Infographic Link Building

We specialize in white hat link building. We create infographics to get you links from authority sites like SocialMediaToday and Business2Community.


Infographic Research


Infographic Design


Content Creation Around the Infographic


Link Building

Our Work Flow

Infographic Research

We start the Infographic creation process with a well-researched topic or concept that can get attention, social shares and links. We then create a design brief to agree on the content of the infographic.

Infographic Design

This brief is what the designers work to deliver.

Link Building

We then reach out to bloggers, website admins and editors of major online publications to place the infographic on their sites. In most cases we create content to go around the infographic. We use Blogging, Guest Posting, Outreach, Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing to get you links.

Please note there is a cost for each of the above stages.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which sites can you get links from?

Here is an example list of sites (our complete list contains many more sites):

How does this work?

We create an infographic and publish it on your blog. We then reach out to get links. We write content for other sites to go along with the infographic and link to your blog as the infographic source/credit.

Can you provide more details on the infographic creation process?

Concept / Topic: We start the Infographic creation process with a well-researched topic or concept that can get attention, social shares and links.

Design Brief: We do the research to create a design brief to agree on the content on the infographic. This brief is what the designers work to deliver.

Can we pick the sites that we want links from?

We can't guarantee which sites the infographic will be posted as it will have to go through the editors. Some sites will reject and some will approve it. But we will get you the number of links you are after.

Can we start at a particular DA and above for links?

Yes we can, but please remember there may be additional charges.

Can we use our own designers for the infographics?

Yes, you can. We can focus on link building.

Can we do an infographic on any topic?

No, the infographic has to be in one of the following topics: Blogging, social media, SEO, tech, web design, content marketing, small business & start-up.

Can you link to my home page or a landing page?

We can only link to the infographic source page which will be in your blog. We cannot guarantee linking to home pages or landing pages as they are generally prohibited by the editors for the sites we write. Please note these are high authority sites.

Can I provide my own anchor text? What anchor text will be used?

No, the anchor text will vary and will most likely be branded or infographic source/credit.

How many links can I get with 1 infographic?

We can get around 15 links per infographic, but this really depends on the topic and the content in the infographic.


How long does the infographic design process take?

The infographic research / brief takes 2 - 3 days.
The infographic design process takes 3 - 4 days.
The link building takes 5 - 10 days based on the number of links.


Are all links do-follow?

Yes, all links are do-follow, we can also cater if you require no-follow links. Some big sites like SMT & B2C no-follow all links but the exposure on these sites can be great.



"Infographics are one of the best ways to pull a ton of generic information together and make it all interesting and shareable.

Cent is one of the best around at coming up with creative and effective infographic designs."

Zac Johnson, &

"Cent is a very intuitive marketer who wisely uses his skills in creating infographics to ply his trade.

He communicates his adept knowledge in digital marketing through visually stunning content and presentation that makes it easy for anybody to understand."

Christopher Jan Benitez

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