How to grow Instagram from zero to 10k

How to grow Instagram from zero to 10k

Since its release, Instagram has always been considered to be one of the top photo-sharing apps in the world. The number of Instagram users are increasing over the years. Moreover, with the rise of social media, the scope of promoting, showcasing, and branding your niche has also risen.

Instagram is one such app giving you and your work an exponential exposure. All you need to share is photos and videos to attract your audience to your curated content. But there’s an underlying problem here.

Most probably, you all would know how to set up an Instagram account and how to go about posting videos and photos on Instagram. Additionally, you would also know about the hundreds of thousands of people who are using Instagram. Did you get a hint about the problem?

It is very, very easy to set up an Instagram account, what’s difficult is growing it. Instagram is crowded! Crowded with similar photos, similar videos, and similar content. Your competitors or similar businesses might have already established their brand. So, why would your target audience choose you over them while they provide the same products and services as you do?

In addition to that, to gain popularity on Instagram isn’t that easy as the name ‘Insta’-gram suggests. The truth is that instantaneous popularity is quite rare here. Sometimes, it may seem frustrating to you seeing similar businesses having thousands of followers while your business having a mere 200 or 300 followers.

What should you implement to gain more followers?

If you want to make a mark on this lucrative platform and scale up your Instagram from 0 to 10k then here are some tips that can help you in reaching this milestone. Yes, you heard it right. We’ll take you to this milestone from scratch!

Stick to the theme

Look at some of the successful Instagram accounts. The one thing you’ll find common in their feed is their theme. They have a decided theme for their account upon which all their posts are based.

Now, this theme can be based on how their pictures are captured, color coordination, delivery of a message, etc. You need to hit that ‘something similar’ point because as you’re looking at a successful Instagram account, you’re pleased to see this similarity in their posts.

Following a theme gives your visitors a perception that you’re a dedicated artist and that you’ve put the effort in connecting and growing your art. Instagrammers are not likely to follow you if you cover anything and everything on your account. In fact, they are likely to hit that blue ‘follow’ button if they see rich content that is targeted to one of their specific interests.

However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule to follow. If you wish to showcase travel, food, and nature all at once, you can show that as well. In fact, all these three industries go hand in hand. But you need to take special care while curating your content accordingly.

It’s just that having dedicated content and little deviation from specific themes has more power in getting you a loyal core community which further increases your chances of getting discovered by other users having similar interests.

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Use Hashtags

Hashtags were released long back by Instagram and are still included in their current design. This itself shows us the value of those hashtags. Many early Instagrammers have received fame by the use of hashtags as they help your posts reach the right audience.

You can check the following of any hashtags that pop up in your head and then use them accordingly. But there’s a problem here too. If the following of a particular hashtag is more, say, 50k posts per day, then that clearly indicates that your posts are most likely to get lost in the crowd.

Thus, don’t just rely on such popular hashtags. Use all those that seem to match your theme within your 30 hashtag limit. Do not overdo the same as well. Additionally, you can also seek help from Webstagram in getting some of the most trendy tags related to your content. Also, do not make the mistake of neglecting the unpopular hashtags. These may in turn come in your favor being your greatest source of exposure as there’ll be less competition here.

Curate your Content

It has never been an easy job to curate content on Instagram. First of all, what is curating for Instagrammers? For most successful Instagrammers, curating content may point towards their account’s first impression while others may keep their best performing posts in mind. And that’s what you should be concerned with as well. Best performing posts and your first impression.

If you want to know about your best performing posts, you can easily do that by switching to a business profile wherein you’ll be provided with necessary analytics. You can click on ‘Insights’ to have a look at the performance of your posts and the behavior of your audience as well.

Thus, you may consider deleting or archiving photos that haven’t done well. The simple reason why they didn’t do well is that your audience didn’t gravitate towards them. Then why keep such content on your account?

Your account will then be a place for just the best performing posts that have the power of attracting your audience. It will help you understand your audience and you’ll be able to give an aesthetically pleasing look to your account.

In addition to that, your account’s first impression really matters when it comes to new visitors. Aesthetically pleasing accounts hold a higher chance to grab the attention of first-time visitors and earn more new followers. You can make your account so powerful by using the Preview app that will help you plan your layout, patterns, colors, and themes to make your feed look beautiful and attractive.

