Should I Start A Blog In 2021

Should I Start A Blog In 2020

Should I start a blog in 2020? This is the question that I asked myself before starting this blog in 2020. But guess what it’s the best thing I did in 2020.

Should You Start A Blog In 2021?

Should I Start A Blog In 2020
Should I Start A Blog In 2020

The simple answer is ‘YES’ if you want to start blogging to build your online presence, build a hobby, escape from quarantine, and more.

I will tell you why I started blogging this may help you get more clarity or you will end up laughing.

I searched for something on Google and landed on a blog and saw a cool pic and bio of the author. I just glanced at the author’s profile for some time. It’s silly. Isn’t it. 😀 It was from the days when I was an early teenager. I was living in a hostel and was working on some project.


Well, somehow I completed my project and shouted out loudly. Yeah…It’s DONE!.

My friend jumped in and said. How did you do it? I have been brainstorming my mind for a couple of days. I said thanks to him, pointing my finger to the author. She said, he is smart. I said, he is a genius, isn’t he?

At that time I had no ambition, clue, dream, desire, hobby, or liking of becoming a blogger. I exaggerated a bit, but yeah that’s true.

After a year, one of my seniors sent me a message on Facebook saying ‘I am a rapist and I am not ashamed’ and a link to his blog. I was like WTF! Why he became so creepy. I just shut down my laptop.

Then I realized he is so good at everything and why would he send something like that. I checked the link. I was amazed by his write-up and it was so inspiring. That blog is no more, otherwise, I would have linked to it. Now he is a successful Entrepreneur in Australia.

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At that time also, I was clueless that I would ever write a single word of a blog. The blog wasn’t in my mind at all.


After a couple of years, when I was in Engineering college, I suddenly bought a domain and hosting. The domain name I picked was related to coding ‘Code At Glance‘.

It wasn’t intentional and planned. It was just to explore. Though I have no idea why I registered, I believe subconsciously I was getting intrigued by a lot of bloggers that made me take the action.

The next day a friend of mine said you know today I bought a free domain and hosting for 2 years. I said nothing because I already invested my pocket money in it. Then he said I have another blog where I wrote some stuff. I said what you never told me you write blogs.

He said, I thought it’s too common to have a blog.

I haven’t told him that I bought the domain and hosting.

One day I was doing some practice on HackerRank and there was a difficult program that I solved. I felt good and I thought let me share the same on my blog.

I did that. One more day like that I shared one more post.


When I was in the final year of my Engineering and was all set for my final VIVA, I met a girl. She was the room partner of my friend. We got to talk with each other and I asked her about her work. She said I do SEO. I got excited. I asked her a bit about it and she guided me for half an hour. She showed me how she ranked her client on the first page.

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I said I too have a blog and I wrote content for a digital marketing agency but I never tried SEO. She said you must do SEO for more visibility otherwise no one would read it. She inspired me in a single day. It was in the year 2017.

I searched on Google about SEO and started doing experiments. And after that, I wrote about SEO. Soon, I got more interested and I started doing freelancing projects. I got a lot of success in that.

Beginning of Professional Journey

In this pandemic, I finally started this blog and I named it Blogging Filter because I wanted to write about how to write blogs and earn money online because I did that. I wrote hundreds of blogs, articles for the clients I wanted to do that for my own as well. Somehow I was navigated to do blogging and digital marketing although I was quite a good coder. Still, I love to.

Well, that was my story of why I started blogging. You can also read why people blog to get an idea of WHY.

I would say if you read this till now you should start a blog and pick a niche.

There is no harm in trying. Isn’t it? Because when I want to do anything I do it and later I decide whether to continue. I don’t judge rather I experience and decide.

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