How to create a custom contact form in WordPress?

How to create a custom contact form in WordPress?

Do you want to create a custom contact form in WordPress? Having a sound contact form system is highly crucial for any website. If yes, first, let’s look at the essential tool required to create a contact form.


Elementor Pro:

If you want to design each element of your website including a custom contact form in WordPress, you must try Elementor Pro. If your budget is low, you can try a free version of it, and it comes with various designing options. Kindly note that Elementor is an add on to make your website super attractive. The combination of Astra theme and Elementor pro will help you make your blog super attractive.

Steps to create contact forms in WordPress

There are a few ways to create great forms, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Install and Activate the Elementor Plugin

First of all, install the free version of Elementor before buying Elemento pro.

Step 2: Build your contact form

In this form editor, you can choose from the existing templates like ‘Simple Contact Form’ or click on ‘Blank form’ to create one from scratch. On the left side, you can see all the available fields and can be added to your form, while on the right side, you can see a preview of your form.

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If you wish to customize this template, click and drag any field from the left panel and drop it on the right. You can even move the fields around to adjust it as required. Now go ahead and click on ‘Save.’

From the ‘Forms Overview’ page that appears, you can see a ‘shortcode’ next to the form you just created. Copy this shortcode.

Step 3: Add the contact form to Elementor

Now head over to the WordPress dashboard, the page you wish to add this contact form to by selecting ‘Edit with Elementor.’ When the page builder pops-up, you can see a lot of edit widgets on the left side. Here look for ‘shortcode.’ Drag and drop that onto your Elementor page and paste the shortcode in that block (the one you copied in the previous step). Then click on the ‘advanced’ tab and arrange the padding or margins as required.

Step 4: Publish the Elementor contact form

Once your form is ready, you can publish your contact form by clicking on the ‘Publish’ button at the bottom. When done, click on the ‘Have a look’ or ‘preview’ option to see what your contact form looks like on the front-end.

Final thoughts

It is not that difficult to create a contact form on Elementor. The page builder gives you the flexibility to give a unique look to your forms. There are also many other WordPress Form plugins that you can experiment with – the process and the steps are almost similar. Whether you are using Elementor or Elementor Pro, you can implement this guide to set up simple contact forms.

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Which form plugin do you use to create a contact form with Elementor? Need more information on creating contact forms? Drop a comment below.

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