Post Consistently

According to a study by Tailwind, daily posting has largely helped in increasing audience engagement rates. This is true according to Instagram’s algorithm as well. Because the app has now been showing you at the top based on your account activity. Thus, posting daily can immensely aid you in your success.

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Don’t you worry about missing an opportunity to release your posts! There are tons of scheduling tools available online that you can make use of to schedule the posts that would go at the right date and time without you worrying too much about it.

But the most important thing here is to post at the right time. There have been researches on finding out the right time for posting on Instagram. All answers are pretty vague and totally different from one another. Thus, you cannot go about with these studies.

The help you can seek in this matter is through your experience. You need to check the analytics of your account to find which of your posts are doing extremely well and at what time they were posted. Similarly, you need to take care of posts that didn’t do well and note down the timings.

Basically, you need to understand your audience and their reactions in order to come up with the best time for your posts. The audience is the main reason why even surveys cannot come up with a definitive answer because audiences differ in a variety of aspects.

Moreover, since you’ll be posting everyday or say 3-4 times in a week, make sure to come up with interesting ideas for your posts. Do not compromise on quality to meet the time constraint and also throw in a few spontaneous posts to avoid seeming like a bot. Make sure to keep your push notifications on so that you stand a chance to interact with your audience with your scheduled posts.

Define your brand’s Identity

The best part about Instagram is that it doesn’t differentiate between big and small, local businesses. Both are provided with similar things and are given a chance to build their brand’s identity. One way by which you can achieve this is including geotags.

Geotags function similarly to hashtags and can be added through the location option. Thus, if there are users searching for that particular geotag, they’ll stumble upon your posts. Geotags are especially useful for local businesses as users will easily be able to reach your business through geotags.

You can also consider creating your own hashtag. It’s like creating your own slogan, tag line, or business motto. If you share this across your social media handles, you’re most likely to be recognized by that hashtag because hashtags are quite trendy now! Make sure to include a bit of yourself into these hashtags and geotags to boost your brand’s reputation and build its identity.

Engage with others

The main motive behind social media is engaging and interacting with your audience and others. Just don’t be there for picking up their likes. If any comments have been dropped by them then respond to them generously and politely. Take their feedback into consideration, for that matter be open to constructive criticism as well.

If they give you some suggestions and you implement them, that’s the best thing a follower would want from you. Get your users to interact with your posts by asking questions, liking and responding to their comments, and implementing other effective calls to action. This would make your brand trustworthy in their eyes and they in turn may recommend you to their followers, friends, and family, thus expanding your reach and boosting your popularity.

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In addition to your followers, you can also consider engaging with other accounts that are based upon similar interests as yours. You can interact with these accounts, get a fair idea about the content they are producing, their followers, and become an active member of the Instagram community.

By genuinely engaging yourself with other accounts you can make your Instagram interactions more meaningful, sincere, and thoughtful. Moreover, if you’ve dropped your interactions at the right place, a place having thousands of followers, then it can turn into a golden opportunity for you.

You can collaborate with these accounts, hold Q&As related to your similar interests, conduct contests, challenges, and giveaways together. Accounts having a large following promoting your content is the best thing you can get because these are trustworthy brands that are followed by so many people. You stand a great chance to attract some of their eyeballs to your own account.

Use your posts across Social media

Social Media is a huge game wherein every single thing is interlinked! The sooner you understand this, the better it would be for you to survive in this game. You can make use of other social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, etc to advertise and promote your pages, links, and posts.

These platforms give you a chance to share posts through reblogs, retweets, shares, and other similar functions. This particular technique helps in taking your exposure outside of Instagram by broadening your potential audience constantly.

You’ll then be able to coordinate your posts well and will be in a position wherein you’ll be able to take the best advantage of each social media platform with your online presence. There’s so much to offer out there and certainly, it isn’t just Instagram alone that has helped several other successful businesses to scale up. Integration plays a very important role in this tactic.


Yes, it looks way simpler for businesses, entrepreneurs, or an individual to make it big on Instagram but now that you have gone through the tips, you would have understood what it takes to get the best out of your efforts. Of course, there’s no doubt that content will always win, relevant and valuable photos and videos will always make it to the top but it needs appropriate backup.

Content is in your hands and we know you’ll give your 100 percent to excel in it but for your backup, we have provided you with these tips that can straight away take you from nothing to a whopping 10k followers. Trust me, that’s the best feeling because it requires lots of effort, dedication, love, perseverance, and creativity!

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