How to Land Your Dream Digital Marketing Job in 2016 [Infographic]

The demand for digital marketing jobs is on the rise!

With the evolution of the digital world, consumers are spending more and more time online. They may be simply surfing, chatting, catching up with friends on social media or reading reviews about a product or service.

Wouldn’t all brands pray that the review the consumer is reading is about their product or service? Wouldn’t they love for that review to be positively mind blowing? What if they make a sale through this review? Well, these are not mere desirable scenarios; companies are employing an army of digital marketing warriors so this is all part of the plan.

Ever wanted a digital marketing job? Wondering how to land a job as a social media marketer or a search engine optimization expert? Whether you want to start your own freelance career or work online for a brand, we have rounded up some handy tips for you.

You may want to quit your office job, or maybe looking for a career change, whatever the motive maybe we will show you the average industry salary for the various digital marketing roles online.

We have also covered the best blogs to read and what certifications and courses you can do to spruce up your digital CV (curriculum vitae).

How to Land Your Dream Digital Marketing Job in 2016 [Infographic] -  Business 2 Community
Infographic brought to you by: Digital Vidya

There are many people who are stuck in their jobs. Jobs that give no freedom or flexibility that can negatively impact you in the long run.

Does your job encourage or allow you to be creative? If your role is technical, there won’t be too much scope for creativity.

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For those who are not satisfied, there is a new breed of a career in the form of Digital Marketing. The great thing about this field is you will hardly find anyone with 10+ years of experience. After all, these are roles created due to the significance of the digital world.

Hopefully, this infographic post inspires you to take up a digital marketing role if that is what you desire.




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