How To Start A Health And Wellness Blog

Are you eager to know how to start a health and wellness blog? Do you want to convert your knowledge into a full-fledged blog? Wow! The thought of it alone is mesmerizing. But frankly speaking, it isn’t troublesome to start a blog. What’s challenging, in the long run, is to get your blog to the top of search engines, driving more and more traffic.

Well, that’s the best part of creating a blog. And if you miss that, probably you won’t have enough zeal to continue with your niche. ‘health and wellness’ is so essential. Everyone is seeking it. Having a good knowledge about setting up and building your own blog will help you be in the race of health and wellness bloggers, thus building an audience and getting more traffic to your blog.

Steps To Start A Health And Wellness Blog

Buy a Domain and Hosting for Health and Wellness Blog

‘health and wellness’ is a vast domain, and many bloggers have already made their mark in this niche. But that certainly is none of your business. You need to make sure that the content you’re offering is unique and valuable. You need to be different from the rest in all terms.

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The first step a blogger needs to take is to purchase a domain name and hosting that serve as the building blocks of your site. The domain name you’re choosing ought to be different and should target your niche. As mentioned earlier, this a huge domain wherein you can come up with many creative ideas for your blog.

So, if you’ve planned to start a blog on ‘mommy fitness,’ then you may include this in your domain name to let your visitors know that your blog’s content would be purely devoted to this niche. Of course, you can go ahead with selecting any domain name of your choice. This was just an example if you’re planning for a targeted blog.

Both domain names and hosting can be easily purchased from Bluehost. Just a couple of minutes, and then you’ll be ready to step foot into the blogging industry.

Design Landing Pages

Successful health and wellness bloggers have come with some very attractive landing pages. If you’re completely new to blogging, having no idea about landing pages, then do not worry, we’ll explain the same to you.

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You’ve written a beautiful piece of content that was loved by your readers, and now they wish to schedule a consultation or want to interact with you or contact you. How will they go about this process? If you don’t have any sort of contact form that would take their details or a phone number provided on your website, then the action your readers would take is pretty obvious: switching to other bloggers.

This is the importance of designing landing pages. Here, your content did help you, but due to the absence of an attractive landing page, you missed a prospective client. So, make sure to add your details, appropriate CTAs, and a contact form on your landing pages. The designing job can be easily done using Astra Theme and Elementor Pro.

Design Logo For Your Health And Wellness Blog

Imagine your blog with just content and your blog with content and a beautiful looking logo. How much value does that logo add to your growth? A lot more. Firstly because now you’ve created an identity for your blog. Yes, your blog or you will be identified by your logo now.

Publish First Blog-post

We know you were waiting for this and congratulations because you’re finally here. Publishing your first blog is always a special moment. But there’s something important too that comes associated with it—the topic of your blog.

Yes, your blog niche is health anSecondly, the message of your blog or business has been conveyed by your logo. Logos should be made in a very creative way serving both these purposes. Keeping these two things in mind, you can go ahead with designing logos using the Canva app wherein you’ll be allowed to explore a variety of designs and templates for your logo.

d wellness, but what is its centric idea? You can dive into recipes, exercises, and workouts, yoga, different diets, etc. What do you want to target?

This is something you need to plan about much before publishing your first blog post so that you get a clear idea about your blog’s centric content. You can then schedule your other posts the way you want to. There’s no such rule that your first blog-post needs to be the best one or needs to be extremely attractive. So, do not worry about it much.

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However, you can make use of the SEMRush Content Assistant Tool for writing and optimizing your blog to be sure that your content is not losing its originality and uniqueness.

Publish Legal Pages

Many bloggers have committed this mistake of considering legal pages to be optional. But they are not optional but mandatory to save you from hefty fines and lawsuits. The simple reason why you need to create and publish legal pages is to avoid long and expensive lawsuits.

For example, you share a weight loss program about exercise and dieting on your blog. If someone experiences adverse side effects from dieting or gets severely injured from those exercises, then that person can sue you without the right legal jargon on your blog.

That is why it is always recommended to publish your legal pages beforehand. They primarily include four pages.

  1. Privacy Policy
  2. Disclosure
  3. Disclaimer
  4. Terms and Conditions

Tons of free legal templates are available online to take help from, or you can also consider seeking advice from a lawyer in creating and publishing your legal pages.

Tips To getting Traffic On Your Blog

As mentioned earlier, it is straightforward to start a blog but very challenging to grow your blog. And when it comes to getting traffic to your blog, the challenging part is more prevalent. Since the competition is enormous in this niche, you may take a couple of months to ace your marketing game.

It is highly recommended to seek help from digital marketing agencies as they provide you with targeted campaigns that would help you in expanding your brand’s reach and get more traffic to your blog through CTA’s and other shareable links.

SEO is a cost-effective, efficient marketing tactic that will help you rank higher on the SERPs and increase traffic to your website. Similarly, opting for email marketing is a great idea as a CTA button can be creatively placed in your promotional emails and newsletters to drive your readers to your blog.

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All these digital marketing strategies are made for bloggers to increase their reach, and several businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs are already taking advantage of these. Your competitors might have begun investing in such marketing tactics. So, hurry up and grow your site’s traffic.

Ways To Monetize Your Health & Wellness Blog

Monetizing your blog is challenging too, but since the health and wellness industry is booming, you’re most likely to bring in millions of followers every year and start on your path towards monetary success.

The first thing you can do is use the right keywords. Using the right keywords will get you to the top of the page on the SERPs. Thus, you’ll now be able to drive more readers to your website. Then start with monetizing your blog by offering online training with courses and webinars that focus on a fruitful outcome rather than your money-making business.

Consider advertising on your blog page wherein companies pay you either for the percent of sales they make or for clicks. On the same line, you can also talk about certain brands, which come in the category of sponsored content. These brands will, in turn, pay you for featuring their products or services on your blog page.

To bring in a larger income, you can produce items for sale such as ebooks containing a variety of recipes, workouts, exercises, different sections for different diets, etc. However, this option would require a lot of sales tactics.


A lot many individuals are planning to look after their health now. The fitness industry is an evergreen niche and I will recommend you to buy your hosting along with a free domain and SSL certificate with 60% discount at Bluehost.


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