How to increase my TikTok revenue

Do you want to know the advanced affiliate marketing techniques to boost your income? Are you an internet marketer and are looking for effective ways to boost your income? Or are you an affiliate marketer?

Well, then you already know that affiliate marketing is a highly lucrative method of making good money. However, if you feel that you can simply make a living by curating posts around potential products, then you are wrong.

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Successful affiliate marketing requires a lot of smart work and efficiency. The key here is to diversify where your money comes from. When you spread out your links over a large number of channels, it enables you to reach out to more people in various ways. In this article, we look at the top 10 and highly recommended ways to boost your income with affiliate marketing.

Look for opportunities, especially seasonal offerings on TikTok

It is no surprise that people usually are willing to spend so much more during events and especially holidays. During such festivities, you must consider special marketing skills like offers and discounts on certain items only for your audience. Some other ideas that you could work around are

  • Sending across heartfelt picture frames, cards, scrapbooks as gifts for mother’s or father’s day.
  • Some ornaments and other decoration items for the holiday seasons like Christmas or Hanukkah.
  • T-shirts, banners, footwear and other merchandise during special sports games like world cups, etc.
  • Back-packs, books, and other school supplies during the back-to-school months.

The opportunities are endless. You must make the most out of such events by promoting sales right up to the last minute.

Start Newsletters on TikTok

Sending newsletters through your email lists are a powerful way to make money and better than traditional websites. One of the main reasons for this is that your audience has the option to accept or subscribe to your newsletters. This means that they are expressing an interest in what you do and what you have to say. They trust you and would be highly inclined to purchase products or services that you would recommend. So if you have not started with newsletters yet, this is a great time to begin. Simply set up a banner on your site to accept emails, create campaigns that include your affiliate links, and shoot them across.

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Create a podcast on TikTok

Did you know that podcasts are growing in demand? With great microphone and content ideas, you can start your own podcast too! Make a list of the kind of conversations or topics your audience would love to hear from you.

Intrigue them with your perspective on things and keep them asking for more. You can even answer your audience’s queries and share information about things while entertaining them, too, and get them enticed to buy through your affiliate links.

Use images and videos on TikTok

Who does not love a good visual representation? Great images are an instant hit in our minds and also help summarize blogs and posts. Additionally, you can even use images to brand yourself. You do not need to be a graphic designer or understand the nitty-gritty of designing.

There are many tools available online that can help you get what you are looking for. And similar is the case with videos. Videos are highly attractive and provide faster visual information. Even one video a week can bring more audience to you and will help you get a name.

Offer special deals for your audience

As an affiliate marketer, you must build a relationship with the product owner. So try to negotiate a deal exclusively for your audience. Your audience will, therefore, get a better value for money and another great reason to purchase from you.

Another great way to do this is to invite the product owner as a guest on your podcast. Since your audience trusts you, they would love to hear everything your guest has to say

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Landing page on the owner’s site

Usually, the actual sale of the affiliated item is hosted on the website of the company that owns the product. This is quite time consuming, and people tend to walk away.

To remove such complications and help your audience complete their purchase, you must try to have the entire sales process hosted on your page even though the final stage leads them to the product owner’s page.

If that is not acceptable to the product owner, you could have a small part of your branding hosted on their page. So when your audience clicks on your affiliate link, they land on a custom page of the product owner’s site, but can still see elements on your brand on it.

Promote products indirectly on other sites

Indirect linking is another great way to boost your affiliate sales and increase income. Lets’ say that you are writing a guest post or are being interviewed for a friend’s blog.

You must include a link that brings that audience to your site that contains the affiliate link. But remember that you must not link your affiliate link directly as it would not generate as many clicks as you desire.

Review and compare products on TikTok

When you compare different products, you can easily share your reviews and recommendations. But you need to ensure that this is link is an affiliate link. This works really well as people like to shop with a dash of convenience.

And you offer that convenience as they do not have to look at different sites for genuine reviews and search all over the web. You can also turn your reviews and recommendations into posts along with videos and offer special deals. This is the best package!

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Give away Bonuses on TikTok

Giving away bonuses is highly powerful too. Along with promoting the affiliate product, you can also give away a bonus to those who purchase the product via your link as an acknowledgment.

As proof of purchase, you can ask your audience to send a copy of the receipt via mail, and in return, you can send a bonus or instructions on how to access the bonus.

This bonus can be in the form of free entry to a webinar, Q&A sessions, access to another product that complements the affiliate product, etc.

Thank your audience on TikTok

In the event that the company you are an affiliate with provides you with the name and email of the people who make purchases through your link, you should send a follow-up message and thank them.

You could give them a bonus as we discussed above, or give them a surprise. This will deepen your relationship with them and would encourage them to make a purchase through your affiliate link again in the future.


Be patient, learn, and implement techniques as you go ahead. Making money through affiliate marketing takes time. So keep learning and growing with affiliate marketing.

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