3 Interesting Video Trends with Lots of Potential

If you regularly create video content for your blog or social media then you’re undoubtedly constantly keeping an eye out for new trends that could help you to expand your audience and engage more viewers. While trends are surfacing all the time, there are some particular that stand out and seem to have lots of potential.

Recently there have been three interesting video trends that seem to fit that bill. Not only should these video trends help you to come up with interesting and unique types of video content, but they should also let you set yourself apart and draw in more viewers:


Live Videos and Streams on Social Media

While streaming videos ‘live’ is not new, it has been trending recently due to the fact that it is enjoying much more widespread support from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. Because these platforms now allow this type of videos to be incorporated, you can immediately gain access to a much wider audience and build up your own social media following in the process.


Video Storytelling

For some time now marketers have been favoring storytelling over conventional marketing methods – and it is a trend that seems to still be growing. Not only is it more relatable and engaging, but it also can help to make a topic more concise and frame it from the point of view of a specific character.


360-Degree Videos

Another important video trend that is likely to grow by leaps and bounds is 360-degree videos. Already this content is more engaging than conventional videos, and as VR grows in popularity and it becomes easier (and cheaper) to produce it is likely to see its usage skyrocket. For now, it also has the novelty factor going for it, and early adopters can cash in on that too.


If you would like to create 360-degree video content, a good place to start is with Movavi 360 Video Editor. It is a specialized 360 video editing software that will help you to compile and edit 360-degree videos quickly and easily.

Where other 360-degree editors are often complicated and difficult to use, Movavi 360 Video Editor is easy and intuitive instead. It is focused on making your experience editing 360 videos as straightforward as possible so that you can create videos almost effortlessly.

With the tools in Movavi 360 Video Editor, you can load video from any 360-degree camera straight into the software. After that, you can process the footage and merge clips together or split them into segments to trim out unwanted parts. Additionally, you can improve the quality of the video, and apply various effects, insert titles, or even add music.

By the time you’re done, you should end up with an impressive 360-degree video that is ready to be published online. In short Movavi 360, Video Editor is the perfect solution if you want to create immersive and highly engaging 360-degree videos and get in on the trend early.

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