Top 10 Beautiful TikTok Fashion Influencers

TikTok may be known primarily for its viral challenges and influencers on TikTok have emerged as the pinnacle of information sharing. People can’t seem to help but swipe up to enjoy these fascinating videos over and over, whether they’re teaching us brilliant DIY cleaning tricks for our houses or allowing us to relive our adolescent years with those addicting dance videos.

The app is also brimming with wardrobe ideas and styling advice, as we’ve seen. These TikTok Fashion influencers give tips on how to dress like your favorite celebrities in just about any size, how to appear fancy without breaking the bank, and even how to repurpose stuff like a skirt into a top.

TikTok Fashion Influencers

TikTok Fashion
Source: Instagram @janiceglimmer

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Influencers on TikTok have emerged as the peak of knowledge dissemination. We can’t resist but swipe up to engage in such hypnotic videos again and again and again, whether they’re teaching us brilliant DIY cleaning tricks for our houses or allowing us to relive our teen years with those addicting videos.

The app is also overflowing with wardrobe ideas and styling advice, as we’ve seen. These TikTok Fashion influencers give tips on how to dress like your favorite celebrity in just about any size, how to appear fancy without breaking the bank, and even how to transform stuff like a skirt into a top.

If your key reason behind using TikTok Fashion seemed to be consuming fashion material all day, you should follow the Top fashion influencers listed then for tips, suggestions for outfits, and opinions on the hottest trends.

Of course, some of these people are also frequent shoppers who share their hauls and reviews of the top-rated apparel goods available online or the must-have things that are now trending. 

Others are Instagram influencers that host behind-the-scenes tours of photo sessions or runway events for their admirers. You may choose which videos are going to be helpful for your clothing strategy by being aware of what videos you could anticipate from each video creator.

TikTok Fashion
Source: Instagram @kerifay

You’re missing a lot if you haven’t actively watched TikTok Fashion. Of course, there are fashion influencers on every social networking site, but TikTok promotes a unique and quite diverse environment. TikTok revolves around individual expression, at least on the sites of some of the most well-known creators. Layering, thrifting, and putting together one-of-a-kind clothing that feel really personal are all typical practices.

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Listed below are some of the top TikTok Fashion influencers to watch in 2022, whether you’re searching for assistance on how to get the most out of your current wardrobe, tips on how to wear particular pieces, or want to keep on top of trends.

Top 10 Stylish TikTok Fashion Influencers

TikTok Fashion
Source: Instagram @brittanyxavier

#1 Nava Rose – @the.navarose


I can’t believe its been 9 years with our kings @bts_official_bighit ? #MyBTSTracks #BTS_Proof #ad

? #MyBTSTracks (benny blanco Remix) – BTS

Nava Rose is among the greatest of the several TikTok Fashion influencers scattered around the app. She has a strong grasp of streetwear basics, and her more than 4 million followers can attest to the quality of her special effects (all those transitions). Nava Rose has an outfit for every person and every taste, drawing inspiration from emojis, BTS, vintage trends, and her own twist on Harry Potter style.

#2 Janice Glimmer – @janiceglimmer

For those who may be totally into pop culture, there is Janice, a TikTok Fashion influencer who gets her wardrobe ideas from movies, Television programs, and fictitious characters. She has designed clothes inspired by Disney princesses, well-known Netflix series such as Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit, songs even by Beatles, Queen, and Stevie Nicks, and even involves her mother in her style videos. For a ton more creative and odd spins on classic styles, visit her account!

#3 Keri Fay – @kerifay


Replying to @sleeplessangels since you all loved i decided to style it! Added to my LTK ?? #fallfashion #winterfashion #falloutfits #cardigan #chunkycardigan

? Gilmore girls – ? ? ? ?

Style designer Keri Fay is located in New York, and so it goes without saying that the city has an impact on her #ootd. Her Instagram is jam-packed with style and beauty advice, with the occasional instruction inspired by a celebrity. Videos that showcase one piece of clothing and demonstrate other ways to style it are part of Fay’s instructional material. And if you’re a fellow shoe enthusiast, you’ll want to check out TikTok star’s shoe closet.

