How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code?

If you’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of Instagram not sending you an SMS code, you’re certainly not alone. This issue has been why countless Instagram users have been unable to log in, verify their accounts, or enable two-factor authentication. It can be utterly frustrating and perplexing, leading you down a rabbit hole of confusion.

In this blog post, we’re going to demystify the problem of Instagram not sending SMS codes, the reasons behind it, and most importantly – the solutions to fix it. Whether the issue pops up when you’re trying to log in, activate a new account, or simply secure your Instagram profile, our ultimate guide has got you covered. Through easy-to-follow steps, we will help you navigate around this complication and get back on track with your Instagram experience.

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Read on to learn our trusted techniques and become an expert at overcoming this troubling Instagram issue. Rest assured, with our help, you’ll be getting your desired SMS code from Instagram in no time!

Instagram’s Two-Factor Authentication

Instagram, as one of the leading social media platforms today, is committed to providing robust protection for users’ security and privacy. In its array of safety features, one frequently recommended is Two-Factor Authentication.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), also known as dual-factor authentication, is a security procedure that verifies a user’s identity through two separate steps. It goes beyond using just a password. It adds an extra layer of protection to your account by requiring not only something you know (your password), but also something you have or get (like a verification code sent to your phone).

The Importance of Two-Factor Authentication

Employing Two-Factor Authentication drastically reduces the chances of cybercriminals gaining access to your account, even if they have obtained your password. This is because they’d still require the second validation step, which is often linked to something only you have access to. Given the growing record of cyber threats and security breaches today, using 2FA is an essential security precaution for all Instagram users.

How Instagram’s Two-Factor Authentication Works

To enable Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram, you’ll have an option to receive security codes via text message (SMS) on your mobile device. Here’s how this process works:

  1. Open your Instagram app and Go to your Profile. 
How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Instagram Profile
  1. Click the Hamburger line.
How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Hamburger Line
  1. Then navigate to the “Settings and Privacy” section.
How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Navigate Settings and Privacy
  1. Tap on “Accounts Center”
How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code -Accounts Center
  1. Then select “Password and security.”
How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Password & Security
  1. Under Login & Recovery, select Two-factor Authentication. 
How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Two factor Auntentication
  1. Choose the option for “Text Message” to receive your authentication codes by SMS.
How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Choose text Message

After enabling this feature, whenever you log into your Instagram account from an unrecognized device, you will receive a text message with a unique code. You’ll need to enter this code alongside your password to gain access to your account. This means that even if someone else learns your password, they won’t be able to log into your account without the code texted to your phone.

Why Instagram Users May Not Receive Verification SMS Code?

Instagram provides a two-factor authentication system where it sends a verification SMS code to confirm your identity. But sometimes, users may not receive this code. Here are nine possible reasons:

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Incorrect Mobile Number

If you have entered your mobile number inaccurately or with a wrong country code, Instagram may try to send the verification code to a non-existent or wrong number. Make sure to input your number carefully and select the correct country code.

Network Issues

Sometimes, network issues could delay or even prevent the delivery of the verification SMS. Make sure you have a proper cellular connection, or contact your network operator to troubleshoot the issue.

Message Blocks

Your network provider might have message blocking provision on unknown numbers, preventing Instagram’s verification SMS from getting delivered. You should contact your service provider and ensure they’re not blocking texts from Instagram.

Device Problems

Your device may be the reason why you’re not receiving the SMS. Attempt restarting your device, checking for updates or, as a last resort, performing a factory reset.

SMS Inbox is Full

If your device’s message storage capacity is full, new incoming messages might get blocked. Deleting some older messages should solve this issue.

Instagram Server Issues

Sometimes the problem might be on Instagram’s end, when their servers are down or facing some errors. Wait for a while to see if Instagram resolves the issue. You can also check online for reports of any current outages.

Reported Account or Violation of Instagram Policies

If your account has been reported multiple times or if you’ve violated Instagram’s community guidelines, you might face issues with the verification process.

Up-to-Date Instagram App

An outdated Instagram app might have trouble connecting to Instagram servers. Make sure to update your app to the latest version available for your device.

Limitation on SMS Verification Requests

Instagram limits the number of times one can request a verification SMS within a certain period for security purposes. If you’ve requested too often, wait for a minimum of 10-15 minutes before a new request.

How to Fix ‘Instagram Not Sending SMS Code’ Problem

Facing the ‘Instagram Not Sending SMS Code’ dilemma can leave you locked out of your account and frustrated. Fortunately, there are some effective solutions that can help you regain access and secure your account. This guide will walk you through a variety of tried-and-tested methods on How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code and get you back to sharing your favorite moments on Instagram.

Verify the correct email or phone number

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Personal Details

Double-check your email address and phone number to ensure you entered them correctly. To fix the issue of Instagram not sending you an SMS code, it’s crucial to first verify if you’ve correctly entered your email or phone number. Visit your Instagram profile and navigate to “Settings and Privacy”. 

