Do you know why some bloggers get tons and tons of comments while others only hear crickets chirping all day long? If your answer was: “Because some bloggers get more traffic”, you’re wrong. Although more visitors can help, traffic isn’t the secret.

So, what’s the secret?

First of all, you need to understand an important thing:

You can’t control people. At the end of the day, they’re who decide whether to comment or not. In other words: There’s not an “exact science” to get more blog comments.

However, there are certain “things” you can try with your readers and work extremely well. These are psychological factors that entice more people to comment and even share your content on social media. I call them “Comment Triggers”.

The infographic below will guide you step-by-step through each of these triggers, so you can start to use them right away.


How to Increase Blog Comments – Infographic Summary

Step #1: Improve your website or blog design; make it appealing and user-friendly.

Step #2: Publish content on the weekends. Content that is published on weekdays gets more traffic but if you want more comments then weekends are your best bet.

Step #3: Publish posts in the mornings to get more comments.

Step #4: Use words like “giveaway” or “gifts” in your content to get more comments.

Step #5: Avoid fancy words that are technical, legal or financial. Keep it simple.

Step #6: Build your mailing list. Email subscribers drive 41% of blog comments. They are also a great source of recurring traffic.

Step #7: Reply to all comments. This is a no brainer. This will build engagement and lead to more comments.

Step #8: Test and adjust the number of posts you publish on your blog each week.



One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a blogger is to not allow your readers to express their feelings and thoughts. Yes, you’ll definitely get rid of spam, but those readers who really care about your brand will feel frustrated.

And remember, there’s nothing worse than frustrated readers.

Hopefully, this infographic has shown you the importance of blog comments. Also, I hope this infographic has given you all the tools you need to start increasing the number of people who actually comment on your content.

What other tips or techniques do you know?


About the Author

This is a guest post written by Josue Valles


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