How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok?

Are you tired of seeing irrelevant TikTok videos on your feed? Or maybe curious to know how to undo the “not interested” option on TikTok?

In this article, we will delve into the world of TikTok and explore the answers to your burning questions.

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Discover how to find your “not interested” videos, understand what happens when you click that button, and explore where unsaved TikToks go.

And here’s the intriguing part – can you actually undo a TikTok?

Stay tuned as we unravel the mysteries and provide you with step-by-step guidance on managing your TikTok experience effectively.

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How do I see my not interested videos on TikTok?

To access your “not interested” videos on TikTok, you can easily do so by following a few simple steps.

1. First, open the TikTok app on your smartphone and navigate to the “Discover” tab, which is represented by a magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

2. Once there, you will see a search bar at the top of the page. Type in “not interested” in the search bar and press enter. This will bring up a list of videos that you have previously marked as “not interested”. You can scroll through this list and revisit any videos that you may have changed your mind about.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok
How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

It’s a great way to reevaluate your preferences and discover new content that you may have dismissed before.

By accessing your “not interested” videos, you can fine-tune your TikTok experience and ensure that your feed is filled with the content that truly interests you.

What happens when you click on not interested on TikTok?

When you click on “not interested” on TikTok, it affects the algorithm and the content that appears on your feed. TikTok uses a recommendation system that analyzes your interactions, such as the videos you like, share, and interact with. When you mark a video as “not interested,” TikTok takes that into account and tries to avoid showing similar content in the future.

By clicking on “not interested,” you’re training the TikTok algorithm to understand your preferences and show you content that aligns better with your interests. This helps to personalize your feed and ensures that you see more of the videos you enjoy while reducing the likelihood of irrelevant or uninteresting content appearing.

As you continue to engage with TikTok by liking, sharing, and interacting with content, the algorithm will continuously learn and improve the recommendations, making your TikTok experience more tailored to your preferences. So, the more you use the “not interested” feature, the better TikTok becomes at curating content that you’ll find enjoyable.

How do you know if someone is spam liking on TikTok?

TikTok does not have a feature that directly informs users if someone is spam liking their videos. However, there are some indicators that might suggest someone is engaging in spam-like behavior:

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1. Unusual Increase in Likes: If you notice a sudden and significant spike in likes on your videos, especially from the same user repeatedly, it could be an indication of spam liking.

2. Rapid Likes on Multiple Videos: If the same user likes multiple videos of yours in quick succession or likes a large number of your videos within a short period, it might be suspicious behavior.

3. No Profile Picture or Activity: If the user’s profile has no picture or bio and shows minimal activity (e.g., few followers or no uploaded videos), it could be a sign of a spam account.

4. Inconsistent Content Interactions: If the likes come from a user who has no apparent interest in the content you create or seems unrelated to your niche, it may be an indication of spam-like behavior.

5. Mass Following: Sometimes, spam accounts engage in mass following as well. If you notice a sudden influx of new followers with empty profiles, it might be related to spam-like behavior.

While these indicators may suggest spam-like behavior, it’s essential not to jump to conclusions too quickly. Sometimes, a sudden increase in likes can be due to a video going viral or getting shared by a larger audience.

Additionally, some users may genuinely enjoy your content and like multiple videos in quick succession without any malicious intent.

If you suspect that someone is engaging in spam-like behavior or other inappropriate activities on TikTok, you can report the account to TikTok’s support team. TikTok takes user safety and platform integrity seriously and encourages users to report suspicious or harmful behavior.

To report an account:

1. Go to the user’s profile on TikTok.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

2. Tap on “arrow” button in the top right corner to access the settings.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

3. Tap on “Report” and follow the on-screen instructions to report the account.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

TikTok’s moderation team will review the report and take appropriate action if necessary. Remember, it’s essential to use the report feature responsibly and only report accounts that genuinely engage in spam or violate TikTok’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.

How do I recover videos that I accidentally clicked “I am not interested in this video” on TikTok?

Once you’ve clicked on “Not Interested” for a video, TikTok’s algorithm takes this feedback into account and will show you fewer videos of similar content in the future.

