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How to Find a Niche

How to Find a Niche or Interest?

What is a Niche Site?

I can explain this better with an example.

Example: You may be passionate about weight loss and a good niche site is targeting how to lose belly fat. Similarly, you may be passionate about dieting and a good niche site would be paleo diet. (Paleo diet by the way is composed of lean meat, nuts and berries for those of you who are interested – I am looking at my wife here as she is passionate about food! – not dieting).

How to Find a Niche or Interest?

You have to first start with what you are passionate about. Are you passionate about video games for example? What type of games? Action, Adventure, First person shooter, Role playing, Strategy and/or Sports.  Is there a good online market for this? Yes, there are plenty of video games and consoles being sold all over the world. You could review the games and recommend where to find the best deal. You could create game walk-through, hints and tips.

You need to be very targeted – for example sport is a very broad category and you would have to select a specific sport. You have to make sure what you are passionate about is not something very rare. I couldn’t think of an example, so I went to Google and Google said: Passion-fruit curd and Rare bird preserves?

What if you can’t Think of Anything Specific?

Most popular & highest revenue generating niche: Health, Wealth & Relationships.

Good example of specific niche: Organic food, Dog training, Baby clothing etc.

Other common niche: Weight loss, Body building, Electronics and Gadgets etc.

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How to Research a Niche Market?

Passion: Choose something you are passionate about. When times are tough you need your passion to take your through the rough seas.

People needing help: Check if there are people needing help in this area.

Market: Are their products being sold to solve the problems? You can check on eBay and Amazon. You can also check if there are affiliate programs. Search for ‘your niche’ + affiliate programs in Google and review the products and the company’s that are offering them. You will also have to note the price of the products.

Competition: Competition is good as all of the above are proven if there is competition. If there is no competition then either you have hit the jackpot or you will be check mate.

Why is it Important to Choose a Niche that you are Passionate About?

You are trying to get out your 9 to 5 life and the rat race so quite simply put you don’t want another job. You want to enjoy what you are doing. If you want to keep writing blogs for years then you need to be passionate about the topic. If not you will give up before you see success.

Keyword Research

Once you select your niche it might be worthwhile to do some keyword research to validate your niche selection. You can use a free trial of Market Samurai for this. Market Samurai can also help with keyword research for your next blog article. I like Market Samurai as it is very in-depth. It helps narrow your keywords with commerciality (money value of keywords), provide alternate keywords, long tail keywords with less competition and can also provide ping back links. Awesome!

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Watch the golden rule short videos to get started. Then you can use Market Samurai to validate your niche. It is important to watch the videos to understand how the tool works otherwise you will be wasting time. It is a worthwhile time investment as it is a great tool.

Update: I currently use Long Tail Pro for Keyword Research.


This post will help you select a niche. You have to find a niche that you are passionate about, research to make sure it has a market and plenty of searches. If you are getting stuck make a list and narrow it down. 

Please leave your questions or comments below. If you like this post then go ahead and share it!

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