Top 20 Reasons Why People Blog

It’s really fun to know why anyone starts blogging. Thus, I have gathered the top 20 reasons why do people blog and I insist you to share your ‘WHY‘ in the comment section.

Top 20 Reasons why people Blog

#1. To Connect with Readers.

Blogging helps you connect with others. You can share your personal experiences and opinions with so many around the globe and connect with millions of people. When they comment, share, like, and engage with your blog, you develop a feeling of trust, and you can even keep in touch with them at a personal level. 

#2. To Earn Money.

There are lots of bloggers who start blogging to make living out of it. Wouldn’t you like to make some money while doing something you love? If you wish to blog and take it seriously, you can easily make great money. There are millions of bloggers who earn thousands of dollars a year. However, patience and developing a decent audience base are the two main pillars required to earn money with blogging.

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#3. To Promote or Create Awareness about Something.

It is one of the foremost people why they start blogging like promoting events, initiatives, ideas, or businesses. Some people start blogging to gather information on anything and everything and publish content related to that event, organization, product, or service. If you are the one who is willing to start blogging then you must give it a try.

#4. To Kill Boredom.

It might come as quite a surprise, but some of the most successful blogs are the ones that have no creative, motivational story behind it. The bloggers were simply bored and wanted to try something new! So if you are looking for something interesting to do, then blogging would be a great place to start. Who knows, you could even turn it into a successful career.

#5. To Share Interesting Quotes.

Quotes are very inspiring, motivating, and shareworthy. They are a great source of knowledge and also remind us of a deeper meaning in our everyday routine. If you are someone who loves quotes and wishes to share the insightful learnings to help others, then what better way to reach out to people than blogs?

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#6. To Become a Brand.

There is a high probability that your blogs can turn into a full-time career, and you become a brand. You can set up your website for free, showcase your writing or blogging style, and make really good money. In fact, you can even start advertising your brand by blogging about it and generate leads in the form of potential clients.

#7. To Connect with like-minded People.

Blogs are a great channel of networking, and you can also find people easily who share the same interests as you. Blogs have a great capability of building communities and helps connect with like-minded people. So if you are looking for people who have the same preferences as you, then you should probably start blogging.

#8. To Help Others by Sharing how-to articles.

Another great segment or category of blogging is the how-to or DIY articles. Whether a product, service, tool, or software, you can help others who are planning to invest in that product or service. In fact, you can even end such blogs with your personal and genuine review or verdict that will help others understand the value of money.

#9. To Stay Connected with the Blogging Community.

Blogging is one of the best ways to network online. When you are connected with blogging, you also develop a term plan with your blogs, get access to the latest soft wares, workshops, seminars, and other resources.

#10. To Learn Something New.

Blogging feeds your mind by helping you learn something new all the time. When you wish to write on a certain topic, you need to research what other bloggers have written and how their readers have reacted. This helps you gain knowledge and insights into how you should go about creating your piece of content.

#11. To Pursue it as a Hobby.

If you love to write or have a passion for twisting and turning events to create something amazing, then blogging is for you. Writing a blog gives you that outlet and fulfills your cravings. You can choose what you wish to write on – poems, fiction, real-life events, etc. and connect with genuine readers.

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#12. To Share Day to Day Stuff.

If you love to journal but want something more, then blogging gives you that edge. When you blog about your daily life, it helps you put things in perspective. There would be moments in your life when you had to make decisions based on your gut with no plan in place. And what better way to put it into context than writing about it! 

#13. To Develop niche-specific Knowledge.

If you are into a business, then your biggest challenge is to be resourceful. Doing research will help you stay on top of your game and help you lead others in your team. This is why blogs are the perfect channel that helps you invest a good amount of time in reading, communicate better, and implement ideas effectively.

#14. To Share their Personal Experience.

Blogging is a great way to share an experience that you turned around and help others who are in the same situation as you to get through. It could even be family-related challenges or a personal failure or success story that moves you to write and share it with others.

#15. To Share their Travel Story.

Are you someone who is always traveling and exploring different places around the world? If so, then you should use every opportunity to share your travel experiences. In fact, sharing travel tips also helps others like you who wish to visit the same places. Your travel stories will always give you unique content, which is why you can easily get a lot of followers.

#16. To share Delicious Food Recipes.

If cooking is your passion and you wish to keep your recipes alive, then food blogging is right for you. When you blog about food, you appeal to a diverse audience – from mothers looking for something new, to young adults starting out, to those looking for dietary restrictions, etc.

#17. To Make New Friends.

As a blogger, you can easily make new friends and new connections. All you have to do is engage with other bloggers by commenting on their blogs, help them promote their work, or even create a mastermind group. Creating new friends who understand your content and your work gives you the support and encouragement that you need even on bad days.

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#18. To Share Happy Memories.

Everyone loves to maintain a family journal, albums, photos, and so much more for memory keeping. But one of the best ways to that is by blogging. You can record your memories and stories, and see the human side of things, understanding reasons for certain decisions and why your life followed that path. And when you bring each of these memories together, you shed more light on the kind of experiences you have and develop a deeper relationship with your readers.

#19. To Grow your Business.

Blogging is a great medium to start and grow businesses online. When you start a blog for your business, you can share a lot of information. You can list down the products on your website, customer success stories, case studies, and so much more that can help convert a reader into a potential client or customer. The more you blog, the more the outreach.

#20. To Interview Famous Personalities.

There are lot’s of people who interview famous personalities, it automatically increases their blog’s authority and diversifies your content. In fact, that interview blog can also be used as source material for other articles, and once you get high engagements, who knows, you might even meet your celeb crush or influencers that you have been following ?


Well, there may be thousands of more reasons why do people blog. However, if you are about to start a blog, you can start here. Remember to always blog about fresh and relevant topics, interesting ideas, engage with your readers, and keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the industry.

I am excited to know:

why have you started blogging?

Listening to stories is what I love the most. I am excited to know your blogging journey. Let’s connect in the comment section.

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