How to Make a Blog Website From Scratch?

So, have you started a blog? If you have, then that’s great! But what next? Or are you still thinking of starting a blog? No matter what your challenges, this article is for you! In this article, we will discuss the essential aspects of starting a blog from scratch.

If you want to start making a full-time income, then blogging is the way. But what should you blog about? Only you can answer this. Before you can write a blog, you must find a profitable niche. Mostly blogs that make good money focus on one particular niche.

Choosing a niche that you want to blog about will also help you come up with blog ideas and common themes. So when you decide to write on a topic, you must exhaust every possible angle around that topic and research if you have left out any. This will help you narrow down your audiences and create an engaging relationship with them.

5 Steps to Make a Blog Website From Scratch

Here is a small guide that will help you to make a blog website from scratch.

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Step 1: First blog post

Before setting up your blog it’s best to have a domain name and hosting. You can get this at a cheap price from the Bluehost.

After that, Once you have set up your blog page, the first step is to publish content. To start with, you must brainstorm ideas that you can think of, along with in-depth research. You can also read through other blog posts published in your niche. This will give you better ideas for inspiration and see what topics have higher views. So, from this list of blog ideas, choose the best ten that are related. This is important so that readers will have relevant articles to read once they have gone through your first post. This gives you an authority on topics in your niche since you will have covered multiple angles. In essence, since you write about essential keywords and link them to the other posts you publish. This activity is very crucial from the perspective of blog SEO and keyword research. Using relevant keywords will boost your blog post in the search results page.

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Step2: Blog Traffic

Once you have created these ten blogs, you must start working on gaining more traffic. Pinterest is a great online platform. All you have to do is set up your account, create pin images, and share them on Pinterest with a link to your blog post.

Facebook is another excellent platform to grow blog traffic. You can be an active member of Facebook groups, engage with other bloggers, and engage with a broader audience. You can also share your blog posts on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, as well as on YouTube, by sharing a link to your blog post in the description.

Step 3: Create a schedule

Even though you have so far been focusing on the quality of your content, you need to have a plan and a schedule in place. Every blog post that you write will have different goals and purposes.

Informational posts – the goal of such blog posts are to generate traffic.

Email subscribers – Such blogs have the sole aim of growing email subscribers.

Money making posts – these blogs drive profits. These could be featured products, reviews, tutorials, etc.

Having a schedule that has a mix of all of the above provides the right resources for your audience. So the next blog list that you create should drive your profit as well as engagement.

Step 4: Build backlinks.

Backlinks are an essential element of your SEO. It is basically a link to your blog from another resource. You can link your blogs internally as well as externally. For example, if someone else links your blog in their post, then that is external linking. Similarly, if you link your blog to another blog, then that is internal linking. Both of these are very important for your Google ranking. So if you want to make your pages visible in Google searches and gain higher traffic; then, you must invest some time to learn about backlinks and implement them.

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Step 5: Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing refers to when you recommend a product in a blog for a commission. Only after a reader clicks on your link and makes a purchase, do you earn your commission. This is one of the best ways to make a profit from blogs.


Starting a blog is a relatively easy process. But patience is key. We recommend that you spend a good amount of time understanding SEO, keyword research, and backlinks and implement them at your earliest blogs. Simply follow these few basic steps, and you will see an increase in your blog traffic.

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