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Do you want to know the ultimate Pinterest Marketing strategy to market your products or services organically? Do you want to learn all about Pinterest Marketing? Then you’ve certainly landed in the right place!

Here, I’ll discuss more how to get started with marketing your products or services using Pinterest. Basically, you’ll learn about Pinterest Marketing.

Why I am talking about Pinterest Marketing?

Have a look at my Pinterest profile, I got 182.3k monthly views that made me write this piece.

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All About Pinterest Marketing

If you ask me what Pinterest is, I will simply say it’s a mixture of search engines and social media platforms. However, there’s a significant difference between the two.  It allows users to share visual content. Every Pin on Pinterest can be linked back to your website or other content, thus helping you get more traffic to your website, product pages, or blog, which isn’t the case with Instagram.

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Sharing content on Pinterest is called ‘pinning’ and users ‘pin’ a piece of new content to a ‘board’. Thus, a board is a collection of your pins, usually sharing a common theme. You can also create new boards, dedicating it to any topic from classic cars to kitchen recipes.

Yes, Pinterest is smaller than some of the other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, though the intent of all these is different. While you can share your life stories on Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is particularly used for inspiration, research, and buying. To get you started, here are some inside stories about Pinterest you ought to know!

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Pinterest is a search engine like Google, but instead of going through the content on the Internet, it searches content only on its own database. Thus, it’s easier for people to find your content on Pinterest as compared to Google.

Though Pinterest is a search engine, it has social media features too. You can pin a graphic or an image to your board and then link it to an external website like a blog post, sales page, or a product page.

There’s another option available on Pinterest, that is, ‘Repin’. By Repinning, you can take someone’s content already pinned on Pinterest and pin it again to your own boards. So, you’re now sharing it on your own Pinterest profile

Remember that if you want to get more traffic then your pins should do the job for you. Spending quality time in designing your pins will help you attract a larger audience and a good amount of daily traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

After getting into the insights of Pinterest, you’ll be interested to know to whom Pinterest Marketing is the right way to go about. Anyone wanting to increase their company or brand awareness, get more traffic to their website or increase their overall revenue, can go about with Pinterest Marketing.

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There are industries that are doing incredibly well on Pinterest. Some of these include financial advisors, attorneys, banks, and tax advisors. Everything after all comes back to your content. You’ll get more visibility if and only if your content is amazing and appealing.

Thus, now a question arises as to how to get started with Pinterest to market your products or services? No worries! We’re here to help you with just that.

Step By Step Guide on Pinterest Marketing

Set up a Pinterest Business Account

This will grant you access to helpful and critical advertising features such as reporting, analytics, board showcases, etc. In addition to that, you’ll be provided with added profile elements. You’ll also have the ability to create a ‘Pin it’ button for your website. Another advantage of having a Pinterest Business account is that you’ll have access to promoted and buyable pins.

So, what are you waiting for?

Navigate to the Pinterest Business Portal

Sign up for free

Enter details such as email address, password, and your business name.

And you’re good to go with Pinterest marketing!

Choose the Right Business Name

Many may overlook this step, but selecting the right business name is quite crucial. Don’t just enter a name putting your company at the forefront. Think for yourself what users would look for while searching for your company on Pinterest.

Thus, make sure to incorporate keywords into your business name, so that you can be found easily by your potential audience. You can change your name anytime on Pinterest. So, if you haven’t taken care of this, take action now!

Here’s an example to help you understand its importance. A home design company named Don Pedro Home Design has their profile on Pinterest, having a following of more than 10,000 people and 2.4 million monthly viewers. Do you know what their business name is? It’s Home Decor & Home Improvement Ideas. Just what their customers would search for!

Establish your Branding

Log in to your Pinterest Business account and click on the top right corner button having those three dots. Click on settings and start entering details to establish your Pinterest branding.

You can then go to a section entitled profile and select a logo for your brand and fill out an interesting concise description.  

Claim your Website

Many miss out on this step and if you’re one of them, then you’re missing on some very important features. Once you claim your website, your name and logo will appear on every Pin generated from your site. Now, this is regardless of whether you’ve pinned it or someone else has.

