Improve eCommerce Conversion Rates With 20 Data-Driven Tips [Infographic]

As commerce continues its transition online, the competitive landscape has seen little in the way of consolidation. In fact, a growing number of people are realizing they too can participate in the ecommerce space. The pain points of eCommerce that once prohibited many from entering the market, such as building a website and sourcing product from a manufacturer, has been simplified by companies like Shopify and AliBaba.

The apparent ease of starting an online business has deceived many people into believing the old adage, “If you build it, they will come.” Overall site traffic has become a valuable metric in the minds of many entrepreneurs but it’s another measurement you will want to take note of, conversion rate.

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Convincing someone to click an advertisement can be easy but getting them to click the “add to cart” button is a far greater challenge. Even after they click add to cart your job is not even close to finished. Optimizing your conversion rate is not a matter of business, it is the science of human psychology. Red Stag Fulfillment has compiled 20 data-driven conversion rate tips for you to implement when optimizing your store’s conversions. Remember the best way to implement these is one at a time, measure, tweak if needed and repeat.

Some of these tips to increase your conversion rate may seem obvious while others may seem trivial. The truth is, these tips have been put to the test and proven effective to improve the conversion rates of eCommerce sites.

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Here are some of the tips from the infographic:

  • Optimize for mobile
  • Include videos
  • Reduce the number of fields to be filled in forms
  • Retarget your website visitors for better conversion
  • A/B test your product prices
  • Send abandoned cart reminders
  • Use quality images
  • Provide free shipping
  • Offer free returns
  • Provide discounts
  • Offer coupon codes

Growing your business is not going to happen overnight, but If you are looking to grow your online business you will want to implement these tips, test and repeat.

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