Instagram Marketing Tips 2021 For Ultimate Growth

Instagram Marketing Tips 2020 For Ultimate Growth

Do you want to boom on Instagram? Follow these ultimate Instagram Marketing tips to grow your Instagram account in 2021.

There are various advantages of Instagram and you can become an influential brand by posting the right kind of content that will be relevant to your current followers and would bring in some new ones too. But it can be hard to go about the process and know what works best for your audience.

7 Instagram Marketing Tips For Ultimate Growth

So, here’s how you can get started with Instagram marketing and use the popular platform for all that it’s worth. You can also have a look at the digital marketing guide.

Switch to a Business Profile

Before stepping your foot into Instagram marketing, make sure you have an Instagram Business Account. The business account comes with benefits that would allow your followers to contact you right from your Instagram page just like they would do from your website. If you have started a blog, you can put your URL in the bio section too. It will help you increase the traffic on your blog.

Also, having a business profile will give you the ability to create and publish Instagram ads and access Instagram analytics tools called Insights which would provide you with statistics informing you about the impressions and reach of your posts. You’ll now be able to use this platform to track metrics and understand your audience.

Use free Instagram Tools

As mentioned earlier, you can use Insights to keep track of statistics like impressions, engagement data, and more. You’ll also be provided with a breakdown of the demographics of your followers which would include information on their gender, location, age, and most active hours.

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The more you know how your users are interacting with your content, the better you would be able to adjust your content in the future to boost engagement. These tools are priceless for understanding your target audience and can give you specific insights on posts for the week as well. 

Post compelling Product Teasers

You can advertise your products gently and smartly, keeping in mind not to annoy your users with tons of advertisements. The main motive behind product teasers is to just increase excitement about the product without being too pushy. Talk about your products in a simple way without looking like you’re trying too hard.

This way you don’t push them into buying but get them interested in it. They may buy it or at least engage with your post by liking it or sharing it with a friend.

Create Sponsored Ads

You can use the carousel feature to showcase one or multiple sponsored ads. Moreover, the best part about this platform is that you can exactly control how much you want to spend on them by setting an ad budget.

Use engaging content for sponsored ads that would fit your target audience and increase your reach. You also have the ability to turn existing posts into sponsored ads and push high-performing posts to potential customers in the form of sponsored ads.

Partner with Influencers

Partnering up with influencers who already have a large following can be really beneficial for you to reach potential customers. Many Instagram users trust these influential people and if you partner with the right industry influencer then you can introduce your brand to these users.

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So, make a search and identify a few influencers having an audience that is relevant to your product or service. Additionally, building a relationship with each influencer will also help increase your brand awareness.

Use Interactive Branded Hashtags

Coming up with interactive branded hashtags is a great way to create instant engagement as customers can then use the tag to create user-generated content, which would then allow users to search through all posts that are related to your brand. This is free advertising as each time someone posts using the tag, they’d expose your company or brand to their followers.

Schedule your Posts

You need to be consistent with your posting to stay in your audiences’ news feed regularly. However, don’t over-post as it may turn off your existing followers. The best way you can ensure this is by posting during peak days and hours when your followers are online. You can also use Canva to design and schedule your post. Please note the scheduling option is only available if you are using Canva Pro. I do you use it.

You can find about these peak days and hours on Instagram Insights and then schedule your posts accordingly with a tool like Hootsuite, CoSchedule, or Sprout Social.

Track the right Metrics

First, keep an eye on your follower growth rate which can be tracked with a tool like Influencer Dashboard. Then keep a tap on your measure engagement rates that includes likes and comments. This will give you an idea about how your content is affecting things.

Finally, you need to track your URL click-through rate and measure how many clicks your link is getting in comparison to impressions and engagements. A tool like Sprout Social can help you out with it. Your click-through rate will certainly be higher with an effective Instagram Marketing strategy. If not, then you need to analyze and work on improving your approach. 

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The social media world is certainly dominated by Instagram having over 800 million monthly users. Thus, this is a great platform to increase your brand awareness, to market your services, and also to attract higher web traffic. All you need to do is just have the right plan to become an influential brand and work towards growing your audience and bringing in new ones. Instagram Marketing Tips 2020 For Ultimate Growth? Do share your views in the comment section.

Instagram Marketing Tips For Ultimate Growth
Instagram Marketing Tips For Ultimate Growth

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