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#4 Ms. Kristine – @trendycurvy


If this video doesn’t inspire you to get some color in your life, I don’t know what will! Live a vibrant, colorful existence #plussize #curvygirl #curvytiktok #curvyfashion

? BREAK MY SOUL – Beyoncé

Ms. Kristine encourages all curvaceous women to love and appreciate their gorgeous bodies. This TikTok Fashion influencer takes inspiration from celebrities with different types of bodies and recreates their outfits with identical pieces suited to her form in order to demonstrate that anybody, regardless of size, can wear any trend. She promotes self-love and has a fun, vibrant sense of style.

#5 Brittany Xavier –  @brittany.xavier

A well-known influencer, Xavier, considers TikTok to be a family thing. Her videos frequently involve her 14-year-old daughter as well, giving viewers two doses of excellent clothing for the cost of one. She not only takes part in amusing fashion challenges like having her husband select her outfit while blindfolded.

The mother-daughter team frequently shares their matching outfits and shopping finds, as Xavier is never hesitant to reveal the must-try tips she applied to achieve her looks.

#6 Taylor Hage – @tayhage


Love these silly outfit challenges! This outfit was almost cute. Ib: @Morgan Presley #oufitchallenge #backtoschool #ootd

? original sound – Morgan Presley

Hage’s Instagram is the ready source for chic outfit ideas that you can easily recreate with the items in your closet (I kno, I’ve checked). Hage shows you how to upgrade casual outfits in under a minute, replicate vintage styles from popular culture stars and television series (like Demi Moore or rather Julia Roberts from Friends and Gossip Girl), and utilize your concerns as the basis for lessons. Follow for great fashion that you can both wear and consume every day.

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#7 Christine Le – @christineleeee


took my dad with me to the game ?? @Seattle Seahawks #grwm #outfitinspo

? original sound – Sheep Eater

This versatile TikTok Fashion influencer loves to experiment with clothes. Contrary to popular opinion, Le can dazzle up with the finest of them all while having a generally easygoing, athletic attitude for her daily wardrobe. Le offers her followers advice on how to shoot, pose for, and edit Instagram images in addition to providing a ton of wardrobe ideas, ensuring that every time you snap a picture, it turns out perfect.

#8 Denise Mercedes – @denisemercedes


Which is your fav look?! With bff @mariacastellanos_ri #stylenotsize

? BILLIE EILISH. – Armani White

Denise Mercedes embarks on a quest to eliminate the stereotype that people with curvier bodies shouldn’t dress in particular ways. She successfully started the #stylenotsize initiative with the aid of her closest friend, Maria Castellanos, in which the two women shoot videos demonstrating the same look on various body shapes.

Follow for never-ending outfit ideas (regardless of your size or build), must-have fashion finds, and self-esteem boosters.

#9 Nicole Stephens – @nico1eodeon


#ad Back to school with @hm Make sure to shop H&M online & in-store for all of your Back to Campus looks + don’t forget to use your 20% off on-site student discount via Student Beans!! #hmxme #hm

? Sunrise – Official Sound Studio

Stephens is an expert at nailing particular styles and is unquestionably inspirational if you’re trying to replace your everyday essentials with vibrant, imaginative, and eye-catching products.

Despite being just 19, she is able to pull off everything from 1960s fashion to the early 2000s in her clips, which are essentially digital fashion presentations. She successfully makes the point for the comeback of controversial styles despite her young age.

#10 Valeria Lipovetsky – @valerialipovetsky


Look mom I speak french! Weewee French lesson by @kenzelawilliams

? original sound – valerialipovetsky

If you’re searching for daily workouts or morning beauty regimens, Lipovetsky creates a range of videos in many categories, so you can find it here. Her outfit purchases and style suggestions, though, are equally interesting to observe. It’s amazing to see the mother of three fashionably dress herself in her partner’s shirts or demonstrate no-sew tailoring techniques to attempt if your pants are just too big.

On Generation Z’s preferred social network, these creators are reinventing the influencer space. Right? In the run-up to Christmas, brands working with fashion TikTokers might attract thousands of profitable and receptive viewers. Check out our list of the top 10 short-form style geniuses for insight into the kind of skill now on view.

What are you still holding out for? Try these stylish influencers!

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