10 Practical Ways To Make Money From Blogging

10 Practical Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Are you a blogger and do you want to make money from blogging? Do you want to start a blog to earn money from it?

Well, you are in the right place. In this post, I will help you get started with the necessary steps that will get your blogs into a money-making business. So let’s get started.

Blogging is not just a hobby; in fact, it is one of the easiest ways to make money. The best part is that anyone can do it! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an amateur, if you do it right, you can make quite a good amount of money. This post will give you a proven action plan to jump-start your blog and grow it into a profitable business from home.

10 Practical Ways To Make Money From Blogging

Google Adsense

Google Adsense helps you run ads on your website, blogs, and YouTube video. And you get paid when visitors click on these ads. The ads are generated from businesses that are associated with Google Adwords and use a unique AdSense code in your blog or website. You can join in for free, and since the eligibility criteria aren’t stringent, you can monetize your blog even if it is new. Google AdSense also lets you run ads on mobile devices, and RSS feeds.

Google provides a plethora of ad types to run on your websites like text, images, rich media, which are interactive ad types, video, animated images, and more. Google makes payments through direct deposits, and each month your earnings reach or exceed $100. But if you don’t earn $100 in one month, the amount is then rolled over and added to the next month. You can keep track of your payments and other data through your AdSense account.

Jetpack Ads

Jetpack ads help you generate income from your WordPress site. These Ads are powered by WordAds, which is a WordPress program. Jetpack is a powerful plugin that caters to basic requirements and features as security, backups, CDNs and performance, list building, marketing, etc. Display ads that are generated from Jetpack require minimal configuration. It does not even incur any additional maintenance. Your site visitors don’t have to create accounts with your website.

With Jetpack, you can easily customize the space allocation for ads on your site to attract the most clicks. Jetpacks also cater to every visitor on your website as it partners with family-friendly ads and identifies and avoids malicious ads. Thus, driving more traffic to your site.

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Affiliate Marketing

The basic concept of affiliate marketing is promoting other products and earn $. Every time a person ends up buying that product through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. There are many ways you can promote affiliate products. Let’s discuss some of these in brief.

  • Review blogs: When you write a review blog, you introduce visitors to the product and guide them in realizing why they need to buy it.

  • Blog post promotions: Another way is to add affiliate links in your blog posts and promote those posts. Doing so will also help increase your sales and earn higher commissions.

  • Coupon codes: By adding coupon codes, you attract more visitors to buy the product. And so increase your revenue.

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post can be published on your blog, as well as on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and other networking sites. In a sponsored post, you are paid for your blog or reviews. But before you jump to opting for sponsored posts, you must choose those products, brands, and services that are known and trusted. If you have had a bad experience with a product, you need to be truthful about it or maybe even deny reviewing such a product. You must also remember to include a disclaimer to the post that lets your visitors know that this post is sponsored by so-and-so brand.

On average, by writing around 2 to 3 sponsored posts, you can earn on an average $100 to $500. But you must always target advertisers who are relevant to your niche and build trustworthy relationships with your readers.

Provide online courses

Writing courses are another method of selling your knowledge. Studies have shown that the online learning industry is expected to grow and reach more than $240 billion by 2021. You can write on simple topics like gardening, photography, personal development, cooking, etc. or you can even find something that suits your niche.

You can also use methods like charging a one-off fee at the beginning of the course; you can charge them a fee for certification, or even charge a subscription. If you already have a student database, you can think over a different payment system. For example, if you have a subscription model in place, you can offer certain levels for free and instead charge for premium functions. Similarly, you can provide beginner models for free and then charge for advanced learning.

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Provide Online Consultations

If you have excellent consultant content in your blogs, then you can quickly generate good revenue out of it. The simplest way is to ask your viewers to donate money. Since you have been delivering consistent, quality content that provides value, you will have many viewers who would be willing to contribute to the cause. This keeps your blogs away from ads and sponsored content.

You can also use a subscription model for your platform wherein you can share premium content only to those users who pay a weekly or monthly subscription. Following these will help you monetize your blog and create a revenue stream.

Sell Ebooks

Ebooks like mobile and other electronic devices are not going away. Selling ebooks is an excellent source of passive income. You can also combine your ebook with a paperback of the book. Offering this at a discounted price would be a bonanza for your readers as well as visitors. lso, if you sell books directly from your blog, you earn a profit margin of nearly 100%. Or you can even partner with a third party and follow a revenue-sharing model.

Ad Space

Selling ads is one of the most effective ways to make money from a blog. You can run many types of ads. Here are a few:

  • PPC – Pay Per Clicks or PPC is also known as Cost Per Click or CPC. This is one of the most common models of internet advertising. You will earn a revenue every time a visitor clicks on the ad.
  • Selling ads – If you are generating the right amount of traffic, you can consider taking complete control and sell direct ads on your website. You can also get into third party partnerships to sell advertisements.
  • Text links – If you have high organic traffic, you can opt for text links. Herein you can link a piece of text on your site to another page on a different website.
  • Pop-up Ads – Such advertisements give you the control to set your price and the frequency for each visitor.
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Offer Digital Services

This is the best for your blog if it has an established audience base. You can offer digital services like providing SEO services for businesses, designing and developing websites, becoming a social media manager, writing content for websites, landing pages, blog-posts., etc. By doing this, you help brands reach out to their target audience.

You can also look for brand collaborations, host and run webinars, paid ads, and also make videos. This has become one of the hottest ways to monetize blogs and will grow considerably in the future.

Create and Sell Blogs

One of the most obvious signs that your blog is growing is when you receive offers to sell your blog. Such prices are usually lower than the actual value. Therefore, you must be careful when you negotiate with potential buyers. But where do you sell your blog? You can always sell your blog from your research and by finding prospective buyers. But if you don’t wish to spend time in basic research, you can head over to websites that have been doing this for a while.

The next would be, how do you determine the value of your blog? You can use tools that will help resolve this.

On average, the final sale value of a blog is calculated as it’s monthly revenue multiplied by anywhere between 12 and 36. This essentially means that you can expect a return on your investment within the initial three years period. Some parameters that increase the value of your blogs are the traffic it drives, a firm quality domain name, and multiple monetization methods.


Treat your blog like a small business and you will end up generating revenues. However, you must learn the skills to write and promote your blog. And, if you are already a good writer and know how to reach more readers, you are good to monetize your blog with any/all of the above mentioned practical ways to make money from blogging.

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