How to Safely Move Your Blog from to

How to Safely Move Your Blog from to

Do you want to move your free blog from to self-hosted

The foremost reason to switch is that one can’t monetize their free WordPress free version of the blog on with Adsense. has paid plans and one can monetize their blog after upgrading their blog.

Firstly, let’s understand the difference between the two versions of WordPress and after that, we will talk about how to Safely Move Your Blog from to

What’s the difference between &

There are lots of new bloggers and website owners, who are not aware that there are two WordPress.

Blogging on is free. However, bloggers soon realize that there are a lot of limitations on their free blog like limited ability to monetize, can’t install plugins, etc, etc.

And furthermore, it’s quite expensive to buy and host your website and domain name on

That’s where you should know the power of

It will give you full ownership of your website or blog and you will able to monetize your blog too.

Even, I recommend you to switch from to

Well wait, read further before making any decision.

What you need before getting started on

In order to start with self-hosted, you’ll need a WordPress hosting and a domain name.

I recommend you to choose Bluehost for WordPress Hosting because it is officially recommended by the WordPress.

And you will get a free domain name and free stuff mentioned in the below banner.

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? Get 65% Discount with Bluehost ?

Once you make the purchase, you need to go back to your existing free WordPress blog to easily move your post, pages, comments, and other crucial data.

How to safely move your blog from to self-hosted WordPress

Export your Existing Post, page, and Comments

Firstly, log in to your existing blog on and navigate to the settings section.

Once you click on Settings, you will find a horizontal menu items.

Click on Export as shown below.

Now click on Export All.

After few mins, you will see a message like this:

The file will include all your posts and pages. Please note that it won’t save your general settings, so you have to set those in your new blog.

Once you are done with this, you are ready to re-start your blogging journey.

FAQ Related to Migration

What happens to my followers on my free WordPress blog?

Don’t worry, you can still migrate your followers from your old free WordPress blog to new Self-hosted Blog.

All you need is a ‘Jetpack Plugin‘.

Once you activate and connect your new website with Jetpack. You will find the option shown below:

Once you click on ‘Migrate followers from another blog’, you will find be navigated and just follow that.

Suppose, you find any issue with it, just contact the team and they will help you with it.

Will I get a refund from Bluehost if I wish to cancel within a month?
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