How to Create a Blog Explained in 2 Minutes [Animated Video]

Many people look for information on “how to start a blog”. There are more than 49,000 searches on average for this term every month. Google returns 630 Million pages for this search.

That’s a lot of pages!

Most of these pages are overloaded with information, making a newcomer turn away, scared or even overwhelmed.

Of course, there are some gems with excellent information.

What if someone asked you to explain the process of creating a blog in under 2 minutes?

Fear not, here is a short animated whiteboard video that delivers the information in 120 seconds.

How to Create a Blog – Whiteboard Animation Video brought to you by YourEscapeFrom9to5.

The steps in this video on how to create a blog are broken down into 7 bite sized steps.

Step 1: Pick What Your Blog is going to be about and Get a Domain Name

Is your blog about real estate, investments, savings, social media or sports? Once you decide on your passionate topic, do some homework to see if the topic will get enough interest to achieve your goals.

Step 2: Chose a Platform to Manage Your Website Content and a Place to Host Your Site

You can use WordPress to manage your blog and its content. WordPress itself is free to use but you need a host to store your WordPress files.

Step 3: Install WordPress and Complete Basic Housekeeping

Installing WordPress is easy as most hosting providers have a WordPress installation wizard that just take a few mouse clicks to set up. Once you install WordPress you need to install some basic plugins that provide additional functionality to your WordPress blog.

Step 4: Pick a Theme to Define How Your Website will look

This is the fun part. Remember, you can change the WordPress theme at any time so click away.

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Step 5: Produce Amazing Content

There are many blogs on any given topic. Think about how your blog content is going to be different. Come up with a plan and topic ideas.

Step 6: Start with SEO Basics and On-Site Elements

A new blog is going to take time to rank in search engines and it is a good idea to get the SEO basics in order, with everything you do.

Step 7: Market Your Content

Using social media is a good start for a new blog. But that is just the start and keep learning how to market your content to get more visitors to your site.

Of course, the video tries to simply everything and here is a detailed infographic on how to start a blog that has you covered if you need more information.

Good luck with starting your blog!




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