Thus, your information will be shown with each of these Pins, giving a more custom look to your Pinterest profile and Pins. You can access performance data for the Pins as well, which are generated from your claimed site, provided you have a Pinterest Business account.

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Determine your Target Audience

Determining your target audience will allow you to create and Pin content that would directly speak to them and cater to their interests and dreams. In order to make the right content for your target audience, you need to keep the following questions in mind. Answer these to create the right content which would satisfy your users.

  • What would interest your target audience?
  • Find out the age, gender, and average income of your target audience?
  • What do they love to read and watch?
  • Do they have specific habits/routines? Are they routine-oriented people?

Set up Appealing Boards

Now that you’re done figuring out stuff, it’s time, to begin with pinning. A cool feature of Pinterest is that it allows you to categorize your Pins. It’s quite similar to how a ‘niche’ is important to your blog posts.

Moreover, if you’re using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog then make sure that your boards are relevant to your blog. For example, if your blog is all about a ‘Keto Diet’, then you cannot have Pinterest boards suggesting home design and interior decoration.

Basically, there shouldn’t be any confusion with customers as to what to expect from you and what not to. So, here are some useful tips which would help you set up relevant Pinterest Boards.

Tips to set up Pinterest Boards

Your board names should be clear and concise, infused with the keywords that people would use while searching for the topic of your board. Have a look at my boards, isn’t looking cool?

Pinterest Boards
Pinterest Boards

Moreover, you need to make sure that your boards get found amongst the rest. So, take a look at the keywords people would search for or look at the keywords on your website for help.

Write a concise description yet a targeted, specific, and compelling one. A Pinterest board description can go up to 500 characters, but make sure to bring it to its ideal length of 25 words. Also, infuse your targeted keywords within, to make it more business-specific.

Customize your board by choosing the right category for your board. Your board will thus reach the right audience searching for it.

If you’re just starting off, set up more than 10 boards in the beginning. As your blog grows, you can keep adding more. Remember that boards are nothing but content buckets helping you to align with your customer profile. Make sections of your niche to set up more than 10 relevant boards.

Create Customized Covers for your Boards

Now, once you’re done setting up your boards, make customized board covers for them. Spending your quality time in doing this would help you establish your professionalism and unique identity on Pinterest. Board covers will give a polish to your profile by showcasing your branding on the front of every cover.

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Work with your Pinning Calendar

Finally, it’s time to strategize for your Pinterest Marketing. You need to decide how often will you create content and pin that and when will you interact with your audience on Pinterest? Basically, you need to set up and develop your pinning calendar.

Which content to Pin? If you want to stand out amongst the rest, you need to think creatively about what you pin. To gain more traffic to your website and make it more effective, you have to create pins for your own content. 

Moreover, pinning multiple times a day than just once will give a signal to Pinterest’s Smart Feed to show your pins more. Pinterest receives a great amount of mobile traffic in the evenings and on weekends, thus scheduling your pins during these times will be most effective in reaching your audience.

Also, make a habit of repining content that your target audience would like to your boards. Your audience would always want more of your ‘type of content’, thus repining others’ content would serve the purpose for them. In addition to these, being consistent and creating amazing content throughout is the way to go. You can’t miss the content and consistency!

Pinterest Advertising

For Pinterest advertising, you need to pay for your Pinterest ads which will be placed in the Pinterest feed or Pinterest search, targeting your ideal audience. To give you a little insight into Pinterest advertising statistics, 87% of users actually plan and make a purchase because of something they saw on Pinterest. These ads include an image, description, and a link, usually being displayed in your audiences’ feeds or search results. 

Personally, I find Pinterest Ads to be a waste of money. You can do more organically, you just need to know how to create compelling graphics and with Canva pro you can get access to thousands of Pinterest Pins Template, Premium Images, Videos, and Sound Tracks. The best part is, you can get access to all of these for free for one month.

Create Compelling Pins

Pinterest is a visual search engine, thus it’s important that you create visually appealing pins. I use Canva to design all my pins. You can give it a try.


Pinterest Marketing is a unique way to start with reaching a new audience and growing your blog or business’ awareness. By making use of this search engine embellished with social media features, you’ll certainly scale up your business’ revenue by effectively enhancing your website traffic, increasing leads, email subscriptions, and sales. There’s no better time to dive into something as good as this!

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