Top 10 Gifted & Famous TikTok Dance Influencers

TikTok Dance Influencers has become one of the most well-liked hanging spots for artists. You can easily locate videos of the top Dance Influencers on TikTok giving it their all for the millions of viewers and fans they have all around the world by only a few swipes.

These Dance Influencers on TikTok are worth checking out if you want to see the greatest dancing videos that TikTok has to offer.

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Top TikTok Dance Influencers

Dance Influencers
Source: Instagram @justmaiko

The Dance Influencers world has been completely taken over by TikTok. This is understandable given that it is the headquarters of some of the biggest dance competitions on the internet—as well as a number of the best dancers.

All things considered, TikTok has been one of the lockdown’s main partners, having started a ton of popular viral video trends in recent months. Different dance challenges which celebs, influencers, as well as every of the family’s members participated in from home have been some of the top – ranking content on the site all because of the Dance Influencers.

The most well-known Dance Influencer on TikTok at the moment is Charli D’Amelio.

Dance Influencers
Source: Instagram @charlidamelio

She is the most well-liked female Dance Influencers on TikTok, with over 148 million subscribers. In addition, Charli entered the Guinness Book of Records as the first user to have 50 million TikTok followers. When she reached the 100 million mark, she then smashed her previous record.

Dance Influencers
Source: Instagram @sofiawylie

In the upcoming weeks, brands will undoubtedly seek out powerful Dance Influencers on TikTok to help them communicate their message, so why not pay attention to our list of the top 10 dancing influencers to watch out for?

Top 10 Famous TikTok Dance Influencers

#1 Charli D’Amelio

In Norwalk, Connecticut, Charli D’Amelio was born. She was a talented dancer who frequently shared videos and images of her performance on Instagram before she joined TikTok. Charli had just turned 15 when she opened her TikTok account and became one of the Dance Influencers.

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Even though it was straightforward, her road to fame was launched by a straightforward dance instruction that she co-posted as a duet with the user “move with joy.” Over 5 million additional users followed her account over the course of the following five months. As a result, she is undoubtedly one of the top young dancers on TikTok!

#2 Michael Le


we still got it, hips dont lie????

? Forget sped up – voka

Michael Le, an American-Vietnamese dancer who was born in 2000, has become a sensation on TikTok. You may discover hilarious videos of various kinds (often dance-related) on his channel, justmaiko, where he demonstrates his dancing prowess to a large audience.

And he was revered, justly so! 51.3 million people were won over by his charismatic personality and excellent dance ability. His videos have amassed 1.4 billion likes overall as of right now.

But Michael does more than simply dance. Additionally, he choreographed films and performs of other TikTokers using his dance skills.

#3 The Rybka Twins


New ballet combo! ?? We couldn’t resist ? Check out the epic pointe battle we just uploaded on YT! Link in bio! ? #nickiminaj #slippideslide #ballet #ballerina #newdance #tutu #twins #pointeshoes

? Mozart and Minaj – There I Ruined It

Sam and Teagan Rybka are two Australian TikTokers who focus on dancing and acrobatics. Their vlogs and clips on exercise, acrobatics, beauty, and fashion received a ton of views and followers on the network.

Even though they are only in their 20s, Teagan and Sam have done just about everything, from appearing on reality TV series to writing and publishing their own book (“Twinning It”) that records their lives and successes.

#4 Sofia Wylie

Superstar dancer and actress Sofia Christine Wylie was born in 2004. Contrary to the majority of the people on this list, she didn’t start off on TikTok.

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On So You Think You Can Dance in 2011 as well as 2016, she made her debut in front of the public. Additionally, she appeared in an episode of America’s Got Talent in 2015. In 2016 and 2017, Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour featured performances by Sofia.

#5 Jabbawockeez


Bad Habit @steve lacy ? Who wants to see the full video??? ?

? Bad Habit – Steve Lacy

After The Jabbawockeez won America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008, they became quite well-known in the late 2000s. They continue to be important now because of TikTok’s influence. On their TikTok account, the team frequently shares excerpts of their performances along with their own unique short-form dance films.

And even if dancing has evolved considerably since the 2000s, younger viewers still like the power and flexibility of their moves. The channel now has 9.4 million subscribers. Over 49.3 million people have liked their videos.


James and Lewis Sharp are the hosts of the channel SHARPTWINS. Additionally, they are twins, as implied by their channel name. They are both skilled dancers. The two competed in several breakdancing events before TikTok. Lewis even earned funding due to his talent at breakdancing.

Through their videos, they have often demonstrated their dance prowess. Their popular video, which featured a dance number inspired on an Eminem song, attracted attention and amassed nearly 23 million views.

The two have produced a lot of lip-sync as well as parody/comedy video on their YouTube account in addition to their dance videos.

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#7 Haley Sharpe


Here’s the dance without the chain ?? Also I’m back in LA today but I leave tmr ? Any guesses as to where ?

? Dance Wiv Me – haley sharpe

Haley Sharpe approaches dancing with greater humor. Her videos aren’t necessarily as technically difficult as those made by other content makers, but they are nonetheless quite entertaining. More than 3.5 million people follow her and have liked her dance-comedy videos, which have gotten almost 229.3 million likes.

Her most popular video in 2019 had her dancing to Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal, a timeless song. Vox published a showcase profile on Haley at about the same time. She used to be a part of the 4freakshow broadcasting group on Twitch, which also included Chase Rutherford, Claire Drake, as well as HamzahTheFantastic.

#8 Jaden Barba


“i should’ve been in the video” -madison beer??

? Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

In July 2019, Jaden Barba launched a TikTok account under his own name. Since then, only five days after he released a video of himself grooving to an Adele song, his account went from having no subscribers to having 748,000 followers.

This initial video’s success establishes the tone for his channel. Jaden publishes captioned videos of his dance moves that have a strong ballet look. He has amassed over 128.5 million likes thanks to this video style.

#9 Gabi Butler


when in italy with your best friend ???? @Rebel Athletic Cheer

? Sweater Weather (Sped Up) – The Neighbourhood

Cheerleader, YouTuber, as well as media personality Gabriella “Gabi” Butler was born in 1998. Since the age of eight, she has expressed interest in cheerleading.

She had already developed a reputation for being swift and adept at flying. She also competed in two top-level cheering contests, which put her abilities to the test. Alongside her California All Stars cheering squad Smoed, she won championships in the 2013 and 2014 tournaments.

Her enrollment at Weber State University began in 2021. The Weber State University but also Navarro College cheer squads presently have Gabi as a cheerleader.

#10 Quan Bui


Pole walk ????? x @Erosmenswear #fyp #quanbuii #poledancing @BEFOXDANCESTUDIO

? original sound – Quan Bui – Quan Bui

Vietnamese TikToker Quan Bui specializes in pole dancing. He started playing this sport in 2009 and has loved it since the age of 16 years old.

Unfortunately, Vietnam did not provide pole dancing courses in the past. So, in order to study and improve his talents, he would just have to put up with viewing YouTube videos.

He eventually discovered a class, and he mastered pole dancing quite quickly. One of his teachers urged him to attend their pole dancing squad after spotting his ability. Quan accepted the offer right away.

Were you meaningfully inspired? I can assure you that each of these dancers will put on an excellent performance if you watch their performances. These are among the most well-known dancers on TikTok for a reason!

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