Most Profitable Niches: 30+ Blog Niche Ideas 2022

30+ Blog Niche Ideas

Today I have curated 30+ profitable niches ideas for you.

Yes I have done an extensive research to curate this list & I hope you will find it helpful.

30+ Profitable Niches for Blog in 2022


The Art Niche includes blogs focused on the visual arts community, sharing news, stories about artists and (of course) artwork.


This is the niche on which this blog is based on. The Blogging niche contains blogs related to the ins and outs of building a popular blog that attracts a large audience.

You should always select a niche that you love and know about.


The Career niche includes blogs related to discovering and securing the perfect job, thriving in the workplace and finally creating a satisfying and rewarding job.


The Crafts niche includes blogs that share craft projects to encourage and help people who like to make stuff with their hands.


The DIY niche includes blogs for people who wish to create, change or repair things without the aid of expensive professionals.


The Education niche includes blogs related to the teaching profession, endeavoring tips, and tools teachers can use in the classroom.


The Fashion niche includes blogs that inspire new outfit ideas and that keep people up to date with all the latest fashion trends.


The Filmmaking niche contains blogs that help aspiring filmmakers master the art of film and/or video production.


The Fitness niche contains blogs that share exercises to help people get their bodies into shape.

Food and Drink

The Food and Drink niche contains blogs that share all sorts of recipes for delicious dishes and drinks so people can recreate them at home.

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The Gardening niche contains blogs for people with a green thumb who take pride in creating a beautiful garden for their homes.


The Health niche contains blogs that share advice on how people can take care of their bodies and live healthier lives.

Interior Design

The Interior Design niche contains blogs for people who want to create beautiful and stylish homes through interior design.


The Leadership niche contains blogs focused on helping people in leadership positions to enhance their own and their team’s performance to achieve personal and business goals.


The Marketing niche contains blogs focused on the art of promoting and selling products or services.

Online Business

The Online Business niche contains blogs that help people start their own business online and make it turn a profit.


The Parenting niche contains blogs related to the scary, confusing and beautiful journey that is raising a child.

Personal Finance

The Personal Finance niche contains blogs that help people manage their money so they’re more financially secure. It’s one of the most profitable niches.

Personal Growth

The Personal Growth niche contains blogs that help people hone their talents, overcome obstacles, feel happier and enhance the overall quality of their lives.


The Pets niche contains blogs by and for pet lovers covering everything from interesting facts about pets to advice on pet training.


The Photography niche contains blogs related to the art of taking beautiful pictures with your camera.

Primal/Paleo Diet

The Primal/Paleo Diet niche contains blogs relating to so-called “caveman” diets which are inspired by the foods our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have eaten.

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The Productivity niche contains blogs that share tips and tricks to help you save time, work efficiently and get more done.


The Religion niche contains blogs related to any (or all) of the faith-based ideologies that exist on our planet.


The SEO niche contains blogs that give advice on how to rise in the ranks of search engines so they send more traffic to your website.

Social Media

The Social Media niche contains blogs related to the tactical use of social media for bolstering your brand, promoting your business, and boosting your sales.


The Style niche contains blogs that help people understand the fundamentals of dressing well so they can look sharper and feel more confident in their clothes.


The Survival niche contains blogs for people who want to prepare themselves for whatever disasters may land at their doorstep.


The Travel niche contains blogs sharing the adventures and travel tips of globetrotters who are constantly moving from one place to
the next.

Web Design

The Web Design niche contains blogs sharing tips and tutorials related to the art of designing websites and web applications.


The Writing niche contains blogs that help aspiring and professional writers sharpen their skills and make a better living from their art.

Do you find this post useful? Which niche you find profitable or interesting? Do share your thoughts in the comment section. Your likes & comment makes me stay motivated to write.

Want 800+ additional lucrative niche ideas like this?

Check out Capterra’s B2B software categories for more inspiration…. All 800 of them
(categories, not products)!

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Each of those individual categories could easily support a 6-7 figure conduit site.
In particular, consider covering verticalized SMB segments – software that’s built specifically for
a conventional brick/mortar business.

Eg. Dry Cleaning Software, Dental Imaging Software, Autobody Repair Management, etc.
These will be priced attractively (local biz’s don’t have tons of cash), but LCV will still be $3K+

As far as your own monetization, lead-gen is probably the way to go, as many of these won’t
have in-house / off the shelf aff programs.

While that sounds annoying – and it can add a few extra steps in the beginning – keep in mind
that when you’re the only “affiliate” in a profitable market… you also essentially have zero

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