the popularity of the top health influencers on TikTok Fitness and a well-known social media network called TikTok Fitness is well-known for the brief videos uploaded by its members, particularly the humorous and lip-syncing ones. But did you notice that TikTok also has fitness motivation and training videos?

Although fitting a workout or even a set into such a little video might seem challenging, TikTok Fitness influencers have come up with clever ways to accomplish so. On TikTok Fitness, you can enjoy a selection of training videos for the gym or at home that you can use as motivation.

Tiktok Fitness Influencers 

After the lockdown prompted many gyms to close, many of us began exercising at home. In an effort to keep proactive in the midst of the social isolation measures, everyone appears to have resorted to the internet, employing tools like TikTok fitness videos as well as fitness influencers.

Producers, along with the health and fitness field, have seen considerable transformation as a result of the rise of social media. Chances for fitness enthusiasts, foodies, and health experts to become online influencers were established as the fame of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok boomed.

More people than ever rely on social media to acquire free workouts, nutrition advice, and wellness assistance, which is what is driving the growth of online content owners throughout the field.

TikTok Fitness
Source: Instagram @rebeccalouisefitness

Fitness experts, health fanatics, athletes, and even celebrities frequently post their at-home workout routines on TikTok Fitness. While taking part in the many training challenges that these fitness superstars provided, some users even posted duets whereas others followed from the comfort of their homes.

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Does the fact that the boundaries seem to be relaxing make fitness influencers less significant now? But unquestionably, that is not the case. Regardless of whether you love exercising at the gym or would rather work out at home, fitness influencers are a way of communicating to support and inspire us to keep our health and fitness.

Although there are many various types of fitness influencers, this article mainly concentrates on twelve fitness influencers. These 12 fitness influencers are proof positive that anyone can be just as fit as men when it comes to health and fitness.

Top 12 TikTok Fitness Influencers

TikTok Fitness Influencers
Source: Instagram @demibagby

#1 Demi Bagby


How it feels to push through a Monday

? Good Time – Alan Jackson

She is a bodybuilder as well as one of top female TikTok influencers. She is also a CrossFit athlete. She does a variety of exercises in public in her training films, which are not just of her at home or at the gym. She has a method of working out anywhere, from sidewalks to deserts. She needs to be on your list of “fitness influencers to follow” so if you’re searching for distinctive exercise motivation.

#2 Antonie Lokhorst


Tag that friend who can use some motivation, you got this! ?? #gym #motivation #fyp #vqfit

? original sound – Antonie Lokhorst

With millions of followers on TikTok, he is a well-known social media fitness influencer and online instructor. He shares interesting TikTok videos on his everyday activities and exercise routine. More than anybody else on this list, he has garnered 76.9 million likes on his TikTok postings. As a result, he is among the best TikTok influencers to subscribe to if you want to lose weight.

#3 Ulisses


Add this to your Chest Workout. Chest Day Giant Set. 4 X 8 reps. #fyp #chestday

? Ça flingue – Genjutsu Beats

He was a former professional bodybuilder and is now a well-known Instagram user with more than 8.7 million followers. His wife Sharah may frequently be seen in the fitness and entertainment videos that make up his TikTok stream. Along with performing duets, he also encourages other TikTok creators. Overall, this is the account to follow if you desire fitness with a side of fun.

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#4 minneninja


2 DAYS LEFT TO SIGN UP!! Ladies Pullups (FOR BEGINNERS) Challenge starts Monday??#momsanddaughters #pullups #ttb #momsoftiktok

? Squat – Yung Spielburg

Jennifer is undoubtedly a few of the leading TikTok fitness influencers with a following of 1M. She is a fitness coach that can provide you with a customized exercise schedule depending on your fitness objectives. She posts training films with her kid in addition to her normal fitness videos.

#5 Rebecca Louise

Rebecca now has 521.1K followers and a verified TikTok account, making her one of the most well-known fitness influencers on the platform. She emphasizes both the nutritional and exercise components of fitness. She created a 30-day exercise program that she offers for sale online. She has a lot of followers (531K) on Instagram and on YouTube (714K subscribers)

#6 Stevie Prince

If you are among those people that are focused on bulking up, you should follow this account without a doubt. Not only does he share his exercise videos, but he also enjoys showing off his muscles to his TikTok fans. You may message him to receive a personalized fitness plan because he also trains others in that area.

#7 Eyal Booker

Model Eyal Booker gained attention as a result of his participation in the television program Love Island. On TikTok, he has more than 295.4K followers who really like watching his fitness videos just as much as his pet videos. Additionally, he has a massive 759K Instagram following base. He is also one of the few influencers towards this list with a verified TikTok account.

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#8 Jesse James West

An influential user on TikTok, Jesse shares anything from dancing videos to exercises. What differentiates him from some of the other fitness influencers is his attempt to add fun into his videos. 10.8 million people have liked his TikTok videos to far, and he has over 461.4K followers.

#9 Pernilla Soe


I guess this was deserved payback from our last workout session ? @catacohan ? shot by @Moleritz #fitnessgirls #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspo

? original sound – 2NurseGals

This is the person to follow if you desire to achieve abs like a badass. Pernilla instructs her fans on how to gain abs and tone their core with her training videos and fitness advice. Along with posting dancing videos, she frequently takes part in TikTok challenges.

#10 Stefana Avara


Do this twice & you’ll be dripping ?? insta: stefana.avara

? Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

A well-known user of TikTok, Stefana shares videos on fitness and wellness. She aims to clarify fitness myths and provide her audience with fitness advice in addition to training videos. Her delicious and healthful smoothie creations are another one of her many talents.

#11 Isaac Smith


Forgot to film most of the day but here’s some of it. Link in bio to train with me #fyp #fitness #motivation

? original sound – 🙂

Isaac has a dedicated fitness-focused TikTok account. He doesn’t just post his exercise videos; he also gives his followers fitness advice. No matter what your exercise objectives are, you may benefit from his films because they primarily focus on one particular topic or body area.

#12 Kayla

Tips for being healthy and happy, motivation, and other helpful information may be found on Kayla’s TikTok stream. This is a wonderful account to follow if you view wellness as a much more comprehensive idea than simply exercising. She is renowned for executing training routines created by other fitness professionals and uploading these on her TikTok account.

On TikTok, a lot of fitness influencers are active. Even just reading after this list, each fitness influencer creates material that is distinctive. These 12 TikTok fitness celebrities are a fantastic source of encouragement and inspiration, so check them out whether you’re seeking for a high intensity exercise or a good Yoga stretch!

You’re all set to begin your summertime workout regimen and get in shape. More than likely! To obtain exercise videos, fitness advice, and dietary guidelines, follow these TikTok influencers in the fitness industry. Through their humorous and dancing videos, several of these influencers would also keep you amused.

What else are you waiting for, then? Browse the list and subscribe to the fitness influencer you find most appealing!

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