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Promote Content to Get Links

No matter how much you love your work, if you craft content for a living, you’re interested in getting good results. The more people share your content, the better for you, and every content marketer dreams of getting links from badass sites.

Why? There are several reasons:

  • to find support from top-notch bloggers
  • to gain reputation
  • to expand your audience
  • to promote your product/service/brand
  • to attract new clients and, therefore, increase your income

Although it seems beneficial for any content marketer to be promoted within an already-established community, you must do your best to suit top-blog owners’ needs to get links from their sites.

So, a logical question appears: how to create content that most bloggers would like to share?

It’s easy: if you give their readers what they need, you win!


Easier said than done.

To learn the art of getting valuable links, roll up your sleeves and get ready to work hard on content creation.

How to Create an Outstanding Content

This is not news: quality should be over quantity as content must provide value to readers. If you can write a deeply researched article for 1,500+ words, that’s great. If you know how to make it interesting and useful, that’s just perfect.

Almost every content marketer would agree that a good content should be 100% original, evergreen, and data-driven.

Here is how to do it:

Analyze Competitors

There is nothing new under the sun.

As the blogging niche is fast-growing, there are many people who want to set foot in blogging to write about the same topics you are interested in. It’s not so easy to stand out from the crowd working in the competitive environment, but you can achieve more if you’re focused on your competitors.

What can you get with a competitor analysis?

  • Understand what your readers might crave for. Using tools like Ahrefs and BuzzSumo, you can understand what type of content suits your readers’ needs more. It can also help to find out what causes a buzz.
  • Learn from competitors to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Even a well-written article needs edits, and if you can find out mistakes that your competitors have made (grammar, stylistic, etc.), that’s great as it gives you an opportunity to avoid making them.
  • Find content ideas that your target audience might be interested in. Read comments sections to understand what question do the readers have to use these ideas for your further articles.
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Once you know what your potential audience is interested in, you can create useful and comprehensive content.

Write for Readers

If you believe that you have a great content idea that most bloggers would like to post, think whether it can satisfy your readers’ needs. To become a successful content marketer, you should put readers first as they help you gain reputation.


Don’t write to suit everyone’s needs. Know your target audience from A to Z to be helpful for them!

If you can craft content that people want to read, that’s great.

Here are some tips on writing for your readers:

  • use fresh statistics to prove your thoughts
  • find case studies that show how your idea acts
  • share personal stories as it helps to build trust

To write for your readers, you should take into account not only their needs but their comfort as well. Thus, enhance the readability of your texts: divide the article into chunks to make it more scannable, use short sentences and paragraphs, highlight important statements, and include visuals to show important data.

Give People What they Need

You can gain 200+ great links if you help people solve the problem.

If you know what problems your readers have, you can write a great article with actionable tips on overcoming these obstacles. The main idea is your readers will never forget you if you help them solve their problems.

To understand what are your readers looking for, you can use one of the following tactics:

  • publish a survey on the blog
  • track their comments to find what they’re interested in
  • analyze Google trends
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Moreover, people would love to share your content if it helped them. Therefore, you will be able to expand the audience without spending a dollar on ads and promotion.

How to Promote Your Content to Get Links

The biggest lesson I have learned while promoting Omni Papers is that top-notch bloggers don’t care about your content if it doesn’t fit their needs.

All humans think about their benefits, and it’s absolutely normal. If you have established a good community due to your hard work and reputation, why should you help other bloggers promote their brands in order to increase their profit?

However, if you have a level of insights that they cannot provide on their own for a variety of reasons, you can get promotion on A-list websites. Give top bloggers what can be helpful for their audience and them, and they will help you in return!

Get Ready to Promote

Your article is published. You have even shared it on your social media. It seems you’re completely ready to promote it with the help of influencers.

Do you really think that you are ready to promote your piece?

Before sending emails, pay attention to the content promotion checklist as you might miss some important elements. To get good results, it’s not enough to craft a draft email to send it to every successful blogger, waiting for he or she posts your article to give you a link.

Organize a List of Bloggers

While every content marketer might have a list of bloggers who inspire, it’s important to pick out those ones who might be interested in sharing the particular piece. For example, if you love reading Neil Patel and his articles on marketing, it doesn’t mean he would be interesting to collaborate with you if your topic doesn’t cover the same niche.

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Don’t expect that people are waiting for you to give you feedback or post your brilliant ideas. To be honest, they don’t care about you. However, if you can create a list of bloggers who might be interesting in your content, you can win.

Why is it so important? The main idea is that you save their and your time.

Once you have a list of bloggers with badass sites, and you believe that your content idea fits their interest, get ready to take the next step.

Offer Something Absolutely New

If you’re about to press the ‘send’ button, hold on for a while to check whether your article offers something new and useful. Great bloggers would never achieve success if they would post mediocre content that has been published on many blogs. They gain a reputation as they can offer something new. Thus, you should analyze what they must be craving for.

Some recent stats? Actionable case studies? Round-up posts on trend topics?

After analyzing their websites, you can understand what to add to make your content better.

Bonus tip: most bloggers are pressed for time, so if you can craft a well-prepared infographic that covers important data, they would love it! After all, people perceive visual information better!

Wrap Up

Although all content marketers would like to get links from A-list websites, just a few  articles get featured. If you know how to outreach busy people, offer them something useful, you can get a lot!

Once you start collaborating with successful bloggers, your reputation is getting higher which means having more readers, customers, and good profit!

Have you ever got a backlink from a badass website? What was your secret?

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