How to Start an Online Business

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Before we look at how to start an online business it’s important to know the benefits of starting an online business.

Benefits of Starting an Online Business

  • Escape your 9 to 5 life
  • Turn your passion for a topic into an income
  • Relatively very low-cost to start (compared to other forms of passive income like real estate)
  • Can be up & running in a short period of time
  • Nothing much to lose other than your time investment
  • Tax benefits. Imagine being able to claim part of you rent, electricity, mobile, internet for a home based business. (You may want to consult your tax professional to understand the requirements and how much you can claim)
  • Be your own boss and work when you want
  • You can make mistakes and learn, the consequences are not that harsh compared to a real estate deal gone wrong.
  • Are you tired of solving other people’s problems, do you want to mind your own business and get compensated for it?
  • How creative can you be in your job? Unless your job is very creating in nature say graphic designing you can’t be that creative in a 9 to 5 office job. The online blogging world is completely different. You can make the rules and create what you want as long as people read it!

I am not against real estate in fact I am a very passionate real estate investor. I just like the idea of an online business with low-cost start-up on a topic of your passion. If you are passionate about a sport like golf for example you can blog about it. Create traffic for your site then start earning an income through ads or affiliate products.

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How to Start an Online Business?

So you like the idea of being an online entrepreneur? Did you know you can turn your passion into an online business? I was interested in doing the same but I had no idea where to start or what I would do. First things first you need some education. Good quality training and a community to support you. I found this in Wealthy Affiliate where you can start with $0 (no credit card required) and see the training they offer first hand. I am recommending WA as I started here and believe the education is invaluable and put me in the right direction. The best part is the support from the like-minded member community is awesome. I love the checklist under each training lesson. It encourages me to take action.

Sounds Interesting, tell me more about Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Membership for $0


The Wealthy Affiliate Advantage

  • A website builder
  • Keyword research tool
  • Live video classes
  • Training – teaching people how to make money with their site
  • Authoring and content tools
  • Website development classrooms

Can I Earn Money Online?

Of course you can. Don’t take my word for it. See it for your self on website by Pat Flynn. Pat is a very genuine and honest online entrepreneur who displays his monthly income on his site (This is in the top right hand corner of Pat’s website). You can see an income breakdown and also see income history for the past years from 2008.

Quit Your Job Right Away?

Not so quickly, building your online business takes time and effort. An online business is not going to make you rich over night but it can give you income.

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If you are serious about building your online business give Wealthy Affiliate’s lifetime free starter membership a go. You have nothing to lose and will have no regrets. If you are not happy with WA come back to this site and have a go at me!

The product above is recommended as it has been very helpful in my search to financial freedom and independence. I hope it will help you too. The links provided are affiliate links. Please don’t click any links if you don’t think they will help you achieve your goals.

If you want to start an online business and would like to read more on this site you can visit How to Start a Blog? The 4 Step Process.

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