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Almost all of you are already well aware of the continually increasing influence of social media on everything including business, but I bet most of you had no clue that:

Interestingly enough, this is just where it all begins. Have a look at some more amazing stats about how social media is affecting contemporary eCommerce trends.

All this makes one thing certain; social media has the power to enhance your eCommerce exposure and revenues. The only question remains, how? That’s what stimulates me to come up with these 10 social media tips to help you improve your odds of eCommerce success by harnessing the power of social media.

1. Produce Optimized Social Media Content

Keywords work for social media content as well. So, if you want to increase the search and visibility of your social media posts, use high-conversion keywords in them. This will help you penetrate much farther than your direct fans and followers.

Run thorough keyword research campaigns to identify the terms and phrases people most commonly use to search content within your chosen niche.

The next step is to incorporate those into your posts strategically and meaningfully, conveying your message to the audiences without annoying them.

It is also important to keep in mind that you are dealing with today’s busy scanning readers. So, make sure to add visual enhancements in your posts to catch the eye of such audience.

2. Share What’s Right, When it’s Right and Where it’s Right

Ironically, many people fail to realize that you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to disseminating content on social media. A wrong move can backfire on you as strongly as it can help you accomplish when connected rightly.

People have grown wiser, especially on social media. So, throwing direct sales pitches on to them will do more harm than good. Instead, share with them some valuable and useful content, which could help them seek some kind of improvement in their lives.

One of the best ways to keep your audience glued to your promotional posts is to also share educational, informative and entertaining posts with them, putting their needs above yours.

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3. Leverage User Reviews

Did it ever occur to you that word of mouth promotion might work well in social media just as anywhere else? Well, it does; your satisfied customers can be of utmost benefit in promoting you on social media by sharing their reviews about your product with others.

And the best part is that about 88% of your potential customers are likely to listen to what would come from a third-party, i.e. your satisfied and loyal customer in this case.

4. Leverage Social Sharing Buttons

Have sharing widgets, such as “Like” button in Facebook, on each and every product page of your site, can also work in your favor. Sometimes busy users simply prefer liking or sharing what appeals to them, so that their friends might also see that and they themselves can get back to it on their timeline when they have some free time to dig into social media.

Another important aspect in this regard is to have such social sharing buttons placed on the most prominent and accessible areas of your web page design.

5. Exploit the Power of Visual Content

They are absolutely right in telling you that a picture is worth a thousand words, but the right one, of course. That’s why it’s all but natural to resort to image-based content on social media than text-based posts because the former one grabs more attention from audiences.

Even if you have some textual information to share, you can craft that into relevant and attractive image-based slides. Have a look at some interesting facts that highlight how visual content can add to your marketing efforts much better than text-based content, thus increasing your potential to raise your eCommerce exposure.

6. Mingle to Jingle – Interact with your Followers

One of the major reasons behind this fame and popularity of social media is none other than the liberties it offers in interacting with others. Whether it’s an individual or a brand, direct engagement and interaction can be the biggest factor motivating your potential customers to turn into your loyal brand ambassadors.

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Keep in mind, every single action and gesture count when it comes to social media impact. Engage with your customers on a daily basis to thank them, respond to their concerns, guide them, and share content with them or anything along those lines to show them they are valuable to you. And don’t forget to monitor your posts.

Some simple but effective ways to increase interaction with your current and prospect customers include:

  • Join groups, pages, communities etc: Becoming a part of relevant groups, pages and communities on various social media platforms can be much rewarding. You can keep yourself updated on recent keywords, hot hashtags, and latest conversation topics. Liking, sharing, suggesting, promoting, retweeting posts, photos, videos and other interesting info will not go unnoticed in those groups and communities, adding to your visibility as well as industry
  • Reach out to influencers: Influencers, as people having strong online following are commonly referred to, can augment a brand’s public reach and trust element unprecedentedly. Reaching out to influencers on social platforms can help you add to your social presence.
  • Host online quizzes and contest: Again, such activities enable you to penetrate through your target audience, bringing both of you a step closer to ultimately securing an online transaction.  

7. Be Consistent

If you truly want to exploit the immense potential of social media in supplementing your eCommerce aspirations, make consistency one of your strongest virtues. Posting quality content is definitely one of the most essential elements of succeeding in your social media endeavors, but equally important is to do so on regular basis.

This will not only drive a steady stream of potential customers to your eCommerce website but will result in improved customer engagement.

Though the frequency of your posting might vary according to your niche, but unless you are consistent in your efforts, making a serious mark on your audience is almost impossible.

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8. Get a Blog Running

In fact, this is right in line with being consistent in producing top quality content. Many eCommerce sites fail to keep up with a steady stream of fresh quality content, but with a blog running, working out on means and resources to produce new and better content is eased out.

When you maintain an active blog featuring relevant, inspirational, educational, informational and entertaining content, there’s always something to talk to with your customer base and audience.

Having a blog not only empowers you to showcase your business’s expertise and unique perspectives, but a single quality blog post can help you with producing dozens of social media worthy posts to keep your visitors engaged.

If you need help starting your blog watch this short animated video.

9. Be Tweetable

Being tweetable can reward your social presence in various ways. Incorporating “tweet this” functionality through your blog post not only empowers your readers to tweet your entire blog post but also helps them tweet the most interesting bits-n-pieces, quotes, stats and phrases, passing the crux of the post along.

10. Capitalize on Paid Advertising

Last but not least is paid advertising on social media, which is subject to your budget restraints, of course. But if you have the budget at your disposal, marketing with Promoted Tweets, Facebook ads and LinkedIn ads can literally exalt your social media marketing to a whole new level.

What’s Your Take?

To surmise, it’s become imperative to integrate social media efficiently into your marketing mix nowadays to stay competitive in the eCommerce industry. Hopefully, these tips and tricks will prove helpful to you in improving your eCommerce exposure.

Now, it’s over to you; we would love to have your take on this. Tell us in the comment section below how your experiences with integrating social media into your eCommerce endeavors have turned out so far?

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