If content is King, then who is the Queen? I believe the Queen is Content Marketing.meaning-of-content-image

Quality content and content marketing are like food and drinking water for human beings; you cannot survive for long with just one. If there is no quality content then all your marketing efforts will go down the drain; it does not matter how good your content marketing is or who is doing this. Similarly having awesome content means nothing if no one is reading or sharing it. You have to create visibility and promote your content via Content Marketing to stand a chance; after all, this is survival of the fittest.

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  1. Write for the audience – Viewers and readers need to like what you are writing. Building a viewership is the number one priority. If your content is not of good quality then the viewers will bounce from your site, even if you target SEO keywords and manage to bring some organic traffic. Do not write purely for SEO or Google rankings; provide engaging high-quality content.
  1. Write something unique – Don’t write on topics everyone else is writing. Write something unique. Write something that you have just learned or implemented. Writing in your own tone also helps you stand out from the crowd.
  1. Well researched and detailed – Your content has to be better than your competition.
    It has to be well researched and must be better than the content on the 1st page of Google. Sometimes Google will throw up content on the 1st page because it was from a high-ranking website and the content may not necessarily be that good but your objective is to beat the top 10 results.
  1. Well written & presented – Please ensure there are no grammatical errors. Use punctuations appropriately. Your content must be well presented using small paragraphs and headings. Use BOLD fonts to highlight something important. Use “blockquotes” for quotes and tips.

Tip: Write your content in Word first.

When your final content is ready, copy it to your blog. MS Word will pick up issues that WordPress does not. WordPress also saves multiple versions of your draft blog posts that are clogging up unnecessary space in your server. This has performance impacts!

Use multimedia image

  1. Use multimedia – Use images as a priority. You can also use other types of multimedia to keep your readers engaged and break up the content. You can use audio, video or even embed PowerPoint slides in your blog post.
  2. Must be a good read – Your content must be good for a viewer to read. There is so much content out there and if it is boring like Wikipedia or another encyclopaedia then you will struggle to retain your audience. Your content must be easy to consume. Remember the 1st point above, you are writing for the viewer’s.

Tip: Create awesome headlines, don’t just put the keyword; include a buzz word or two!

  1. Have fun & be creative – Loosen up and have fun creating your content. Be creative and casual. Use humour where appropriate to keep the readers interested. Imagine you are writing a 2,000-word article and it is a serious topic. If there is no humour then your viewers will struggle to concentrate and follow you.
  1. Finish with a call to action – Finish your blog post by asking for a social media share or a comment. You can also ask users to join your mailing list. Don’t ask them to do everything in the same post. Use different calls to action in different posts.

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  1. Create a checklist and follow through – Do you have a checklist of things to do after you publish your post? If you don’t have one, now would be a good time to create it. I always tend to forget to place a featured image for my post and its number one on my checklist. Examples of other things to include in your checklist are: Pinning images to Pinterest, replying to comments, following through with social media marketing etc.7-social-media-marketing-tips-image
  1. Market your content – Use social media to market your content. If you don’t know how to do this then either spend time learning or hire someone who can do this for you. There are social media syndicators that would promote your content socially for a small fee. There is so much happening within social networks that you have to do something different to stand out.

Tip from Pat Flynn: Don’t drop and run when using social media, listen to the conversations first.

  1. Leave quality comments on authority sites to get noticed – We are not doing this to create backlinks but rather to create curiosity among the other viewers and also the expert who manages that blog. Don’t leave a ‘nice post’ comment. Read and comprehend what the author is saying and leave a detailed comment.
  1. Create at least one alternate media for your content and promote it – Examples of alternate media: PDF, PowerPoint Slides, Video, Infographic and so on. Each of these media can give you a different channel to promote your content. If you create an Infographic, there are several Infographic showcase sites where you can promote. Similarly, if you create PowerPoint Slides you can use it on Slideshare.net. If it’s a video, you know where to go.


This list of tips are short and sweet so anyone can use it. Don’t let the simplicity of the list fool you, they are quite powerful. Make them part of your blogging routine like your jogging routine. There is plenty more you could add to this list, so improvise and take action. Please note this post is not about SEO and you would have to take this into consideration when creating your content.

If it’s worth it, share it!


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