However, if you want to see content related to the video you accidentally marked as “Not Interested,” you can try the following:

1. Explore Page: Check the Explore page (the magnifying glass icon) on TikTok. The Explore page is designed to show a diverse range of content and may include videos related to your interests.

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How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

2. Search for Specific Tags or Creators: Use the search function to look for specific tags or creators related to the content you want to see. This way, you can find videos that align with your interests.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

3. Follow Creators with Similar Content: If you enjoyed the content of the video you accidentally marked as “Not Interested,” try finding and following the creator. By doing so, you’re more likely to see similar content on your For You page.

4. Engage with Liked Videos: Like and interact with videos that interest you. TikTok’s algorithm uses your interactions to suggest similar content.

5. Clear TikTok Cache: If you are using TikTok on an iPhone or Android device, you can try clearing the app cache. Sometimes, this can reset some preferences and improve content recommendations.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok
How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

Please remember that TikTok’s algorithm learns from your interactions over time, so it will gradually adjust the content on your For You page based on your likes, comments, and interactions.

How do I find a video I lost on TikTok?

If you’ve lost a specific video that you posted on TikTok, there are a few methods you can try to locate it:

1. Search by Keywords or Hashtags: If you remember any specific keywords, hashtags, or captions associated with the lost video, you can try searching for them using the search function on TikTok. Tap on the magnifying glass icon and enter the keywords or hashtags in the search bar. It might help you find the video if it’s still available on the platform.

2. Check TikTok Drafts: If you were in the process of creating a video but didn’t publish it, it might be in your drafts. To access your drafts, tap on the plus (+) icon to create a new video, and then look for the “Drafts” option on the right side of the recording screen.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok
How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

3. Explore History or Saved Videos: If you viewed or saved the video before losing it, you might find it in your TikTok history or your list of saved videos.

To access your saved videos, go to your profile and tap on the bookmark icon.

How To Undo Not Interested in TikTok

4. Collaboration Videos: If the video was a collaboration with another user, you can check their profile to see if they have posted the video on their account.

5. Ask Friends or Followers: If you shared the video with friends or followers, they might remember the video or have it saved.

Unfortunately, if the video was deleted or removed from TikTok, it might not be retrievable, as TikTok doesn’t provide a way to recover deleted content. It’s essential to regularly back up any videos or content you want to keep outside of TikTok, such as saving them to your device or uploading them to cloud storage.

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Where do unsaved TikToks go?

Unsaved TikToks on TikTok are not permanently deleted or lost. Instead, they are stored in a temporary cache on your device. This cache is maintained by the app and allows you to quickly access and watch TikToks that you have recently viewed, even if you didn’t save or like them. However, it’s important to note that the cache can be cleared by various factors, such as low storage on your device or TikTok’s app updates.

If you want to find unsaved TikToks, you won’t be able to do so directly within the app. However, you can try checking your device’s file manager or storage settings to see if there is a TikTok cache folder. Within this folder, you may find videos that were not saved or liked on the app.

Remember, unsaved TikToks are temporary and can be cleared at any time. If you come across an interesting video that you want to keep, it’s recommended to save or like it to ensure it’s readily accessible within the app.

Can you undo a TikTok?

Unfortunately, once you mark a TikTok as “not interested,” you cannot directly undo that action. The “not interested” option serves as a way for TikTok to personalize your feed and show you content that aligns better with your interests.

While you cannot reverse this specific action, you can continue to engage with the TikTok app by liking, sharing, and interacting with content that you do enjoy. This will help the algorithm learn and improve its recommendations, making your TikTok experience more tailored to your preferences over time.

So, while you cannot undo a TikTok that you’ve marked as “not interested,” you can still curate your feed by actively engaging with content that you find interesting and enjoyable.


If you have mistakenly marked a video as “not interested” on TikTok, don’t worry, there is no direct option to undo it.

TikTok’s algorithm uses this feedback to curate your For You page, but it does not permanently remove the video from your account.

Your not interested videos can be found in the “History” tab of your profile, but they are not saved there permanently either.

Sadly, there is no way to reverse the not interested action or retrieve the unsaved TikToks.

However, TikTok continues to evolve, so there’s always a chance that they might introduce a feature to undo the not interested option in the future.

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