Top 10 Attractive & Talented Makeup Influencers on TikTok 

Looking for the top TikTok Makeup Influencers? Look no farther; we have already taken care of it. Despite the fact that each decade brought its own style, makeup has always been associated with both beauty and fashion, and many individuals have earned a career from it.

Numerous women would like to understand how to apply makeup or actually grow at it, and also in order to do so, they watch a film or download materials that can be helpful. Some individuals earn money by instructing others how to utilize these beauty items. YouTube and TikTok are two of the top websites to discover video tutorials. Check these Makeup Influencers!

Top Makeup Influencers on TikTok

Makeup Influencers
Source: Instagram @stxph.h

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The short-form video app TikTok has experienced tremendous growth since its launch in 2016. Although it hosts a wide variety of content types, beauty techniques and hacks are perhaps one of the most popular subcategories.

In spite of the fact that it’s a terrific site to practice the renegade or savage dance, the makeup is the main reason we’re here. TikTok has a sizable user base and a variety of engaging material. There are some amazing groups of individuals in the beauty and fashion worlds to follow that can provide you the tools, advice, or anything else you need to enhance your makeup game.

Meet the Makeup Influencers on TikTok!

Makeup Influencers
Source: Instagram @stxph.h

TikTok’s small, brief videos have you covered if your brain could no longer enjoy a 30-minute YouTube instructional. Additionally, the platform is often free of controversy.

Makeup Influencers
Source: Instagram @stxph.h

Along with the better-known TikTok Makeup Influencers, we’ll walk you through some of the best makeup influencers on the platform who may have gone under your notice but who are unquestionably deserving of a follow.

Who knows? You might even be motivated to try it yourself!

Top 10 Attractive Makeup Influencers on TikTok

#1 @charbaker

In her detailed videos, which are sometimes paired with good music, Char offers specific costume advice for every event. From “makeup suggestions for NYE” to GRWM (Get Ready with Me) videos showing her daily preparation for leaving the house, Char’s content is brief and to the point. You should not be playing around here!

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Her tips are especially useful for achieving natural, sun-kissed looks that are great for social occasions or vacation-like sensations. She seldom talks in her clips, but she captures every move she takes, from cleaning and preparation to delicate finishing touches, so you can experience it all.

#2 @caitlinrraine

Caitlin’s makeup gave the procedure a little extra spiciness. Due to various of her use of vivid colors and shadowing, particularly around the eyes, her work inspires beauty enthusiasts to be a little more daring with their daily rituals. Using organic materials and eye-catching visual appeals will allow your creativity to flow freely.

She implores you to disregard your comfort zone and use confidence when applying your makeup. She also makes some bolder character makeup looks that are a perfect compliment to fancy dress gatherings and Halloween celebrations. We could occasionally be afraid of incorporating color in everyday appearances for fear of being “too much.”

#3 @alexandra_anele

The definition of stylish and Makeup Influencers is Alexandra. Her natural makeup techniques radiate poise and grace. Her natural lips, dewy cheeks, and fine eyeliner give her a very ethereal image.

She demonstrates a variety of beauty tricks and advice for you, including how to match your lips, how and where to correctly wear makeup, and how you can achieve beauty looks without base. Her work has an almost futuristic aspect because of the use of bold lines to highlight the basic aspects of the face as well as lighter colors like white and silver.

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#4 @ahliyahmichelle


GRWM + Get to Know Me ? while I do my everyday glowy no-makeup makeup look ? #grwmmakeup #gettoknowmechallenge

? original sound – Ahliyah | Beauty Elevator

The most elegant makeup looks may be found on Ahliyah. Who wouldn’t want greater comfort in their daily lives? Her bio points out that she promotes the advancement of your beauty routines for a more premium experience.

Her profile showcases a ton of stunning dresses for all important events and is highlighted with bold, glossy lips as well as captivating eyes. She advises you to take the time necessary to make yourself feel beautiful and to sincerely love for yourself. She introduces a variety of goods to her audiences and works to create a welcome environment for individuals of all skin colors.

#5 @gabxxrielle

The first of our considerably riskier looks is the immensely talented Gabrielle. She tries out a variety of looks, including outright glamor, stunning, fascinating eyes, and lively character work.

She includes directions on how to create gorgeous looks that are perfect for summertime activities and nights out. Her general style, which consists of bright, floral hues and cheery tones, appears to have been greatly influenced by outdoors.

#6 @muafjryan

The Euphoria makeup style, inspired by the iconic HBO series with such a glittering and pink and violet color theme, is Finlea’s claim to fame as a TikTok makeup artist.

Close-ups and colorful lighting in her movies give us the sense that we are swaying with her in a beautiful club, giving them the same hazy atmosphere as the event. Finlea’s use of color and design adds a contemporary touch to the melancholy of the 1990s. So because the vast of her work is combined with joyful or gloomy music, each of her clips will have you reaching for your pastel hues and 90s rom-coms.

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#7 @stxph.h


this brow look thooo kinda love

? i wanna kiss you – evie

If you use TikTok anf follow Makeup Influencers, Steph Hui’s clips have by far already shown in the “For You” category. With 1.6 million followers, the talented 22-year-old is well-known across the site for her material on cosmetics. Hui, a previous dancer, created her profile in March 2020. her first video ever? A classic TikTok dance video, obviously. She gained attention, though, when she started offering beauty advice packed with quick fixes, references towards the 1990s, as well as spectacular hairstyles.

In less than two years, Hui has advanced to social superstardom. She has collaborated in advertisements for Samsung and M.A.C that were shown throughout the Asian-Pacific region as well as having her work used by brands like Glossier. That is a fantastic achievement, isn’t it?

#8 @ashleyquiroz_

Just rosy cheeks, subtle hues, and tons of plum lipstick can bring to mind autumn. Ashley has a vibrant and chic sense of beauty. She talks you through each step of her outfits so you can easily copy them at home. She also has a fondness for molded browns and flawless kitty liners.

Along with creating more adventurous looks, she also shows how to use brown mixed neutral color palettes to get the perfect rosy glow, mellow romantic looks, and add a touch of 90s elegance. Check her out as she is one of the Makeup Influencers on TikTok!

#9 @hollymurraymakeup


#Ad Festers last minute Halloween costume to Morticia using @kikomilano #KikoMilano#dejavu

? The Night – Official Sound Studio

Holly produces SFX appearances that are amazingly realistic and precise, taking beauty to a totally new level. She produces everything, including references to cult films and spooky characters as well as calmer, extra feminine creations with such a touch!

Although not for the scary peeps, Holly’s work is extremely impressive. Her flawlessly made videos mostly include frightening characters.

#10 @katesjamboree


Makeup inspired by ?iconic? Barbie movies ? should I do more? @barbie #barbie#barbiemovies#makeupseries

? original sound – kates jamboree

With designs that are typically influenced by natural elements and zodiac signs, Kate blends pop culture elements with her own unique interpretations of cutting-edge fashions. acquiring a reputation for amassing playlists of work portraying diverse witchcraft, fairies, Greek creatures, iconic fairy tale figures, and more as the characters of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

She always looks lovely and very unique. Even though her makeup is better suited for costumes, the basics of her styles may well be transformed into more glamorous daily makeup looks.

If you’re thinking about launching a TikTok or YouTube beauty and fashion channel or a YouTube channel for cosmetics, you should take a look at how these users run their sites online and accounts. You could discover some essential knowledge that will assist you get your makeup-related content in front of a large audience and obtain exposure.

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