How to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts?

How to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts?

Do you want to know how to get more comments on your WordPress blog post? Well, who doesn’t like to have more engagement in their blog?


There can be an endless reason to receive more blog post comments like to get more feedback from readers.

And the foremost reason is that comment on the blog keeps the blogger motivated enough to keep writing.

Now, let’s dive into the topic right away!

Ways to Get More Comments on Your WordPress Blog Posts

Get more followers

Before getting comments, you need to have some followers on your blog. I have written a separate blog on how to increase blog traffic fast. You will understand the basic concept to gain more followers, which will help you get more comments. You need to keep quality, informative & SEO-optimized content to get more followers on your website.

Publish Quality Content

After getting enough followers, you need to feed them with quality and informative content. They should not feel like they have made a bad choice by following your blog. Try to connect with your readers while writing.

There are few ways by which you can connect with you readers on a personal level that will make them leave a comment on your blog-post:

  • Write like you are talking with them.
  • Motivate them to leave a comment by adding a call to action.
  • Ask them questions so that they can relate to you.

Use Relevant Categories and Tags

On your WordPress website, there is an option for categories and tagsSuppose you are writing a blog-post on technologies. In that case, you should add related categories and tags. I have curated a separate blog on popular categories and popular tags at WordPress. 

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If you use the right category in your blog-post, you will get traffic at your post. It will help you to get more comments.

Comment On Other’s post

Commenting on other’s post will help you create a relationship with fellow bloggers. WordPress Readers community is huge & if you socialize with fellow bloggers, it will give you a huge response back.

Do like, comment & share on your fellow blogger’s post; it will help them gain confidence.

We all are here to voice out our words to the world!

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