How to design a website in WordPress

Have you already got your domain ready but are wondering how to design a website in WordPress? If you have installed a WordPress theme and isn’t working for you, you don’t need to worry.

There are many other options for you to customize and design your website with a better theme. 

How to design a website in WordPress in 6 easy ways.

In this post, I’ll show the various options for you to design and customize your website in WordPress.

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#1 Pick a new theme

The quickest way to make a change or to design your website is to choose from a WordPress theme. There are 10,000+ WordPress themes for you to choose from. These themes are categorized based on niches like barbershops, restaurants, etc. once you have a good amount of templates to choose from, you can pick out the best based on your goal and other functionalities.

#2 Use static homepage

Since you have a WordPress site, you should consider using a static homepage. When you use a static homepage, there is a possibility of getting more subscribers and even making more money with your website. For instance, you can easily include an opt-in email form to build your subscribers. To make your homepage static, head over to settings, and flip the settings to a static page.

#3 Create a custom homepage

To create a custom homepage, we recommend using Elementor. It is a page builder plugin, and you can create any amount of custom pages. To get started, install Elementor on your site by searching it in the plugin menu, or you can directly download it from

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Once you install Elementor, you can visit any page and click the ‘edit with Elementor’ tab to launch the editor.

The left panel on your screen offers all the various widgets available that you can drag-and-drop on your page.

Since testing each widget is very time-consuming, you can use the pre-created blocks from Elementor that you can drop into any page. Additionally, It also offers completed sales pages that you can insert into your website with just one click.

#4 Choose a font

The font you choose creates a huge impact on the character of your site. If your theme doesn’t have any custom font, you can install the Google Fonts Typography plugin. This plugin offers you complete access to the Google Fonts library.

Once you install this plugin, you will find a new panel in the customizer that lets you switch fonts across the entire website in a few clicks.

#5 Create a landing page

Your landing page is the page on your site where you send new traffic and convert them into subscribers and customers. If you are successfully driving traffic to your website, then you need to set up a landing page.

You can find a list of complete landing pages and site kits in Elementor, or you can simply create a custom landing page.

#6 Create a footer text

Your WordPress site should include a short design credit at the bottom of your site. While at times, it would be difficult to change the text without writing code, there are many other themes like Ignite that let you directly change the text from the Customizer panel. You can include any text you want – the company name, the copyright icon, and other information.

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If you want one secret on how to design a website in WordPress, all I can say is pick a customizable theme. The themes in WordPress are free to use. So try out all of them before you stick to one. It’s best to be patient and have an open mind so you can decide what looks best for your website.

Still, have questions on how to design a website in WordPress? Or do you have some other ideas to share? Post in the comments section below.

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