How to add your website to Google Search Console?

Do you want to monitor your website’s overall health? Are you curious to know how to add Google Search Console to your website to resolve severe errors?

If yes!

Keep reading.

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Google Search Console is a very useful web-monitoring tool that every blogger or website owner must have at their website. The best part is that it is completely free.

Today is my third day of blogging at Blogging Filter and as planned by me I will share everything which I am doing to develop this Blog website with you.

Now, I am going to tell you how to add your website to Google Search Console.

All about Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a must-have free tool helping site owners to check on their site’s performance using several effective tools. Not only will you know how your site is performing in the search, but also will it give you a clear idea of how your searches view your site. It’s a search engine optimizer’s best friend helping in monitoring and maintaining the site’s organic search presence.

It’ll provide you with information on keywords and phrases in order to attract more traffic to your site. Additionally, the tool will also help you find out which rich search results your content has earned and will keep a check on how your mobile site is doing.

So, as this tool comes with so many benefits, it’s imperative for you to use this to your advantage. Thus, it is strongly recommended to connect your site with Google Search Console to check on its performance for no investments and get all possible insights.

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Steps to Add Your Website to Google Search Console

In the previous post, I posted how to add Google Analytics to WordPress website and similar steps will be applicable while adding Google search console.

Login to Google Search Console

You can follow this link to login to the Google Search Console dashboard. You can easily login with the help of Google. After that, you will be navigated to the dashboard where you can see a lot of options/menu on the left side.

Add a property in Search Console

Search Console

You will see the “Add property” option at the top-left menu section. You need to click on that & after that, you will find two options.

Verify Property

There are two ways by which you can add your website to Google search console. It is a way to verify that the website belongs to you.

However, I’ll provide you with the easiest and simplest method to go with. Once you reach the ‘Verify Ownership’ page, click the arrow next to the ‘HTML tag’ to further expand the option. Now, copy the meta tag as you’ll only need to paste the authorization code into your site.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website and click on ‘SEO’, which will be on the left-hand side of your ‘Dashboard’.
  1. Then click on ? General ?Webmaster tools
  1. Once you click on the Webmaster tools tab, paste the copied code in the field ‘Google verification code’ and click on ‘Save changes’.
  1. This is the final step where you need to go back to Google Search Console and click on ‘Verify’. There you are! Congratulations, on successfully connecting your site to Google Search Console and now get ready to track all the cool stuff about your website.
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Connect your website to Google Search Console in the easiest way possible by following the above guidelines. Moreover, there are other benefits including detailed data on website traffic, search results, ranking, redirect issues, site errors, and many more.

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