Within Settings and Privacy explore the “Personal Information” section under Accounts Center. Here, you can see the email and phone number linked to your Instagram account. Ensure the phone number is correct, and your country code is appropriately used. 

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If you suspect email-related issues, check if your email is spelled correctly and is the one you usually have access to. If any details are incorrect or outdated, update them.

Examine Your Network Connection

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Network Problem

Network issues could also be the culprit. Confirm that your phone has the necessary network bars. You can attempt to reset the network connection on your phone by toggling the airplane mode. If network problems persist, you may need to reset your network settings.

Assess The Instagram Server Status

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code- Down Detector

If you’ve tried these methods to no avail, break for some time before trying again. Instagram boasts billions of users, and sometimes server congestion may lead to delays in sending out security codes. Visit websites like Downdetector to verify Instagram’s current server status.

Check Your Spam Emails

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Check Spam Email

Instagram might have already emailed you the security code, and it’s lurking in your spam folder. Checking your spam folder to make certain the security code didn’t end up there would be beneficial.

Temporarily Disable Your VPN

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Disable VPN

When you attempt to log into Instagram while using a VPN, the modified IP could flag the system, leading to more verification. By temporarily deactivating your VPN, you might evade this additional scrutiny and access your account.

Switch Off Do Not Disturb (DND)

If your phone is set to Do Not Disturb, you won’t get alerts for new messages and notifications which may include the security code. Temporarily switching it off could uncover the hidden security code.

Launch Instagram on a Different Device or Browser

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Launch in different Browser

You can also try accessing Instagram via the web interface on a different device or browser. This action provides a new environment that might bypass the requirement for a security code.

Reinstall Instagram

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Uninstall

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall Instagram. 

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Install

For some users, this has resolved the issue. However, wait for at least 24 hours before reinstalling the app.

Contact Instagram Support

How to Fix Instagram Not Sending SMS Code - Report a Problem

In the case of none of the solutions working, your only option may be to reach out to Instagram’s Support team and explain your dilemma.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

Why is Instagram not sending the verification code to my mobile device?

This issue can be due to several reasons such as network interruptions, having entered an incorrect phone number, your mobile carrier blocking messages from short codes, or a potential issue with Instagram’s server.

What can I do if Instagram doesn’t send the verification code?

Here are few things you can try:

  1. Check if your phone number is correct and you’re able to receive text messages.
  2. Switch your mobile network or reset your network settings and try requesting the code again.
  3. Connect your Instagram account to your Facebook account and try to get the code through Facebook. (Make sure to set your Facebook recovery email or phone number to an active one)
  4. Contact instagram support to reach out their Instagram Support team.

Is there any way to bypass the SMS verification code part on Instagram?

For security reasons, bypassing the verification code isn’t possible or advised. It’s there to ensure that your account stays safe and secure.

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How long should I wait to receive the verification code from Instagram?

The delivery time may vary based on your mobile carrier and current network status. Normally, you should receive the SMS within a few minutes.

What should I do if I lost my phone and can’t receive the verification code?

If you’ve lost your phone or can’t receive the verification code, try resetting your password using your recovery email. If that really won’t work, you can fill out Instagram’s official form for account recovery.

I have received the verification code, but it is not being accepted. What can I do?

Make sure that you’re entering the code correctly. Keep in mind that Instagram codes expire after a time period. If you’re facing issues, it might be best to request a new one.

Are there any alternative ways to get the verification code?

Yes, you can connect your Facebook account to your Instagram account. Instagram will then use your Facebook account to verify your identity. Make sure your Facebook account has an active recovery email or phone number.

How can I ensure I don’t face this problem in the future?

Keeping your Instagram account information, email and phone number up to date is the simplest way to prevent any such issues. Also, ensure that your mobile carrier allows messages from short codes.


In this digital era, we commonly rely on various apps for different purposes, such as Instagram. However, these applications, like anything else technology-based, can experience difficulties. One such issue that Instagram users often face is not receiving an SMS code, which is vital for the verification process.

Throughout this guide, we’ve examined several possible reasons for the occurrence of this issue and provided precise, easy-to-follow solutions to overcome it. Whether it’s checking the SMS service on your mobile, ensuring that the phone number linked to your account is correct, resetting your Instagram password, or reinstalling the Instagram app, each of these steps can be critical in resolving the Instagram SMS verification problem.

However, it’s important to remember that these are not exhaustive options. Hence, if the issue stays unresolved, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Instagram’s customer service for further assistance.

We hope this blog post has been helpful for you in troubleshooting the Instagram SMS issue. Remember, in the realm of technology, every problem has a solution. Keep exploring, keep learning, and keep troubleshooting.

In the face of challenges with your digital tools, patience and persistence will certainly be your best allies. Till our next tech fix, happy Instagramming!

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