Top 10 Alluring TikTok Beauty Influencers

It makes sense that we are now watching more and more of daily videos on TikTok rather than YouTube as our attention spans are getting shorter by the day. With its product ratings, shopping findings, and doctor advice, skincare TikTok is just going to increase your scrolling obsession.

You won’t ever want to leave TikTok for skincare, we assure you. least of all without a fresh grasp of what ingredients work for your skin and the addition of a Korean product.

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Find influencers that can provide you with skincare and makeup-related TikTok Beauty content? You’re in the right place!

TikTok Beauty Influencers

TikTok Beauty influencers
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In the past several years, a plethora of beauty influencers have developed thanks to platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok. These beauty influencers have millions of followers worldwide and do anything from offer live instructions to share advice on  skincare and even the perfect eye makeup to recreating famous looks and they keep gaining in popularity.

An influencer is what? In essence, they are well-known social media users in a certain industry. An influencer in skincare, haircare, or cosmetics is a beauty influencer. The amount of followers they have on social media is what sets beauty influencers apart from other online users.

Standards for beauty are also changing. We are reminded that “genuine” beauty has progressively replaced “ideal” beauty by looking at historical commercials for cosmetics.

TikTok Beauty people to folllow
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A larger range of skin tones and hair types are now included in product ranges. All genders of beauty influencers are invited to serve as spokespersons for cosmetics. Nowadays, people frequently view natural features like freckles, gapped grins, and unibrows as distinctive and attractive attributes rather than flaws.

Influencers in the beauty industry interact with their fans on a variety of social media platforms nowadays. They are producing a variety of materials to differentiate themselves. Influencers might specialize in several areas, such as evaluating beauty goods or producing content specifically for target groups.

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These TikTok Beauty influencers are doing their lot to maintain the subject interesting, educational, and motivating for their fans even as the business continues to develop.

Top 10 TikTok Beauty Influencers

TikTok Beauty ladies
Source: Instagram @selenagomez

#1 @dermdoctor – Dr. Muneeb Shah

The Derm Doctor is your best option if you need licensed expertise. The extremely popular account run by Dr. Shah walks his 16.8 million followers through the dos and don’ts of skincare, from how to give up your ten-step nightly regimen to a series called “DermDoctor Reacts” that vastly simplifies treatments.

#2 @skincarebyhyram – Hyram


Her results are ? Happy these products worked for you! (No scrub for me tho lol) #duet with @spencer.barbosa #skincarebyhyram

? original sound – spencer barbosa??

Without adding Hyram, no list of beauty TikTok Beauty influencers would indeed be complete. He first gained attention on YouTube following a widely shared review of Kylie Skin, but his true strength rests on TikTok, where he single-handedly introduced an entire platform to the benefits of CeraVe.

Hyram makes the best use of the Duets function by responding to skin care screw ups by celebrities, user horror tales, and explaining why viral regimens are effective. You’ll leave the feed of this beauty artist entertained and knowledgeable.

#3 @drvanitarattan – Dr. Vanita Rattan

With 735.5K followers, Dr. Rattan identifies herself a “Doctor & cosmetic formulator for skin of color,” and her TikTok account is jam-packed with advice tailored exclusively for skin types other than Caucasians. Her beauty advice, which comes from a licensed professional, is ideal if you want to learn the truth about skin care and fashion-related beauty rumors.

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#4 @YayayaYoung – yayayayoung


7 Layering Method Essence/Toner ? EASILY my most favorite way to “substitute” for a moisturizer if i dont have one on hand. HOWEVER, if you want to try to have some juicy Slappable Skin, try the 7 Layer method AND THEN moisturize afterwards. Your skin will be so plump, no slap will ever hurt ?? #7Layers #Essence #SlappableSkin

? original sound – yayayayoung Skincare Egg Head

“Egg Looking Straight Skincare Specialist” is how YayayaYoung’s account describes himself, which tells you all you need to know about him. His following numbers are 1.7 million. Along with having amazing skin, he also has a great sense of humor and imparts all of his wisdom. Not amusing at all?

#5 @hudabeauty – Huda Kattan

Huda Beauty won’t be included at the conclusion of this list, did you really expect that? It makes sense that a lot of the clips on @hudabeauty display the range of items offered given that she has her own line of goods, which is one of the largest rising beauty businesses of all time. While presenting a variety of beauty styles, the account also frequently posts user-generated content, which is a clever approach to keep people interested.

#6 @whatsonvisface – Vi Lai


Reply to @red.mbunny a ranty skincare routine #skincareroutine #skintok #skincare

? Sunny Day – Ted Fresco

@Whatsonvisface is your gal if you prefer your skincare advice with a healthy dash of humor. From contrasting The Batchelor finalists to hyaluronic acid formulations to advising TikTok devotees on the top under-eye tinted sunscreens. Skin geeks are welcome here.

#7 @ahliyahmichelle – Ahliyah Michelle

Ahliyah is a content producer and micro influencer with 61.7 thousand followers who has collaborated with some of the leading beauty companies. Her serene beauty posts distinguish her among TikTok’s exhilarating dances and challenges. Her videos show off goods and styles that are attainable while maintaining a high-glam aesthetic.

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#8 @emilytembymakeup – Emily Temby

Emily Temby’s TikTok videos for her imaginative beauty looks, which range from complex zodiac-inspired looks to more “everyday” festival ideas and inspiration, have racked up an amazing 34.9 million likes.

Emily recently talked about what the social media platform has to present beauty creators and her experiences working with Fanbytes and TikTok. Check her out; after you do, you won’t want to wear plain black eyeliner ever again.

#9 @charlotteparler – Charlotte Parler


Always linked in bio all options: US and EU too im just all about a $12 ? spf ? #skincare101 #skincaretok #skintok #beauty #beautyhacks #sunscreen #spf

? original sound – Charlotte Palermino

With 359.4 thousand followers, Charlotte is an expert in retinol, SPF, and simplifying the science behind both for the general public. Her tale is filled with all the details you could want on the background of skincare and is presented in her characteristic upbeat manner.

#10 @sydney_art – Sydney Morgan

Sydney’s sense of humor and incredibly original makeup styles have her 8.5 million fans getting back for more. Although her face mask series doesn’t necessarily point up any significant market gaps, it is clear from the number of views that humor is valued equally by Gen Z’s beauty enthusiasts. Sydney’s sense of humor and incredibly original makeup styles have her 8.5 million fans getting back for more.

Although her face mask series doesn’t necessarily point up any significant market gaps, it is clear from the number of views that humor is valued equally by Gen Z’s beauty enthusiasts.


TikTok is a powerful player in the world of beauty. The short-form app reached one billion users in September 2021, and beauty was one of its largest communities as a result of users’ obsession with skincare instructions, hacks, and advice as well as makeup makeovers. The app influences not just present beauty trends but also our buying habits.

It is a tough environment for businesses new to its industry to manage with an astounding 74 billion views on the #beauty tag alone. Product reviews on TikTok may make or ruin a business. On TikTok, attractiveness focuses less on perfection and more focused on fun, originality, and authenticity.

The majority of YouTube videos we’ve seen are very different from TikTok beauty tutorials, not only because they’re much shorter and can keep our interest for a longer period of time, but also because they frequently have far more humor and creativity. If you don’t trust us, simply look at a few of the successful beauty influencers that are now using the app. We’ve compiled a list of some of the TikTok users you should unquestionably follow for cosmetics and beauty tips.

Go ahead and explore them!

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