How is LinkedIn Different?

LinkedIn is the only social media platform dedicated for professionals. LinkedIn is where professionals hang out, look for and hire skilled individuals.

Google your name, yes do it now…

Most likely your LinkedIn profile will come up first in Google.

LinkedIn is one of the first places a potential employer, recruiter or business partner will do their research on.

LinkedIn users have a higher buying power compared to other social network users like Facebook and Twitter.

LinkedIn groups are an underutilized source for idea generation and marketing according to Rob Cubbon.

What’s the difference between Facebook and LinkedIn? Let’s just say you won’t see 100 pictures of your friend’s kid making pizza on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides career related professional information.

This infographic will show you how to crush your competition and stand out with your LinkedIn profile.


Infographic source: Quicksprout.com


Lessons from this Infographic:

  • Use a premium LinkedIn account, if possible. Often LinkedIn provides 1 month free access to premium features – try it out.
  • A premium feature is seeing ‘who viewed your profile’ which was ranked number 1 feature by 76% of participants.
  • Upgrading to a premium account increases your profile visibility.
  • Use introductions to build your referral network.
  • Use a recent professional profile image.
  • Write a short and punchy description about yourself.
  • Connect any gaps in your experience.
  • Ensure you are using a customised profile URL not the default URL.
  • Provide complete contact information.
  • Make sure your profile is public and not private.
  • Link to your blog/website from your LinkedIn profile. Average sales per LinkedIn referral is $44.24
  • Ask for and provide recommendations and endorsements.
  • Update projects you have worked on a continuous basis.
  • Join relevant LinkedIn groups that have a decent following.
  • Add publications to improve your credibility.
  • Be active on LinkedIn on a daily basis.
  • Best date and time to post on LinkedIn for engagement is Tuesday, 10am – 11am EST.
  • Best sharing time is between 10am and 2pm EST.

Wrapping it up

Don’t underestimate LinkedIn as marketing and networking social platform. LinkedIn might not be as popular to the younger generation compared to Facebook and Twitter but it is certainly the go to place for professionals.

LinkedIn does not only provide job opportunities it can provide business opportunities as well. Opportunities can come from any direction and LinkedIn is certainly a great bet, so look after your LinkedIn profile. If your profile is not up-to-date on LinkedIn you are doing yourself a disservice.

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Photo credit: LinkedIn Centipede Participants in the 2010 ING Bay to Breakers


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