Off-page SEO latest strategies

Do you want to raise your brand awareness and drive organic traffic to your website? Then effective off-page SEO strategies are a must! Many marketers make a huge mistake because they consider all SEO activities to fall under one umbrella. However, off-page SEO has its own set of functionalities, which are highly crucial if you want to end up on Google search’s front page. On a decisive level, off-page SEO activities are more complicated and tedious. And so we bring you the most simple and effective off-page SEO strategies.

6 highly effective off-page SEO strategies

#1 Pay attention to link building

Link building is all about building one-way hyperlinks or, in other words, backlinks to a website. This is highly beneficial because when someone links to another website, they are saying that it is a highly reliable source. The volume and the quality of your backlinks help your website rank on the Google search pages. There are 4 important factors to link building:

  • Do follow – this is a link that informs the search engine to crawl and count them as a part of quality link building
  • No follow – these are links with an HTML tag like rel=”nofollow.” These inform the search engine not to count a link associated with a website.
  • Sponsored links – the rel=” sponsored” are essentially paid adverts in the form of hypertext that appears on the results page.
  • UGC links – rel=”ugc” is short for user-generated-content such as links in blog comments, forums, etc.

#2 Establish your expertise

When you improve your SEO and create brand recognition, you bring in repeated traffic. So when visitors come on to your website, there is a possibility that you can push them to several web pages through internal links. You can easily establish your thought leadership by speaking at industry conferences, getting published on websites like Forbes, Entrepreneurship, other business communities, etc. When you build thought leaders in your niche, it brings great benefits like –

  •  Higher indexing and crawling rates for your website
  • Higher CTR or click-through rates based on brand recognition
  • Attract quality website traffic
  • Increase ranking on search engines
  • Improved website conversions
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#3 Focus on brand mentions

Brand mention essentially means when someone talks about your website/product/service online. Implied links or brand mentions are highly important for SEO and ranking. Some of the easiest ways to build brand mentions are by guest blogging, running social campaigns, and providing strong customer service.

#4 Get creative with video production

Studies have found that videos result in 50X more likely to achieve organic ranking. So to increase your online visibility, the website traffic, and website ranking, focus on using videos along with your text content. In fact, videos have reduced bounce rates, increased CTRs, and improved backlink profiles. So invest time and get creative with a video production that can be beneficial in both SEO and marketing purposes.

#5 Repurpose old content

Repurposing content is a great way to add additional value to old blogs and posts. Since you are repurposing your older content, you already have a head start on the creation process. You can, therefore, have more high-quality content on your website, which gives it a greater online presence. Some of the easiest ways to repurpose your content are to convert –

  • Webinars into tutorials
  • Older blog posts into detailed guides, newsletters, and podcasts
  • Visual content into the Pinterest board

#6 Encourage reviews

Reviews are highly important. This is mainly because, on average, consumers read 10 online reviews before they decide to make a purchase. So reviews help your audience gain insight and influence them to trust you. Additionally, reviews also tell Google that a website or business is very trustworthy. You can encourage reviews by creating incentives, asking at the right time, sharing positive reviews with your audience, etc.

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Off-page SEO strategies that we have discussed are an important part of optimizing a website. It helps attract the right audiences and also increases your ranking in Google search engine pages. But this takes patience. You need to experiment and find what works best for your niche and then go all out.

Have you tried these off-page SEO strategies yet? Which strategies have helped you gain traffic? Let us know in the comments below.

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