How to Start Freelancing: Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment

How to Start Freelancing

If you are thinking to start freelancing or if you are looking for the best freelance websites for beginners.

In both cases, will be your perfect fit because it’s easy to get started with it. is where over 18 million freelancers and employers connect.

Let’s have a look at 5 Steps to become a freelancer.

5 Steps to Start Freelancing

Get Started

Signing up and working on Freelancer is absolutely free. Just click on and sign up using your Gmail account or Facebook account and get your account verified.

Never forget to verify your payment method otherwise your account will be suspended.

Setup Profile

Once you signup you need to set up your profile.

Your profile showcases your introduction, resume, portfolios, and skills.

Make your profile and portfolio interactive because it is a tool by which you will be judged by the employer.

You might get a good project from the employer if you impress them with a good profile.

Therefore, work out on your skills and maintain your profile as per your skills.

Find Project

Finding projects on freelancer is no big deal and earning money actually starts here. There are almost 750 categories on the platform and projects are posted every second.

You just need to find a project according to your interests and skills.

When you find a certain project then start bidding.

Bidding is the process where you need to bet for the jobs. Try to add a compelling proposal.

The less time you to to place your bid on a project, the chances of getting message by the employer will increase.

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Therefore, try to maintain a separate doc and write down your proposal and just copy-paste it by editing a bit according to the project.


It might take long to find a suitable project to work for but it is most rewarding step.

Before starting work, clear everything about the deadlines, type of works, and payment related issues.

Once the job is awarded make sure that you impress your employer with the timeline, work, and communication.

Earn 5 Star Rating

Aim to earn five-star feedback so that it will improve your profile for the future. Feedback given by the employer will add quality to your profile.

Once you get paid you can withdraw money using various platforms like PayPal, wire transfer, Skrill.

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