How to Find a Profitable Niche [Actionable Guide]

Niche selection is the foremost thing in the world of blogging. If you are about to start a blog, you must do extensive research to find a profitable niche for your blog.

I have written this extensive guide to help you get started with the niche selection.

7 Steps Guide to Help You To Find a Profitable Niche

List down your interest.

If you are really want to start your blog in 2020, it’s crucial to choose a niche that’s of your interest. Also, make sure the niche is profitable.

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NEVER just randomly pick a niche simply because it’s working for your friend or mentor. You have to find your passion to make it work for the long term.
You can’t fuel your blog for long if you ignore your passion.

Task# 1:

  1. Make a list of 5-15 topics that you love to talk about.
  2. Go through the list of a profitable niche.
  3. Now make a new list of niche after comparing both #1 & #2. 

Competitor Analysis

Once you are done with the above step, it’s time to spy your competitors. Try to analyze your competitor inside out.

Why competitor analysis is crucial?

  • It will help you get an overall idea of how they work and grow their blog.
  • You will be able to find competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Task# 2:

  1. Use Competitive Research Toolkit to research your competitors.
  2. Analyze the competitors of all your final list one by one and jot it down. (Performed in Task 1)
  3. Analyze what your competitors are lacking and list down how you can add value.
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Pick a niche or sub-niche.

Once you are done with Task# 2, you will get a fare instinct of which niche you want to pick. If you are still confused, you can comment below your queries.

What todo after picking up a niche?

Try to find the sub-niche.

Suppose, you chosen a niche that is related to pets, you can further trim it down by selecting a pet that you love the most. Like a cat niche or a dog niche.

It’s just an example.

Task# 3:

  1. Finalize the sub-niche.
  2. Make a list of keywords that you can use in that sub-niche. You can use Google Keyword Planner tool.(It’s free)
  3. Try to find out the trending topics in your niche.

Make sure it’s profitable.

It’s very crucial to make sure that your niche or sub-niche is profitable.

If you want to start your blog as a business, you have to think from a business perspective as well.

However, the end goal of any blog based website is to add value in the life of their readers.

What can be better than being of help and profit at the same time by being a blogger.

Task# 4:

  1. Check how much your competitors are earning easily with this link. It will give you motivation to start your own blog.
  2. Find out how your competitors are monetising their blog.
  3. List down every bit that you analysed.

Find ways to monetize.

It’s always recommended to plan your monetization before starting the blog.

There are numerous ways by which you can monetize your blog.

Ways by which you can monetize your blog.

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Advertisements.
  • Email marketing.
  • Sell e-books.
  • Provide digital services.
  • Sell digital products.
  • Sell coaching services.
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If you want to monetize your blog through ads like Adsense. It will take at least 3 months’ time before you can actually apply.

Task# 5:

  1. Create an excel sheet and jot down all the monetization method that you are going to apply on your blog.
  2. Create a list of all the tools or products which are offering commission based on each sale. (Affiliate marketing.)

Plan your content creatively

Once you are done planning about your monetization method, it’s time to curate informative, SEO-optimized and intriguing content.

If you are don’t know how to write a blog, it’s time to acquire the skill.

Invest in yourself by acquiring skills through courses.

Task# 6:

  • Learn how you can write SEO-optimized and intriguing content.
  • Watch your competitor’s content and plan how you can add value to it.
  • Learn how to write affiliate content.

Start your blog.

The last step is to actually start your blog. If you are done with all the above steps. Don’t delay much.

If you will delay in taking the action, you will lose the enthusiasm to start your blog.

Atleast, you should give it a try, if you are passionate about blogging.

There are many reasons a person starts blogging.

Some people blog because they want to share their knowledge and experience and they don’t want anything in return.

Like they don’t want to earn through blogging.

And it’s fine.

However, some people become full-time blogger. They invest all their time and energy in building a blog by which they can make their survival.

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I have written a comprehensive blog on how to start a profitable blog in 2020.

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